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For fans who recently streamed Paramore’s 2013 self-titled album, many of you may have noticed that the album cover has changed; was he replaced because of the departure of former bassist Jeremy Davis?

According people magazinethe album previously featured three band members, including Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Davis, standing in front of a black backdrop covered in colored powder.

The updated cover now features Hayley Williams’ back while wearing a denim jacket with the words “Grow Up” written in white paint.

As of this writing, Paramore hasn’t released a statement regarding their big move, but many fans have speculated that the latest move may be down to their desire to distance themselves from their former bassist.

After more than 10 years of playing for the band, Davis left his bandmates in 2015. He parted ways with his buddies in a not-so-good way that he later sued the band for breach of contract and fraud.

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Paramore lawsuit against Jeremy Davis

According The Tennessian, the musician claimed in his lawsuit that he was part of Hayley Williams’ Varoom Whoa as a partner. The legal entity is responsible for the commercial functions of Paramore.

Additionally, the former bassist alleged that he was not compensated fairly for his work for the band.

The music group then argued that their ex-member was an employee rather than a partner in his revenue streams like merchandise, sales, etc.

Davis eventually left the band in December 2015 and he claimed Williams “cut him in the back”.

He also initially claimed that he was one of the people behind the band’s decision-making by hiring several employees who would work on their tours and musical projects like advisors, managers, musicians. , etc.

The bassist claimed he was entitled to receive more money for his contribution. The two sides reportedly settled the legal dispute in federal court, but the terms behind it have not been publicly discussed.

Paramore attorney Jay Bowen released a statement at the time, saying, “Everything has been resolved and settled.”

Today, current members include Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and Zac Farro. Their next album titled “This is Why”, the sequel to their 2017 album “After Laughter”, is set to be released on February 10, 2023.

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Led Zeppelin Album Cover Jimmy Page Almost Didn’t Like “Led Zeppelin III” Sat, 12 Nov 2022 16:44:23 +0000

It took all four members of Led Zeppelin to make the band legendary, but Jimmy Page was the brain. He formed the band, wrote almost all of the music, and played stunning solos that earned him worldwide adoration (even though a Zeppelin concert was torture for another famous guitarist). As the band’s producer, Page had a lot to say about the sound of the albums, and he was also interested in how they looked. He was not a fan of the sleeve for Led Zeppelin III. There was another Zeppelin album cover that Page didn’t like nearly as much.

Tweet from Led Zeppelin showing part of the cover of “Houses of the Holy”

Jimmy Page Wasn’t a Fan of ‘Led Zeppelin III’ Cover

After two hard-hitting and heavily blues-influenced albums, Led Zeppelin III confused fans and critics with several folk-inspired songs. The cover telegraphed musical direction before listeners even dropped the needle on the vinyl.