Avril Lavigne recreates her debut album cover for 20th anniversary celebration

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of let’s goAvril Lavigne took to Tik Tok to recreate her debut album cover.

In June 2002, the Canadian singer released her first album at just 17 years old. The LP featured some of his most iconic tracks like “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated.” This effort earned him a spot at the top of the US and UK charts.

On Tuesday, June 28, Lavigne shared a clip on Tik Tok to celebrate the milestone that saw her return to the streets of New York where the album cover was originally shot. She stands in the same position with her arms crossed in an all-black cut, reminiscent of the early 2000s.

The video was part of a recurring trend on Tik Tok that uses Simple Plan’s “I’m Just A Kid” to reveal throwback footage. In the clip, Lavigne walks down the middle of the road before landing in the pose and cutting off the original album cover.

She captioned the video, “20 years later…” with Simple Plan himself commenting, “This is amazing! Happy 20th anniversary!

Her fiancé, Mod Sun, echoed the group’s comment, saying, “It’s so amazing!” while the top fan comment reads “Sigh. The good days.

Following the release of his latest studio album, Love Sux, the “Girlfriend” singer revealed that she plans to step away from music for a while. The album was his first release with Travis Barker’s DTA Records and features guest appearances from Machine Gun Kelly, Blackbear and writing from Mod Sun.

Lavigne hopes to enter the world of gastronomy and publish a cookbook. She has also set her sights on writing a Christmas record and launching a make-up line.

With 20 years in the music industry under her belt, Lavigne fans can only wait and see what the pop-punk idol does next.

Photo credit: Ryan McFadden / Elektra Music Group

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