She might not be hip-hop at all, but Adele remains one of the world’s most interesting artists, and she is sure to captivate millions of people with her upcoming album. In recent weeks, the UK-born singer has announced her comeback of the single “Easy On Me”, previewing a clip during a live stream on Instagram last week. She teases the arrival of her next album, which follows a six-year hiatus. Now we know the exact date of his arrival.

Sharing the official cover art and release date, Adele announced that 30 will arrive on November 19. She previously revealed that the album will reveal her feelings of divorce, and Adele has written a letter to her fans, speaking more about the upcoming release.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

“I was certainly far from where I had hoped to be when I started [this album] almost 3 years ago. Quite the contrary in fact. I rely on routine and consistency to feel safe, I’ve always done it ”, wrote Adèle. “And yet I was there knowingly – even on purpose, throwing myself into a labyrinth of utter disorder and inner turmoil!”

I have learned a lot of terrible truths about myself along the way. I lost many diapers but also wrapped myself in new ones. I’ve discovered some genuinely useful and healthy mindsets to lead with, and I feel like I’ve finally got my feelings back. I would go so far as to say that I have never felt so peaceful in my life.

And so, I’m ready to finally release this album.

Adele concludes by shouting at one of her friends who has helped her over the past three years, stating that she is “being rebuilt [her] house and [her] heart and this album tells it.

Are you going to check out Adele’s new single this Friday, as well as her upcoming album next month?