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Camila Cabello took a more relaxed approach when it came to making her third album Familia.

The Havana singer changed her songwriting schedule for her next album because she wanted to give herself the space to write songs at her own pace and give herself time to find inspiration.

“This is the most grounded and calmest album I have ever made,” she told Glamor magazine. “I’ve worked with people I wanted to have dinner with, and I was like, ‘I’m not going to write every day for months, but I write a few days a week and I have time to put together experiences and being a human being. ‘”

The former Fifth Harmony star created Familia with only a handful of collaborators she could be candid about her feelings with and she believes the intimate approach has resulted in her best music yet.

The 24-year-old, who now takes at least one day off a week, was inspired to make changes to her intense work schedule after the Covid-19 lockdown last year made her realize how tired she was.

“I’m not trying to complain in any way, but it was like ‘I have to go on stage tomorrow and play at this big event’ or whatever,” she explained. “I want to do a good job. What should I do when I feel nervous? I did this without saying to myself “Am I even happy right now? Do I even feel healthy?” I didn’t have the space to ask myself these questions. I’m still working a lot now, but after my forties I’m able to say to myself, “You know what? Right now I’m just not happy. I need to change something.”

Familia is due out later this year.


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