Alberto Fernández, President of Argentina, dismisses Maradona

Argentine President Alberto Fernández has placed an Argentinos Juniors jersey on the coffin of Diego Armando Maradona, which is veiled this Thursday at the Casa Rosada, seat of government.

The jersey comes from the team where ‘Pelusa’ played from 1975 to 1981, having been to Los Cebollitas and Estrella Roja.

Fernández also exhibited two handkerchiefs belonging to the organization Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, used by human rights officials to cover their heads during their rounds demanding the appearance of their relatives who disappeared during the last military dictatorship (1976- 1983).

The former footballer was very close to the Mothers and other humanitarian leaders like the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

The Argentine government has decreed three days of national mourning for the death of the revered by fans of Boca, Naples, among others.

Thousands of people are firing the creator of “La mano de Dios” by queuing outside the place, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several supporters clashed with the police outside the Casa Rosada, located in Plaza de Mayo in downtown Buenos Aires, and knocked down the fences installed to control the flow of people.

Finally, the agents were able to contain the overflows and ordered the lines of those entering the official compound.

The Argentinian pamboleros arrived at Casa Rosada during the night.

Inside, in a main hall and behind a long parapet behind which people marched, is the closed coffin with the remains of the former captain of the 1986 World Cup champion team, covered with a Argentine flag and dozens of T-shirts from different football clubs thrown away by visitors.

The retired player died on the eve of cardiac arrest at the house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires where he was confined to recover from surgery for head edema on November 3.

Those who paraded in front of the wooden coffin blew kisses in the air, hit their chests with their fists and shouted “Let’s go Diego. Others were crying inconsolably.

The vigil began at dawn with an intimate ceremony for family and friends, before allowing public access.

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