It looks like New York rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is gearing up to release his new album, sharing a trailer for the upcoming project on social media, along with the cover art.

After his stellar performance at Summer Jam over the weekend, A Boogie started promoting the release of his upcoming studio album, sharing an animated trailer with butterflies surrounding him and helping him fly away. to a new world. The cover shows the rapper standing in a heart-shaped hoodie, seemingly alone on another planet. The promo seems to be for the album A boogie against. Artist, which has been teased for months.

In the caption to his post, A Boogie suggested he was in no rush to release the new music, writing, “#NODATE #FREEAVA.”

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Her caption has fans wondering when the album will be released, with many commenting that they think it won’t drop until next year. “Yes, it won’t drop until next year,” said the top comment. “No date wtf,” complained another. “What does that mean undated,” added another weary fan. “you’ve had all this time and you still don’t have a date? smh you disappoint me and my artist homegirls.”

Do you think A Boogie will succeed and release the album this year, or are his fans right that he won’t until 2022? Watch the trailer below.