6 things we know about Kane Brown’s next album

Kane Brown are currently working on their brand new album and to get you excited, we’ve put together a list of 6 things we know about the upcoming project.

The yet-to-be-announced album will follow Brown’s ACM-nominated EP, Mixtape Vol. 1released on August 14, 2021 via RCA Nashville/Zone 4. The EP went on to earn several hit singles, including “Cool Again”, “Worldwide Beautiful” “Worship You” and its Top 40 radio single, “Be Like That” featuring Khalid and Swae Lee.

Below is a list of 6 things we know about the upcoming new album.

The ‘Mad At This World’ duet with wife Katelyn Brown will appear

Brown confirmed the duo during a Twitch livestream, where he said, “Yeah, the duo will be on the new album, I’m excited about that.”

The duet is titled “Mad At This World” and Brown previously shared that the duet is “beautifully written” and “immediately caught” their attention when they heard it, and they just knew it was. “perfect” for them.

The singer previously explained the overall theme of the song, saying that “it basically means, ‘how could I be mad at this world when this world gave me you?’

Brown hopes it will be his best project yet

While playing Call Of Duty during a recent Twitch livestream, a fan asked how many songs would appear on the upcoming album, to which Brown replied “hope a lot, we’ll see but I want this to be the best project I then released away.”

‘Worship You’ will be the only song from the new album that fans have ever heard

“I know a lot of people are wondering if there will just be songs added to the first EP or if we’re going to have a second EP,” Brown previously told RADIO.COM. “For the album that we’re about to release, I’m going to tell you that… ‘Worship You’ will probably be the only song that comes out for the rest of the album.”

12-15 new songs on the album

Brown explained to RADIO.COM’s Coop during his Rockin’ Saturday nightthat the new project will have 12-15 new songs.

“So with the next one, it’s just going to be a brand new album, except for ‘Worship You’, so whatever number of songs we do, 12 or 15, it’s all going to be new songs,” he said. previously shared Brown.

Not all songs teased by Brown on social media will appear on new record

In an interview with RADIO.COM’s Katie Neal, the “Be Like That” singer shares that while he’s teased a bunch of songs on social media over the past few months, not all of them will appear on the new disk.

“I put songs on Instagram that won’t make the album. I was just excited for them at the time. It’s cool to let my fans guess which ones will be there and which ones won’t. not.

A new song about his Kingsley, 1, could appear on the album

During RADIO.COM’s Superstar Power Hour with Katie Neal, Brown shared that he’s written a new song about his daughter and he didn’t say whether or not she would appear on the new album.

“I started writing a song the other day for her,” Brown previously revealed in late January. “But it’s still kind of like my song ‘For My Daughter,’ a song from before I even met her.” Brown went on to explain that she hadn’t grown enough yet for him to write a lot of new material about her, but then teased some possible lyrics from the aforementioned song he started writing about her. recently.

“Now she hasn’t grown enough yet for me to really write anything about her,” the singer previously shared. “I was kind of saying, ‘you have one now, when I blink, you’ll be eighteen.’ It’s that kind of songwriting now.

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