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Daft Punk fan compiles list of 500 musical influences

Daft punk are no ordinary duo. Considered by many to be an integral force in the impact of electronic music as a whole, the French duo helped propel dance music into the limelight during the ’90s, bringing their trademark “french touch” and even pioneer of his own kind by fusing elements of electro and house music to create a unique and distinctive sound. Now a fanatic fan of the robotic duo has put together a special 500-album compilation, the list giving a firm nod not only to the music of Daft Punk themselves, but to many musical influences surrounding the couple. Reddit user GlitzyHavoc created the list and separated the billing into 10 segments, each featuring albums that Daft Punk fans will enjoy depending on their sound and style.

With one of its segments composed of the ‘Starboy ‘ era, the Reddit user lists the following tracks as inspirations around this sound and the more recent era of Daft Punk folklore, noting the following tracks as his picks:

  1. Al̩sia РAndr̩a

  2. Birdy Nam Nam – Challenge Order

  3. Bot’Ox – Babylon by car

  4. Boys Noize – Mayday

  5. Brodinski – Brava

  6. Charpentier Brut – Trilogy

  7. Ch̢teau Marmont Р2008-2009-2010

  8. Crookers – Tons of Friends

  9. Danger – 太 鼓

  10. DeadLife – Bionic Chrysalis

  11. Evil Nine – They Live!

  12. Gesaffelstein – Conspiracy, Pt. II

  13. Jackson and his computer group – Smash

  14. Justice – A Cross of the Universe

  15. Magic Sword – Vol. 1

  16. MGMT – The Little Dark Ages

  17. Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Two

  18. Nero – Between II Worlds

  19. Panteros666 – Hyper Reality

  20. Disruptor – Dangerous days

  21. Rob – Maniac

  22. Sam Tiba – Black-eyed Grass

  23. SebastiAn – Smoking kills (?)

  24. S̩bastien Tellier РSexuality

  25. Sunset – S01E02-05

  26. The M machine – Metropolis, Pt. II

  27. The Toxic Avenger – Romance & Cigarettes

  28. The weekend – Starboy

  29. Zombie Zombie – Land for Renegades

  30. Various artists – Furi

He’s also put together handy playlists of his picks, which you can check out below, in their entirety, on Spotify. (With a YouTube version also available).

Image credit: Daft Punk (Wikipedia, A 2013 photo by Daft Punk. Left to right: Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo)

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Daft Punk fan compiles list of 500 duo-related music albums Wed, 10 Feb 2021 08:00:00 +0000

A Daft Punk enthusiast has compiled a list of 500 music albums for fans.

Reddit user GlitzyHavoc created a sprawling and varied list, divided into 10 separate playlists, each featuring albums that Daft Punk fans will enjoy depending on their sound and style.

Six of the ten playlists are based on the genres and styles that inspired each Daft Punk album, including their Tron: Legacy soundtrack. For example, the “Homework” playlist includes French releases of house, techno and deep house, while the “Discovery” playlist features more synth-pop, funk, disco and vaporwave.

Other playlists include “Starboy,” which is ostensibly based on music similar to Daft Punk’s collaborative work with The Weeknd. The ‘Daft Club’ playlist is divided into two sections: “Select artists influenced by Robots / Albums that have little or no similarity to Daft Punk, but fans might enjoy them nonetheless.”

The tenth playlist, “Teachers” features music that directly influenced Daft Punk themselves, including house and techno tracks by Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, Boo Williams and the Trailblazer Tron soundtrack. by synthesizer Wendy Carlos.

GlitzyHavoc made playlists available on both Spotify and YouTube, and also made a text version.

Daft Punk fans will find a lot to like about this list and will have a lot of fun going through the different genres and influences that it tackles. To dig here.

As if that weren’t enough, a performance by the legendary French electronic duo from over a decade ago was recently uploaded to YouTube. Check it out here.

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YouTube Music replaces album list layout with more visible grid in latest UI tweak Mon, 21 Dec 2020 08:00:00 +0000

It’s been a great year for YouTube Music. The platform gained many new features and became Google’s only music streaming service when Google Play Music started shutting down a few months ago. Now, a few more changes were detected in testing, including one that changes an artist’s album display section from a playlist to a grid layout.

The updated album view appears to apply to the album section of artist pages. Previously, a long list of text would appear with tiny album art thumbnails. With this new setting, an artist’s albums display side-by-side in rows of 7 on the web, or a 2×2 grid on the mobile app.

Left: Viewing the current list Law: Layout of the grid in the tests

While moving from a list view to a grid layout might not seem like the most exciting development, it does make a significant difference in everyday use. Not only does it maximize space by showing more albums at a time, but it also makes them more visible and easier to find thanks to the large, recognizable thumbnails of album art. Of course, the list view also has some advantages, like making longer titles easier to read – it would be great if we could choose the display mode for ourselves.

Additionally, YouTube Music now offers related playlists under custom mixes, giving users a way to browse similar collections put together by the YTM team and other users. It seems to be limited to the iOS app at the moment, however.

The updated grid layout appears to be currently in testing, meaning it has yet to be rolled out on a large scale. I still see the list view on my side, but if / when the grid format starts to have wide availability, you will be able to try it out for yourself in the YouTube Music app (which can be downloaded from Mirror APK or the Play Store) and on the web.

Youtube music
Youtube music

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Raekwon Celebrates Wu-Tang on Rolling Stone’s GOAT Album List Thu, 24 Sep 2020 07:00:00 +0000

Following the release of Rolling Stone’s Top 500 All-Time Album List, Raekwon The Chef takes a moment to show his appreciation.

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone unveiled the revised edition of their massive 500 best albums of all time list, a gargantuan company designed to showcase the best projects music has to offer. And while hip-hop remains rather under-represented overall, that doesn’t mean its presence hasn’t been felt. In fact, many notable classics have been selected, including several from the legendary Wu-Tang collective.

Monica Schipper / Getty Image

Today Raekwon The Chef took a moment to acknowledge his appreciation for being included. It turns out that its timeless Only built 4 Cuban Linx … locked in at 219th place, a milestone he tackled with a proud Instagram post. “ALL TIME !!!!!!!!!!” he says, alongside some screenshots of the post’s listing. “Wow. Again! Much love to @rollingstone for still being in the top 500 albums of all time !!! (New list updated) We have 4 out there !!!”

In addition to his own, Rolling Stone placed that of Ghostface Killah Supreme clientele at 403, GZA Liquid swords to 307, and the first album of the Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 rooms) at 27 years old. While The Clan’s debut album was one of the best hip-hop albums topped the list, it didn’t quite make it into the top twenty. There, rap was represented by Kendrick Lamar To pimp a butterfly, that of Kanye West My beautiful twisted dark fantasy, and Rolling Stone’s choice for best rap album of all time, Lauryn Hill’s Lauryn Hill’s poor education.

Check out Rae’s message and ring it up: Should the Wu-Tang albums have been placed higher on the list?

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Devin the Dude makes the best album list of 1998 Mon, 12 Feb 2018 08:00:00 +0000

Photo by Andrew Dansby

rapper Devin the DudeShane Nash

There are pleasant surprises and then there are Pitchfork’s 50 Best 50 Albums of 1998, celebrating recordings that are turning 20 this year. The usual suspects from the indie / alterna / electro worlds are all present: OutKast, Beck, Cat Power, Lauryn Hill, PJ Harvey, Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the very first recording that appears on the list. At # 50, sitting on the toilet, smoking a joint, reading the “Houston Chronic” is Devin the Dude on the signature cover art of his album “The Dude”.

Guess the guy "The guy"

“The Guy” from Devin the Dude

“It’s hard for rap to seem timeless,” writes Matthew Schnipper.

Devin’s solution? “Looking like a muppet with a cold, Houston-based Devin raps about his devotion to marijuana and watching the world go by.”

Over a fifth of the list consisted of rap albums, but Devin was by far the most underground of them on a list that included names like Jay-Z and DMX. It probably won’t change his fortune significantly. But it’s nice to know that someone over there was listening.

And that was pretty much the only Houston album on the list. There was no Beyonce record – in fact, 1998 saw the release of Destiny’s Child’s debut album. The nearest town to another entry was “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”, by Lucinda Williams, who lived in Houston at times in the 1980s.

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Queen tops UK best-selling album list Thu, 07 Jul 2016 07:00:00 +0000

Queen’s 1981 “Greatest Hits” was the best-selling album of all time in Britain.

The Official Charts Company – responsible for compiling the UK Album Chart each week – revealed the 60 best-selling LPs to mark the chart’s 60th anniversary.

The Rockers’ Compilation – which features tracks such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Another One Bites The Dust” – topped the list with 6.1 million sales since its release.

In second place is another compilation with ABBA’s 1992 collection “Gold: Greatest Hits”, with total sales of 5.2 million, while “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ‘released by The Beatles in 1967 is third with 5.2 million offset copies and is the best-selling studio LP.

Adele’s second album ’21’ comes in at number four with 4.9 million sales in just five years since its release in 2011. The soul singer’s latest album ’25’ is already at number 27, although it was only released last November.

Oasis’ flagship album in 1995 ‘(What’s the story) Morning Glory?’ – considered the defining record of the Britpop era – is in fifth place with 4.7 million sales.

The late King of Pop Michael Jackson has two top 10 entries, with 1982’s “Thriller” sixth with 4.2 million copies sold and “Bad” from 1987 to nine with a total of 3.9 million. of records purchased by the British public.

Queen also has another album in the higher echelons of the list with “Greatest Hits II” completing the top 10 with 3.8 million units sold.

The top 10 is completed by Dire Straits’ 1986 album “Brothers In Arms” at number eight with 4 million sales and Pink Floyd’s 1973 psychedelic classic “Dark Side of the Moon” at number seven with 4.1 million sales.

The debut album was released on July 22, 1956 and Frank Sinatra topped the list with his LP “Songs For Swingin ‘Lovers”.

Robbie Williams has the most Top 60 appearances, with his solo albums “I’ve Been Expecting You” at number 48 and “Swing When You’re Winning” at number 56, while Take That’s “Progress” – recorded and released on his return to the group in 2010 – is ranked # 57 and the group’s largest collection of hits, “Never Forget – The Ultimate Collection” is # 59.

Coldplay has three albums in the top 60; ‘Rush of blood to the head’ (31), ‘X&Y’ (40) and ‘Parachutes’ (45).

Queen guitarist Brian May was absolutely delighted to hear that his band, led by the late Freddie Mercury, was at the top of the list.

He said: “The most popular album? Well, I always thought the band was promising, but it is beyond our childhood dreams. Thank you, folks.”

Top 20 Best Selling Albums of All Time by Official Charts Company:

1) Reine – “The greatest hits”

2) Abba – “Gold: Greatest Hits”

3) The Beatles – ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’

4) Adele – ’21’

5) Oasis – ‘(What’s the story) Morning Glory’

6) Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’

7) Pink Floyd – “The dark side of the moon”

8) Dire Straits – “Brothers in arms”

9) Michael Jackson – “Bad”

10) Queen – ‘Greatest Hits II’

11) Fleetwood Mac – “Rumors”

12) Madonna – ‘The Immaculate Collection’

13) Amy Winehouse – ‘Back to Black’

14) Simply red – “Stars”

15) Shania Twain – “Come on here”

16) Bob Marley and the Wailers – ‘Legend’

17) James Blunt – ‘Return to Bedlam’

18) La Verve – ‘Urban Hymns’

19) Meatloaf – ‘Bat Out Of Hell’

20) The Beatles – ‘1’

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Little Mix higher than One Direction in UK best-selling album list for 2015 Tue, 05 Jan 2016 08:00:00 +0000

Last year gave local girls Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall plenty to celebrate with yet another number one single, their highest album to date and a Teen Choice Award to their name.

Now it has been revealed that Little Mix sold more albums than One Direction in the UK last year.

While the girls’ third album, Get Weird may not have reached number one as 1D’s Made in the AM, it has sold more copies to date, placing it at # 11 in the UK bestseller list for 2015, with boys at 14.

Unsurprisingly, Adele’s 25 finished at the top of the list, having sold over two million copies in just a few weeks.

Two albums released in 2014, Ed Sheeran’s X and Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour occupy second and third places with Elvis Presley sneaking up to number 4 with If I Can Dream, the album that beat Little Mix to the top when ‘they both came out at the end of November.

The full list is as follows:

1.25 – Adele

2.x – Ed Sheeran

3. In the Lonely Hour – Sam Smith

4. If I Can Dream – Elvis Presley

5. Goal – Justin Bieber

6. 1989 – Taylor Swift

7. I cry when I laugh – Jess Glynne

8. Chaos and calm – James Bay

9. A Head Full of Dreams – Coldplay

10. Wanted while traveling – George Ezra

11. Get Weird – Little Mix

12. Hozier – Hozier

12. Never Been Better – Olly Murs

14. Made in the morning – One Direction

15. The Wild Spirit – Mumford & Sons

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Oscar Peterson – Exclusively For My Friends [Album list & covers follows] – MPS-Jazz (6 vinyl box set) – Audition Audiophile Mon, 24 Nov 2014 08:00:00 +0000

Oscar Peterson – Exclusively For My Friends [Album list & covers follows] – MPS-Jazz Records 0209478MSW (Germany) – Box of 6 audiophile stereo LPs – orig. 1963-1968 [9/30/14] (Distr. By Naxos) *****:

(Oscar Peterson – piano; Ray Brown or Sam Jones – bass; Louis Hayes, Bobby Durham and Ed Thigpen – drums)


Flight. 1 – Act
Flight. 2 – Chat between girls
Flight. 3 – The way I really play
Flight. 4 – My favorite instrument (solo)
Flight. 5 – Sweet mood
Flight. 6 – Traveling on

Oscar Peterson considered his 1960s MPS recordings to be the pinnacle of his recorded production. His series of Exclusively for my friends The LPs were made in the private studio of Hans Georg Bruner Schwer, who both produced and designed the six recordings. Schwer was the owner of MPS Records, and the sessions were organized as “house concerts” at his home with special guests. Hans was not in the room Oscar was playing, but upstairs in his studio, watching the musicians play on a closed circuit and recording the songs.

MPS has reissued the six recordings in LP 180 gram format in this magnificent box set. The analog lacquer cutout is from the remastered tapes. Each individual LP has the original gatefold artwork with a glossy varnish finish. There is no digital editing. The original Studer analog equalization and tape recorders were used to make minimal modifications (ie, “give a cymbal a little more sparkle.”) Their intention was to provide the best analog sound and “Stay true to the original recording”. These sessions were performed from 1963 and continued until 1968 when Oscar traveled to Germany to record for Hans Schwer.

Peterson’s playing clarity is richly featured on this audiophile set. There is no harshness like you find on some digital recordings. Schwer puts you squarely in his living room. Hans was himself a pianist and declares “I record the piano as if I were sitting immediately next to it, as if I was playing it myself …”

Peterson6LP blankets

Above are the six LP cover art. The highlights are numerous and include:

A tender read of “I have a crush on you” on Vol. 1 (action). Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen compose softly behind OP as he strokes the melody. The title song of Vol. 2, “Girl Talk”, will have you tapping your foot while Peterson rocks the blues. His touch is so inviting and the energy in the room so infectious, as he digs and then “glides home safely.”

On Vol. 3, The way I really play, Oscar is paired with Sam Jones and Bobby Durham. The opening track, “Waltzing is Hip” features Durham in an intense wild Buddy Rich-type drum solo after a very exuberant piano practice by OP. Next comes an extended version of Ellington’s “Satin Doll” in which Peterson plays a magnificent chord solo.

Flight. 4, My favorite instrument is a unique session in Oscar’s discography, since it is a solo album. He shows the full range of his talents, leaving a fitting comparison to Art Tatum, as OP allows descents to sway as easily as Tatum, and that means something… “Someone to watch over me” and “Bye Bye Blackbird “stand out in particular.

Flight. 5, Sweet mood has Oscar back with Sam Jones and Bobby Durham. Jones’ “walking” skills on bass anchored Oscar, and Durham is an assertive drummer. The song selection is standard, but includes new era favorites like “Nica’s Dream” by Horace Silver and “Who Can I Turn To” by Anthony Newley. The latter doubled the tempo, and OP specifies that it is his “favorite” track on the album.

Flight. 6, Traveling on is superb as we hear Peterson on the gospel-flavored title track, then shine on one of my favorite ballads, “Emily” by Johnny Mandel. Oscar’s good faith with bossa nova is confirmed in Jobim’s “Quiet Nights”. (and all on one side of an album…).

Oscar Peterson finalists will want to purchase this exquisite set to hear the piano master at his best in resplendent audiophile acoustics. Exclusively for my friends would make a well-deserved Christmas present for jazz piano fanatics.

—Jeff Krow

[Is the boxed set of vinyls worth $183? Yes, for vinyl fans with good turntables. Those set up for SACD playback should be aware that all six of these albums are currently available on stereo SACD, though some are very expensive—as much as $96 each, while some are only $18. There are also about 17 other Peterson albums on SACD at Amazon, including some multichannel. Some of his hits with others include two Telarc classics: the Canadian Suite Trail of Dreams, and The Very Tall Band Live at the Blue Note, his terrific West Side Story album, and Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson…Ed.]

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The 28 most sexually explicit lyrics from Beyonce’s new album (LIST) Fri, 13 Dec 2013 08:00:00 +0000

When you think of sexually explicit content, by Beyoncé probably the last artist that comes to mind, but she changes games faster than she changes weaves.

Just minutes after the clock struck midnight, Beyonce decided to blow up the internet with the release of her highly anticipated fifth studio album.

The #BeyHive expected the “Grown Woman” singer to drop her album sometime in 2014, but with recent news of another tour on her “The Mrs. Carter Show” world tour, we should have know that something was going on. As thousands of avid music lovers downloaded Beyonce’s eponymous album, no one knew what to expect and what we got was a big surprise – a sexual Beyonce.

Over the past 15 years, the 32-year-old singer has consciously kept her music relatively “clean,” but decided to end 2013 on a high, literally. From mentioning the flavor of her lotus flower to verbalizing her affinity for fellatio, Beyonce allowed listeners to explore how sex works in the Carter house.

In honor of Beyonce’s sexual arousal, GlobalGrind has put together her 28 most self-explanatory lyrics. So sit back and drive over to O-town with Beyonce below.


“My nasty tongue / Where will it be / I know if I’m on you / You must be on me.”

“I’m walking down the hall / You’re lucky / The bedroom is my trail / Hit me / I’m stuck in the door / Kiss, bite, foreplay.”


“I like your face / You like the taste.”

“Keep me coming, keep on going / keep on coming, keep on going / keep humming, keep moaning.” “

“Can you lick my Skittles / It’s the sweetest in the middle / Pink is the flavor / Solve the puzzle.”

“I’m going to lean back / Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious / Make sure you clean that up / It’s the only way to get the… Flavor.”

“Don’t slip when it’s dripping on you right.”

“I’ll show you how I stroke (stroke).”

“Put the work on top of me / I’ll let you be my boss / I know all you want / Give me that long daddy blow.” “

“I want you / turn this cherry, turn this cherry.” “


“The driver rolls up the sheet music please / I don’t need you to see” Ynce on his knees. “

“Now my mascara is running, my lipstick is smeared / Oh he’s so horny, yes he wants to fuck / He popped all my buttons, he ripped my blouse / He Monica Lewinsky all over my dress.”

“Oh my daddy, daddy didn’t bring the towel / Oh baby, baby we’re slowing down.”

“Handprints and good holds on my ass / Private show with explosive music / He likes to call me Peaches when we’re this bad.”

“Drunk in love”

“I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking / I get dirty when this alcohol gets in me / I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking / Why can’t I keep my fingers away from you, baby?

“The last thing I remember is our / Beautiful bodies grinding in this club / Drunk with love.”

“New sheets, he would swear I like washed rags, he wet / Boy, I drink, I sink into the mic until my boy plays / Then I fill the tub halfway then I roll with it my surfboard / Surfboard, surfboard.

“Grain on this wood, grain, grain on this wood / I swerve on this / swerve, swerve on that big Benz body / Serve it all, swerve, ride it all good, good.”

“I want your body here, daddy, I want you, right now / C-I can’t keep my eyes from you fat / Daddy I want you.”


“Let me sit that ass, On you / Show you how I feel / Let me take that off / Will you look at me?” “

“Slow down / Go around / You’re hard / I’m steady / Climb ’til you reach my peak baby, my peak, the peak / And go straight to the bottom of my fountain / I wanna play in your deep end, your fine depth, the depth / Then plunge me under where you can feel my river flowing.

“Bring yourself to the waterfalls, bathe in these waterfalls.”

“I’m proud of all this bass, Lemme put it in your face.”

“My love, your love is rising / Higher, louder / Makes me cry out to the lord, boy / Kiss me, pray that we don’t overflow / Baby I know you can feel it pulsing / Keeping the top of my cascade.”

“And I can’t help but love the way we make love / Daddy, daddy, Ooh my child, ooh now / Yes lord, fucking baby / Driving me crazy, Cray.”

“Punish me / Please / Punish me please / Tell me what you’re going to do with all of this / Ass / Everything in your face.”

“No angel”

“Tell me do you wanna ride a bike / Go around, go around / Go around / Go around / Will you go around with this town-H / If there are candles by your bed, no need for a spell / Stop being so scared, do what I say. “


“I’m in my half-naked penthouse / I cooked this meal for you naked / So where the hell are you.”

Also on Global Grind:

New York premiere of

12 photos

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