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We have all photographed animals or other shapes forming in clouds, but a weather image that has been circulated several times in recent years has a metal clip although it may not be completely legitimate. According to USA Today, a stormy weather photo that appears to show a skull face forming in the clouds was tampered with with the Iron Maiden album cover art. Brave New World album.

Maiden has notably worked on the imagery of his skull-faced mascot Eddie in numerous album covers over the years and the album cover of the 2000s. Brave New World the album had Eddie’s face forming in the dark clouds above a city.

With recent severe weather sweeping across the midwestern and southern states of the United States earlier this month, a poster on social media shared an image that appeared to be a skull face forming in the clouds.

The Facebook poster stated that her sister took the photo in Lake Village, Arkansas, noting the detail that it was a sign it was Jesus and “you better agree with the Lord”.

Since its publication on December 10, it has been shared just 6,000 times on Facebook. However, the social media site called it a photo edited that could mislead people, citing USA Today fact-checkers who combined Iron Maiden’s work with an image of a 2019 storm in Pennsylvania.

It turns out that this image had already circulated once in 2019. The first weather images were from clouds that had formed during a storm in a photo posted by The Patriot-News in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Wednesday, “quoted the initial caption.

This photo was then tampered with less than a month later with images of Maiden Eddie added in the clouds and shared on Facebook with the poster claiming it was “a real photo taken in California” without “any retouching”. This message had been shared 164,000 times.

According to USA Today fact-checkers, “Based on our research, we have evaluated an EDITED image that claims to show a skull-like cloud formation in the Arkansas sky. The image combines an Iron Maiden album cover with a photo of a 2019 storm in Pennsylvania. “

As noted, “Eddie” has become one of the metal’s most popular mascots, and you can get a closer look at how he has been used in the works of Iron Maiden over the years in the gallery below.

Eddie of Iron Maiden: 40 years of the best metal mascot

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Did the homophobic fans push Rick Ross to change the cover of his album to “Richer than I have ever been”? Wed, 08 Dec 2021 09:54:12 +0000

Rick Ross is ready for a new era.

The 45-year-old rapper announced last month that he was releasing his 11th studio album, Richer than I’ve ever been, December 10. Associated with the ad was a striking photo of Ross (born William Leonard Roberts II) wearing a powder pink fedora and crisp white cape with a diamond encrusted brooch pinned to his chest. Her face is hidden behind white leather driving gloves, with a glittering ring the size of an AirPod case resting on her pinky finger.

It’s a stunning photograph, and one that marks a brighter, more artistic approach than what Ross usually takes with his promotional images. Many of his previous albums feature dark, moody covers, with Ross posing as a towering figure, his eyes still shielded by sunglasses.

But it didn’t take long for the trolls to call in, joking that the Ross ensemble on the new cover looked more like a grandmother going to church on Easter Sunday than a portrait. of a successful rapper. Some have compared him to Queen Elizabeth, and others have launched thinly veiled homophobic punches, calling him a “material girl” and claiming that they mistook Ross for Big Freedia, a sex rapper.

If Ross had any qualms about the lingering teasing in the image, he apparently ignored it with the release of his single “OUTLAWZ” last month. The runway was accompanied by another luxurious photo from the same photoshoot, but with a slightly different angle: Ross’s hands are spread apart in the photo, almost as if he was praying.

Photographer Jonathan Mannion took credit for the shoot, writing how excited he was to be working with Ross for the fifth time and dismissing the negative comments.

“We’re already reviewing a lot of people with this image,” Mannion wrote in an Instagram comment. “Let’s stay in this rare fresh air and let them get up to meet us if they can. “

But on Monday, just days before the album’s scheduled release, Ross revealed the apparently official Richer than I’ve ever been cover – a complete change from the previous images he shared. This one is more similar to the art of his previous albums, with Ross standing sideways against a dark background, his head tilted down with blue-tinted aviator sunglasses hiding his eyes.

It’s unclear if Ross always intended the most recent image to be the actual cover, or if his team exchanged the new photo after the barrage of negative comments. (The Daily Beast has reached out to Ross and his label for comment.)

Nonetheless, a wave of fans congratulated themselves on intimidating Ross into changing his cover art, asking the question: Are rappers so fragile in their masculinity that it could be shattered by faceless trolls?

That wouldn’t be shocking, given hip-hop’s distorted perception of masculinity and the dark history of homophobia – something Lil Nas X cited when he became gay as a result of his song. Old Town Road “in 2019. Considering a” real man “, rappers have been told to dress, watch and perform the role. Any sign of gentleness or vulnerability risked you becoming an outcast. A $ AP Ferg, for example, once said that being seen as “tough” within the black community comes down to the clothes you wear, and recalled how, when members of the A $ team AP were coming to Harlem, people called them “weird” and “gay” for just wearing skinny jeans.

Some in the hip-hop community are slowly helping to shatter these perceptions, most notably Young Thug, who wore a powder blue ruffle dress on the cover of her 2016 mixtape. Jeffery, and Kid Cudi, who wore a dress during a performance on Saturday Night Live.

That wouldn’t be shocking, given hip-hop’s distorted view of masculinity and the dark history of homophobia …

“You were so confident in your skin that you put on a fucking dress but maintained your real n — a status,” TI said while praising Young Thug during a recording of his podcast. in 2020.

All artists, rappers included, should have the same freedom as any other musician to play with their image as they grow and evolve. And “evolution” certainly seems to be the center of Ross’s attention. Richer than I have ever been. As the name of his new album makes clear, Ross no longer sees himself as a “new money” type rich man. Instead, his wealth and status are now whispering, and his priorities have shifted, as he explained to Questlove in a recent conversation for Interview.

“We are definitely stronger than ever, both mentally and financially,” said Ross. “After spending time with myself during the pandemic, it convinced me to make sure that was the title.”

He continued, “The time I really spend with myself is when I feel the richest. That’s when I’m like, “Yo, you are the most precious. These moments are priceless. What makes you feel rich? What is wealth? Me on the couch with my kids on my lap. It is I who feel the richest I can feel. No doubt we get big bags, but it’s a higher place than that. It’s not even a question of money, it’s something else here.

Ross seemed to capture this new state of mind in the album’s teaser art, where he ditched his stacks of gold chains for something more understated and refined – a more Jay-Z approach to his image. The album’s tracklist also speaks of its new era, with triumphant song titles like “The Pulitzer”, “Made It Out Alive” and “Rapper Estates”.

“Really, I think it’s the best album I’ve ever made,” Ross said in September. “I feel like some of the things I say on this album are really going to separate it from the rest.”

The original cover certainly managed to separate Ross’s latest project from its previous ones, so it would be a shame if he took those mocking comments into account when deciding on the album cover.

And while Ross needed validation to stick with his creative vision going forward, some fans are already complaining that they liked the old cover better.

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Paul McCartney recreates iconic Abbey Road album cover as he walks along London’s pedestrian crossing Sun, 07 Nov 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Come back … in time! Paul McCartney recreates iconic Abbey Road album cover as he walks along London’s pedestrian crossing

Maybe it was something in the way he moved – but even with a mask on, there was no doubt about Sir Paul McCartney as he walked through that zebra crossing.

And rightly so, the 79-year-old was walking near the legendary Abbey Road level crossing captured on the cover of the 1969 Beatles album.

A shocked taxi driver even recognized him and waved to him as the superstar crossed the road in St John’s Wood, north London.

Sir Paul, who wore a black jacket, cap and jogging pants, is currently promoting his new book The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present, published last week.

A Day in the Life: Sir Paul in St John’s Wood, North London, near the famous Abbey Road level crossing

He then strolled along a canal before visiting a vintage car store.

Sir Paul, who owns a fleet of luxury cars, recently shared with fans his appreciation for public transport.

He said: “I just like the buses. I also like trains. Once you’ve climbed [the bus] you had that half hour to look around and i loved watching Liverpool and the people.

Mask: Sir Paul went incognito to north London, covering himself in a cap, mask and glasses

Mask: Sir Paul went incognito to north London, covering himself in a cap, mask and glasses

The Beatles star has revealed that his parents were “the original inspiration” for many of his songs.

He said: “Thinking about the songs I wrote at every stage of my career, I realized that my parents, Jim and Mary McCartney, were the original inspiration for so much that I wrote.

“My mother was very reassuring and, as so many women often are, it was also her who supported our family.

“She kept us morale high.

Iconic: The crossing on the cover of the 1969 Beatles Abbey Road album

Iconic: The crossing on the cover of the 1969 Beatles Abbey Road album

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Metallica unveils a limited edition figurine from the album cover … And Justice For All Mon, 25 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Just when you think the year of Metallica couldn’t be more eventful – after the mammoth release of the band’s 53 artists The Metallica Blacklist tribute and the simultaneous re-release of their 1991 Black Album – the legendary Metal Formation have now added another item to their 2021 offerings inventory: a Limited Edition Statue of … and justice for allthe cover.

Limited to just 1,988 units – nodding to the album’s 1988 release date – the figure was produced as part of the Rock Iconz ‘On Tour musical memorabilia series and will come with a certificate of authenticity on the basis.