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Countless albums are released each year, but few stand the test of time. If there is one album that has become the anthem of a generation of discontented and questioning young people, it is Nirvana. no matter. The album art alone is iconic, but the songs themselves go even deeper. As Cobain sings “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Come As You Are”, the intimacy of such an emotional war speaks to our soul. It’s hard to believe that 30 years have passed since the album’s release, but for Peter Stokes, Adelaide Hills cyclist and Nirvana fan, it was a chance to pay homage to the album with his own. journey.

Stokes recreated the famous album cover art – the baby swimming to a dollar bill – with help from the popular fitness tracker app, Strava. Using GPS, he was able to trace the artwork using the streets of Adelaide as a canvas. The result: a sort of Nirvana tribute work of art, complemented by orange markings placed atop open green spaces and raised in white to indicate streets and buildings.

How long did such a trip last, you will ask? Stokes completed the entire 150 km trek in eight hours, and told ABC he had listened to the no matter soundtrack throughout the trip. “It’s definitely something I’ve thought about a lot and really want to do, to pay homage to what I think is a really good album,” he said.

“Earlier in the year [I was] going through my old record collection and like, ‘Oh my god, this album is 30 this year,’ and just thinking, ‘You know what, this deserves its own little track,’ ”Stokes said.

The album was officially released on September 24, 1991, and Stokes scheduled his tribute to coincide with the 30th anniversary date. He began his tour of Adelaide with a journey that took him from Campbelltown in the northeast to Plympton in the southwest. As for the hardest part of the ride, for Stokes it all boiled down to the face. “The face was really tough… but it’s pretty good,” he said.

“We have so much green space, so many parks which, in my opinion, are great for being able to cut and take shortcuts.”

This is not the first piece of art that Stokes has produced via his cycling diary on Strava. Previously, he also performed a performance of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Doing such a thing requires a lot of sharp turns and tight corners, and for Stokes that means getting up early to get out on the road before traffic. Usually he starts such a ride at 3 a.m. or 4 a.m., “Then it’s just a matter of having the map on a small screen on a phone on my bike and plotting that route – and stopping for coffee or in bakeries wherever I need it, “he added. .

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The story behind the most iconic album cover of all time – Austin Monthly Magazine Fri, 24 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

In 1991, Kirk Weddle got a call from Robert Fisher, the artistic director of Geffen Records. Best known for filming commercial campaigns for automotive brands, Weddle also dabbled in underwater photography, which had caught Fisher’s attention. “He called me and said, ‘Hey, do you have a picture of a naked baby underwater?’ Weddle remembers.

While based in Los Angeles, the photographer was hired to capture Fisher’s unusual demand as the cover for an up-and-coming band’s second album. He organized the shoot in an Olympic-size swimming pool in Pasadena, working with a 4-month-old baby as a model. “We would pick up the kid, blow his face in his face and relieve him. He’d be missing out, man. Dad is here, Mum is there. Dad would throw him in, then he would drift towards Mum. And i would go bang, bang, bang, bang, bang [with my camera]”Weddle said.” And pull it out, cool, let’s do it again. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, and he starts to cry, and I’m like, okay, we’re done. The four-minute shoot produced the artwork for one of the most iconic album covers of all time: no matter by Nirvana.

On September 24, the 30th anniversary of the album’s release, Weddle launches a new book, Nirvana: Don’t mind the pictures, to share his experiences of filming both the baby and the group. Although he still does underwater photography, Weddle mainly focuses on portraiture these days. Next year, he’ll also publish a photo book that chronicles 12 classic dive bars across the state, including La Perla Bar in Austin. Co-written by author Anthony Head, Texas Dives: Lone Star State’s Sustainable Neighborhood Bars released in February 2022.

Because his no matter the model was a 4 month old child who had never been in the water before, Weddle tested his lighting with a foot. “I didn’t want to hurt the baby. So I trained with a doll, ”he says. The entire shoot took about 30 minutes to set up, then four minutes of actual photography. “It was a beautiful shoot,” Weddle recalls. “It was just pure photography, there was no client, there was no art director, no one there. Just the baby’s parents, I have a guy with me who’s a lifeguard, and me.

On September 24, the 30th anniversary of the album’s release, Weddle launches a new book, Nirvana: Don’t mind the pictures, to share his experiences of filming both the baby and the group. Although he still does underwater photography, Weddle mainly focuses on portraiture these days. Next year, he’ll also publish a photo book that chronicles 12 classic dive bars across the state, including La Perla Bar in Austin. Co-written by author Anthony Head, Texas Dives: Lone Star State’s Sustainable Neighborhood Bars released in February 2022.

Friends play dominoes at Mynars Bar in West, Texas.

Finn the bartender at La Perla bar in East Austin.

Note: This article was published before Spencer Elden, who was pictured on Nirvana no matter album cover, filed a lawsuit against the band.

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The story behind Drake’s album cover for “Certified Lover Boy” Sun, 05 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Drake just released his latest album on September 3rd, Boy in love certified.

Many aspects of the album have sparked discussion – it’s a chart-topping release, it steals Kanye West’s thunder for Donda and namely, his meme-worthy, party-ripe album cover art.

The album cover for Lover Boy certified, Duck‘s sixth album, represents 12 emojis of pregnant women, lined up wearing different colored shirts, holding their babies in their wombs. It has sparked debate as one of the most controversial hip hop album covers of all time.

Hirst is a master of the coveted controversy, however. He’s no stranger to it. Ever since he saw his rise in the London art scene in the 1990s, through a relationship with art collector Charles Saatchi, he has shocked the pre-Internet era with sharks in formaldehyde tanks, skulls encrusted with diamonds and its famous Doctor’s office room with shelves of colorful pharmaceuticals.

The 12 women holding their babies could be linked to the fact that Drake’s album was delayed for nine months. Some criticized the cover for not having a red-haired woman portrayed in the play.

But for Drake, who has an art collection that includes artists like Andy Warhol, KAWS, and Takashi Murakami, it’s just a piece of pop art for the meme-baited audience, nothing less. Clear and simple.

Drake owns a work of art by Hirst, an imprint of his sculpture For God’s sake, a 2007 play, which is seen in Drake’s condo in Toronto. The rapper is a fan of light artist James Turrell and owns other works of pop art by British artists like Gary Hume and Gerald Laing. It also has a hilarious neon sculpture by artist Patrick Martinez, which reads: “Less Drake, More Tupac.” ”

Drake’s taste for pop art, drawn from his own art collection, shows why he chose Hirst to be the cover of his latest album. As Hirst once said of his art, “People are afraid of change, so you create a kind of belief for them through repetition. It’s like breathing. I’ve always been drawn to playoffs and pairs. A unique thing is a pretty scary object.

Repetition is a common theme in Hirst’s works, as the repetition of dots helped elevate the British artist to the rank of the art world’s premier brand in the pre-Internet era. Hirst created more than 1000 point paintings, from 1986 to 2011.

“To create this structure, to make these colors, and to do nothing,” writes the artist on her website. “I suddenly got what I wanted. It was just a way to capture the joy of color.

For Drake, the opposite could be true. In many ways, his music avoids repetition.

When he did an interview in 2010 on the music video The best i have ever had, Drake said something that rings true today: “When I read the comments I was like, man, I guess nobody wants to laugh anymore,” he said. “Everyone wants the fairy tale, you know? “

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What exactly does the cover of Drake’s Certified Lover Boy album mean? Fri, 03 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Drake’s highly anticipated new album, Certified Boy in love, is finally here.

While the Canadian rapper, real name Aubrey Graham, teased new music in May 2020, it was delayed from its original release in January of this year.

Now Drake has finally given up on the album, but the cover has left some fans scratching their heads.

The cover shows the emojis of 12 pregnant women with different skin tones in a square and geometric format.

Not only has the cover confused some fans, it has inspired many memes on social media.

Nevertheless, it was designed specifically by British artist Damien Hirst, whose work is internationally renowned.

There are various theories as to what Boy in love certified the cover could represent, but neither Hirst nor Drake confirmed the ultimate meaning behind it.

So what are the possible meanings behind Drake Boy in love certified album cover?

One theory concerns the album’s title, suggesting the image may be emblematic of Drake’s manhood.

My mom just asked how many kids Drake had, and then she showed me the album art. I laughed

– Favorite_Oncle (@da_real_skido) September 3, 2021

However, the album itself contains many allusions to children, talking about his life as a father (Aubrey has a three-year-old son named Adonis) and how his child has changed him.

There is a song called “Papi’s Home”, which is about connecting with your child.

In a recent interview, he even suggested that the album itself was his kid, in the same way parents talk about having a “baked bun.”

He told Sound 42’s Fri Yiy Friday radio show: “The album is ready … the album is ready, I can’t wait to deliver it to you … Boy in love certified on the way and it’s for anyone on the way. “

The album was also released nine months after its initial release, in January 2021, and released near Labor Day, adding fuel to the idea of ​​her parenthood with her new album.

While the kids may be the focus of the album, others have noticed hints of Hirst’s previous work on the cover, though it’s made up of emojis.

Previously, Hirst has used pregnant women as inspiration for his art, as well as different colors in the grid patterns.

In 2005, Hirst unveiled a sculpture outside the Lever House in New York City, New York, titled “The Virgin Mother”.

In the sculpture, a pregnant woman was standing while her baby in the womb could be seen from one side of her.

On top of that, Hirst recently revealed a work called “The Currency”, which is made up of colored dots on different sheets of paper.

This in itself alludes to his 2012 work “Spot Paintings”, which showed spots of different colors in a grid formation.

What do fans think of Boy in love certified Album cover?

Unfortunately for Drake, the album cover was mostly met with derision, with fans taking to Twitter to share memes of the image.

when donda fell i saw the cover and thought “something would be better than nothing” i changed my mind.

– danny (@notgosewow) August 30, 2021

I didn’t think anyone could make album covers worse than Gucci Mane, Drake proved me wrong

– Carlos (@ carjoel3000) August 30, 2021

Even other celebrities teased the album cover art, including Lil Nas X.

Fans also compare him to Kanye West’s Donda, which was released just over a week ago.

As the album has only just been released, it’s not clear if fans enjoyed its content, but for Drake’s sake, let’s hope they like it more than the album cover!

Drake attends 2021 Billboard Music Awards
Rich Fury / Getty Images

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Damien Hirst designs Drake album cover and more art news – Tue, 31 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

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Header lines

DAMIEN HIRST HAS STILL STRIKE. The British artist created the cover of Duckthe highly anticipated new album from, Boy in love certified, and it’s a doozy, made up of a dozen iterations of the “pregnant woman” emoji on a white background. The spare effort “makes everyone scratch their heads”, Complex reports, while Business intern says that “everyone from Lil Nas X To [Drake’s] fans don’t care. (According to a Drake fan account, the cover is a painting.) Some may recall a memorable foray the “God’s Plan” singer made into contemporary art a few years ago, when he borrowed the aesthetic from James turrell for his 2015 “Hotline Bling” video (“I fuck with Turrell,” he previously said). The artist released a statement saying he was “flattered to hear that Drake is fucking me”, but that “I and none of my woes were in any way involved in the making” of the film. CLB is due Friday.

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A SEND FROM THE MOST SERENE REPUBLIC. The Venice Architecture Biennale named its winners on Monday, with the United Arab Emirates winning the Golden Lion for the best national flag, by ArchDaily. Entitled “Wetland” and organized by Wael Al Awar and Kenichi teramoto, the show focuses on alternatives to cement. A Golden Lion for Best Main Show Participant was awarded to Raumlaborberlin, and the Silver Lion for the most promising young exhibitor was awarded to Foundation to achieve a homogeneous territory. Elsewhere in the floating city, Dolce & Gabbana organized a parade at St. Mark’s Square, a first for the historic site, by Vogue. The Venice Film Festival starts tomorrow, and the Art biennial, Organized by Cecilia Alemani, it’s just over seven months away.

The digest

The artist and the educator Srey Bandaul, a key figure in the Cambodian art scene, died of the Covid at the age of 49. “He was the father figure of many Cambodian artists and without him the contemporary art scene we know today would not exist. Dana langois, the founder of Java Creative Cafe in Phnom Penh, said. [ArtAsiaPacific]

Hurricane Ida demolished a New Orleans jazz monument, the Karnofsky tailor shop, or Louis armstrong once worked. Recovery efforts and damage assessments are ongoing in the city. [The Associated Press]

A house in West Vancouver, British Columbia, that the artist Emily carr frequently visited to see its owner, patron Ethyln Trapp, and at work, has fallen into disuse and is about to be demolished. A niece of Trapp sets up a final attempt to save the building. [The Art Newspaper]

Artist Raul de Nieves opens an exhibition of his richly adorned beaded works at Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston tomorrow. In an interview, he spoke of a memorable tarot reading in which he was told to “become the ruler of his own house”. [WBUR]

Noah johnson wrote a deep dive on the New York graffiti team IRAQ centered on its founder, the artist Kunle martins, who finally rose to fame in the art world long after some of his friends and peers, like Ryan mcginley and Dan Colen. [GQ]

Ashlyn Davis Burns, the former director of the Houston Photography Center, is one of the co-founders of Assembly, a “new photo portal” which “combines the aspects of a gallery, a photo agency, a publishing house (for books by specialized artists), an online magazine / photo blog and of a studio ” Catherine D. Anspon writing. [Paper City]

The kick

DISTANCE MAKES THE HEART MORE AFFECTED. When it began renovations in 2018, the Courtauld Gallery in London loaned many of his prized Impressionist works to other museums. Now they are back. “Having them at home now is really very moving”, the director of the museum, Ernst Vegelin van Claerbergen, said to Guardian . The original plan was to complete the work over two years, but the pandemic and the discovery of a medieval grave caused delays. “Not just a little one. . . huge, ”Vegelin told the newspaper. “They dug and they dug and they dug. I think it was three or four meters deep, so obviously all the work stopped and that made us back down. Glad they cleaned that up! The museum is expected to reopen in November. [The Guardian]

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Drake’s upcoming album cover is comically bad – and designed by Damien Hirst Mon, 30 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

A screenshot from Drake’s Instagram. The rapper tagged artist Damien Hirst on a photo of the cover of his new album. (via @champagnepapi)

In an Instagram post announcing the release date of his new album, “Certified Lover Boy,” Drake also unveiled the accompanying cover art designed by none other than British artist Damien Hirst. Featuring a grid of 12 multiracial “Pregnant Woman” emojis wearing different colored tops, the design sense is open: maybe the rapper wants to imply that this is baby music, or maybe that it is admitting to having fathered a dozen children, hypothesized a Twitter user. Others have more complex interpretations: “Drake drops Certified Lover Boy, an album about love (baby making) 9 months after its planned release date, (9 months is a full term pregnancy), on weekends. -end of Labor Day, ”one speculated. Tweeter.

Shortly after, the official @drakerelated account shared a photo of a physical cover canvas, adding that it was “1 of 2” and hinting at a potential second cover option.

Unsurprisingly, the cover elicited a variety of responses, ranging from tame descriptors like “hackneyed” and “lazy” To “an abomination”, And even inspired a few parodies: rapper Lil Nas X job a version of the album cover featuring emojis for pregnant men and announced the release date of his own upcoming album. Others are disturbed by the possibility that Hirst – one of the richest artists in the world – received payment in exchange for the “commission”.

High up with Kaws and Koons on the list of comically easy-to-hate performers, Hirst is best known for featuring a shark preserved in formaldehyde and its more palatable. Spot paints, monochrome canvases covered with rows of dots painted in complementary colors. Drake’s cover art seems to echo these spotty compositions while also nodding to the sculptures of pregnant women the artist has made over the years.

While saying almost nothing about Drake’s music or his long-awaited album, the work (?)

As Hirst once cryptically put it, “I’ve always had a phenomenal love for color… I mean, I just move color on my own. So that’s where the Spot paints came from – to create that structure to make those colors, and to make nothing. ”

Well, Damien, mission accomplished.

Weems’ essay is taken from Ways of hearing: reflections on music in 26 pieces.

Freelance writer Rona Akbari has partnered with artist Aishwarya Srivastava to raise funds for the sale of prints to support Afghan nationals facing disease and famine.

Three art historians re-emphasize Kahlo’s artistic production.

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]]> 0 Man Who Was Baby on the cover of Nirvana Sues Band’s iconic “Nevermind” album – Deadline Tue, 24 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The man, now 30, pictured as a baby on the cover of the multi-million-selling Nirvana album no matter filed a lawsuit today in Los Angeles, alleging that former members of the grunge-rock trio, various record companies, artistic directors and others violated federal criminal laws on child pornography and caused him lifelong suffering by ” tampering ”with his image all over the world.

Spencer Elden, of Los Angeles, alleges that his “identity and legal name are forever linked to the commercial sexual exploitation he suffered as a minor which was distributed and sold around the world from his childhood until his death. to the present day, ”according to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles.

Messages seeking comment sent to Universal Music Group and to an attorney representing Nirvana LLC were not immediately responded to.

Vivendi’s offer to sell 10% of Universal Music to Bill Ackman SPAC collapses; Trade transfers to Ackman’s hedge fund

According to the lawsuit, the defendants “knowingly produced, possessed and advertised commercial child pornography depicting Spencer, and they knowingly received value in exchange for doing so … Despite this knowledge, the defendants failed to take reasonable steps. to protect Spencer and prevent his sexual exploitation and trafficking in images.

Elden’s parents never signed a waiver authorizing the use of the photos taken of the four-month-old baby at an aquatic center in Pasadena in 1990 and Elden received no compensation, according to the plaintiff’s attorneys.

The cover of no matter – released in 1991 by the Geffen / UMG label – depicts a naked baby swimming underwater, apparently towards a hook with a dollar bill attached. It is one of the most famous album covers in rock.

To make sure the album cover would trigger a visceral sexual response from the viewer, (photographer Kirk) Weddle activated Spencer’s ‘gag reflex’ before tossing him underwater in stressful poses and highlighting. ’emphasis on Spencer’s exposed genitals,’ the costume alleges.

The lawsuit argues that the album cover photo chosen by late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain suggests a “sex worker grabbing a dollar bill.”

Elden’s lawsuit alleges that the defendants “used child pornography depicting Spencer as an essential part of a record promotion program commonly used in the music industry to gain attention, in which the cover art ‘albums posed children in sexually provocative ways to gain notoriety, increase sales and attract the media. attention and criticism.

As a result, Elden “has suffered and will continue to suffer damage for life,” according to the complaint.

The lawsuit seeks either $ 150,000 from each of the 17 defendants, or unspecified damages to be determined at trial.

Geffen Records originally shipped 46,521 copies of no matter to retailers hoping to eventually sell 200,000 copies. The album, a cornerstone of the grunge era, eventually sold over 30 million copies.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie reveals new album art Mon, 23 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Despite the reveal, fans of the artist don’t think he’ll release the album until next year.

It looks like New York rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is getting ready to release his new album, sharing a trailer for the upcoming project on social media, as well as the cover art.

After his standout performance at Summer Jam this weekend, A Boogie began promoting the release of his upcoming studio album, sharing an animated trailer with butterflies assaulting him and helping him take flight. to a new world. The cover art shows the rapper standing in a heart-shaped hoodie, seemingly alone on another planet. The promo appears to be for the album A Boogie Vs. Artist, who has been teased for months.

In the caption of his post, A Boogie suggested he was in no rush to release the new music, writing “#NODATE #FREEAVA”.

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

His caption makes fans wonder when the album will be released, with many commenting that they think it won’t be released until next year. “Yes, it won’t go down until next year,” said the most popular comment. “No wtf date,” complained another. “What does missing a date mean,” added another tired fan. “Have you had all this time and you still don’t have a date?” smh you disappoint me and my homegirls artist. “

Do you think A Boogie will get away with it and release the album this year, or are its fans right in thinking it won’t be released until 2022? Watch the trailer below.

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Taliban press conference sparks Griselda album cover memes on Twitter Wed, 18 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

The very serious situation in Afghanistan continues to unfold and with the Taliban takeover all eyes are on the region. The Islamist group and the military organization have held a press conference since taking office this week. Griselda album cover.

Griselda fans are well aware that Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Benny The Butcher are all provocative album cover images that end up being a part of their successful vinyl and merchandise sales. Comedian Karlous Miller took note of such an image posted by a fan, noted that “[t]it looks like a hard ass mixtape ‘and off you go to the races from there.

Sure enough, the gathering of Taliban officials seemed like one of the album covers meant to spark emotion and conversation. Among Griselda’s core members, Westside Gunn has taken the highest artistic risks which play well with his unwavering confidence and attention to detail that keeps the machine rolling so hard. Conway The Machine also used this touching covers method on his projects, which Benny The Butcher used a tamer but no less effective style on his project covers.


The meme has gained traction and there have been claims that Westside Gunn will soon be flipping some of the Taliban images in album covers, while others are going back into the archives to illustrate this point. It goes without saying that what is happening in Afghanistan is no laughing matter and we are sharing this for archival purposes only.

We have a handful of reactions below.

Photo: Getty

Taliban Sparks Griselda Album Cover Memes On Twitter press conference originally posted on


Someone called him early.

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