Adele fans believe 30-album cover is a sign of a HUGE collaboration with a prominent pop star

ADELE fans believe the cover of her new album hints at a collaboration with Lady Gaga.

The 33-year-old shared the first look yesterday – a simple side profile portrait, which strikingly resembles the cover of Lady Gaga’s Joanne album.


Fans think Adele’s album cover is a nod to Lady Gaga’sCredit: Twitter / @ adele
Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration for Adele


Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration for AdeleCredit: AP: Associated press

The superstar has made no secret of her love for the pop singer over the years and earlier this month she encouraged her fans to purchase Gaga’s album with Tony Bennett.

She tweeted: “Hello my loves! The A4 is coming! For that, I need you to stream and buy my friend Gaga and Tony Bennett’s new album. Let’s spread love to these icons.

During a recent live on Instagram, she revealed that Gaga’s album with Tony Bennett was her favorite of 2021.

Adele also revealed that her son Angelo is obsessed with Gaga and she took him to see her on tour in 2018.

Speaking to Vogue, she revealed: “His jaw dropped… He said, ‘When we go on tour, should I sit next to me with Lady Gaga’s name on it for Gaga to come? “”

His followers believe these are all signs that there will be a duet on the album and they took to Twitter to speculate.

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One person wrote: “Rumor has it Lady Gaga has co-wrote songs and has been Adele’s next album for quite some time now.”

Another person shared the covers of similar albums and commented, “It will be epic. @Adele @ladygaga #EasyOnMe # Adele30 #Adele.

Someone else remarked, “The symbolism, to start fresh and honor the family and friends who helped along the way. Adele releases ’30’ and Lady Gaga releases Joanne at the age of 30. ICONIC. # Adele. “

Adele and Gaga are very good friends but could a collaboration be considered?


Adele and Gaga are very good friends but could a collaboration be considered?Credit: Instagram
Adele takes emotional roadtrip in new video for comeback single Easy On Me

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