Banned 1966 Beatles album cover to be auctioned

A banned anti-war Beatles album cover is set to fetch over £1,000 at auction.

The 1966 cover art for “Yesterday and Today” was removed after sparking outrage for its graphic imagery.

Known as the Butcher’s cover, it shows the Fab Four in white coats sitting among dismembered dolls and raw meat.

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But the bloody image sparked such outrage in record stores that the LP bearing the butcher’s cover had to be pulled, meaning it’s incredibly rare.

A valuable copy of the cover is now going under the hammer and is expected to fetch between £800-1,200.

Claire Howell, Music Memorabilia Consultant at Hansons Auctioneers, said: “The Butcher cover album is among the holy grail of Beatles records due to its rarity.

“The controversy surrounding her original cover image is remembered as a bit bizarre and some might say bloody thanks to those huge slices of raw meat.

album cover, which shows the Fab Four sitting among dismembered dolls and raw meat, was removed for being obnoxious” content=””/>
The album cover, which shows the Fab Four sitting among dismembered dolls and raw meat, was removed for being obnoxious

“It was then replaced by a plan of the group posed around an ocean liner trunk. This led to the original Capitol Records butcher cover LP becoming highly prized by collectors.

“Some of Capitol’s pressing plants pasted the trunk image onto existing LP covers, leading some people to remove the top layer of artwork in their search for the forbidden butcher cover.”

Then and Now was released in the United States and Canada by Capitol Records in June 1966.

The cover image was taken by photographer Robert Whitaker and the band insisted the photo was a statement against the Vietnam War.

Others interpreted it as The Beatles protesting the record company’s policy of “slaughtering” their albums for the North American market.

In response to outrage from retailers, Capitol Records immediately pulled the LP and replaced the cover image.

The Beatles’ butcher’s cover album Yesterday and Today will be sold out on March 28.

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