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Bjork reflects on her mother’s death in songs from her new album.

The pop star has released her first new offering in five years and she has now revealed several of the tracks from ‘Fossora’ exploring her grief over the loss of her mother Hildur in 2018 as well as her thoughts during the COVID-19 pandemic when she was writing his new songs during confinement.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Bjork explained: “I think it’s the longest it’s ever taken me to make an album. It’s been almost five years and I really, really loved this because usually I’m in such a hurry. I think maybe the pandemic, like with a lot of people, has allowed me to spend more time on this. But also, life is the life… and it goes on my mum also died during this time what we all have to deal with at some point I guess is saying goodbye to your parents so yes there are two songs on this subject.

Bjork recorded the album during a time of change as she sold her house in New York and moved back to her native Iceland and she said being home for long periods helped her creativity.

She continued: “I had already started writing a bit when the pandemic hit, and I guess I was blessed because it hit exactly when it would have been really nice to go to a desert island. and no interruptions.

“So I was lucky with the timing. I was really blessed in that sense. What happened was I put myself more and more into who I was and that I haven’t been distracted by having to travel or tour or anything.

“So I absolutely loved it, and I don’t think…I was home for two years without traveling once and absolutely loved it. It was amazing.”

She added of her move: “During the pandemic I sold my apartment in Brooklyn and so all of my stuff was in containers crossing the Atlantic. It was the first time in 20 years that all of my stuff was in a house, and then the pandemic hit, and it was kind of overdone that feeling of, “Yes! I am finally home. I love it. “I was just pretending to be a real villager.”

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