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William Reiling and his son David took over two troubled Twin Cities banks, including one accused of discriminating against customers in poor areas three decades ago.

To turn the tide and rebuild, the Reilings turned to those clients who had been wronged – working class people and immigrants from urban neighborhoods. They also sought out nonprofits and small businesses as clients.

Today, St. Paul-based Sunrise Banks is a financial mainstay of the Twin Cities nonprofit community, helping with mortgage loans for affordable housing and working with organizations that help poor families. to find stability.

It is also growing by partnering with tech companies to offer nationwide financial products that help people repair their credit and avoid predatory payday lenders.

“My father grew up as a poor farm boy. He said, ‘Don’t fuck the little guy,’ ”Sunrise Banks CEO David Reiling said of the bank’s philosophy.

Sunrise, with $ 1 billion in assets, is one of some 100 banks nationally certified by the U.S. Treasury as a community development finance institution providing credit, investment capital and financial services in urban communities in difficulty.

He underwrites all of the mortgages for Greater Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity – nearly 100 last year alone.

“They are motivated to do the right thing,” said Robyn Bipes-Timm, vice president of loan funds and mortgages at Habitat. “It’s so refreshing.”

Sunrise also became Minnesota’s first utility company in 2015, when lawmakers created the designation for companies to signal that they can sometimes put social principles ahead of profits.

“They really and truly are community bankers who want to make the community a better place,” said Kate Barr, former banker and CEO of Propel Nonprofits, another community development financial institution. “It is an intentional part of their business strategy to serve nonprofit organizations. That says a lot. “

“They need access”

Leaders of nonprofits have said many of their low-income and bad-credit customers need better access to banking services.

One in four U.S. households is either unbanked or underbanked, often relying on check cashing, money orders and payday loans, which charge fees, according to a 2017 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation survey. higher.

“It’s expensive to be poor,” Reiling said.

New Hope’s Eumeka Kufuor, who struggled financially in the past and doesn’t have a bank account, has used expensive money orders and prepaid credit cards to pay bills and shop for groceries for years. Then, she received help with the tax return and financial support from the non-profit Prepare + Thrive, and was able to open checking and savings accounts at Sunrise Bank in July.

“They do everything in their power to ensure that you don’t have an overdraft fee,” she said. “They allow you to regain your financial independence. “

Reiling said he saw the potential of banks to serve low-income people and urban areas earlier in his career at a Los Angeles bank in an area struggling with poverty and crime. At another bank there, he noticed that they were not serving immigrants and foreign businessmen living in the United States.

His success with these clients landed him a job in New York. But his dad called and dragged him to Minnesota instead.

While they were working on the construction of what is now known as the Sunrise Banks, they turned to immigrants. At one point, almost 40% of their customers were Hmong.

“They needed access,” Reiling said. “We have created products and services to unlock the potential of customers. “

He has also studied the alternative financial sector, including what he calls the “dastardly model” of payday lending. He saw how check cashing services and prepaid credit cards filled people’s financial gaps. He even bought a check cashing business and set it up in the bank lobby to find out more.

“It is this information and customer feedback that has been the raw material for innovation,” said Reiling.

Growth through innovation

Sunrise Banks now has six branches in Minnesota. His approach was praised by a much larger competitor, Wells Fargo, which in 2015 awarded Sunrise a national award for developing innovative products and services to help people not connected to banks.

“They’ve been really nimble,” said Anne Leland Clark, director of finance and learning at Prepare + Prosper, “and when you hear ‘bank’ you don’t think nimble.”

New Sunrise offers include a loan program called TrueConnect, which is offered by employers and allows employees to borrow and make payments on the loan through payroll deductions over time. More than 1,000 employers participate nationwide.

Joyce Norals, vice president of human resources at Lutheran Social Service, which offers TrueConnect to employees, said she was initially skeptical because of the interest rate on loans – 24.99%. But she said the employees who use it love her.

“People who make payday loans pay up to 300 to 500% interest. It’s amazing, ”said Norals. “So that seems reasonable in this context. “

In April, Sunrise added a credit building program with tech company that works like a reverse loan. It is available nationwide. People make monthly payments and receive the money at the end of the 12 month period. These payments help to increase the credit scores of borrowers.

Bipes-Timm, of Habitat, said his organization directs people to the program when they need to increase their credit to buy a home.

“In a year they qualify,” she said.

Yet Reiling acknowledges that some may still be skeptical of a for-profit bank.

“I’m going to use whatever legal structure I can to do good and do good at the same time,” he said.

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Alberto Fernández, President of Argentina, dismisses Maradona Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:35:04 +0000

Argentine President Alberto Fernández has placed an Argentinos Juniors jersey on the coffin of Diego Armando Maradona, which is veiled this Thursday at the Casa Rosada, seat of government.

The jersey comes from the team where ‘Pelusa’ played from 1975 to 1981, having been to Los Cebollitas and Estrella Roja.

Fernández also exhibited two handkerchiefs belonging to the organization Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, used by human rights officials to cover their heads during their rounds demanding the appearance of their relatives who disappeared during the last military dictatorship (1976- 1983).

The former footballer was very close to the Mothers and other humanitarian leaders like the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

The Argentine government has decreed three days of national mourning for the death of the revered by fans of Boca, Naples, among others.

Thousands of people are firing the creator of “La mano de Dios” by queuing outside the place, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several supporters clashed with the police outside the Casa Rosada, located in Plaza de Mayo in downtown Buenos Aires, and knocked down the fences installed to control the flow of people.

Finally, the agents were able to contain the overflows and ordered the lines of those entering the official compound.

The Argentinian pamboleros arrived at Casa Rosada during the night.

Inside, in a main hall and behind a long parapet behind which people marched, is the closed coffin with the remains of the former captain of the 1986 World Cup champion team, covered with a Argentine flag and dozens of T-shirts from different football clubs thrown away by visitors.

The retired player died on the eve of cardiac arrest at the house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires where he was confined to recover from surgery for head edema on November 3.

Those who paraded in front of the wooden coffin blew kisses in the air, hit their chests with their fists and shouted “Let’s go Diego. Others were crying inconsolably.

The vigil began at dawn with an intimate ceremony for family and friends, before allowing public access.

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The Drummonds: Milford’s Father-Son State Champions Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:35:04 +0000

Status fields – A moment of glory in the gymnasium of Milford … I discovered what I did not know and I was able to take the picture. Thomas Drummond, who fought for Roy Rigby, was a state champion at 119 pounds in 1984. Chris Drummond, an assistant wrestling coach at Milford, was the 2007 and 2008 State Champion at 215 pounds and also the Gatorade lineman of the year in high school. I asked Chris how he had skipped so many weight classes in a generation and he said, “Grandma cooks.

Lady Land Lunch – A lunch lady who identified with Milford drove alone on a cold and dark Wednesday night from her home in Greenwood because some of the boys asked her to come to the Senior Night wrestling match against Sussex Central. I know how schools work and I knew straight away that the lunch lady was a high school impact player. She sat in the front row during JV matches and I asked to take a picture of her, but she was adamant, “No,” as I am if someone says, “Would you like to dance?” And so I stepped back, but with a lot of respect, because if the athletes have asked for her to appear, it is because they adore the lady at lunch, the captain of a toilet block in the middle of the day. school.

Signature photos – A few mornings ago, instead of taking pictures of someone signing up for college sport, I took pictures of real signs. There are now six state championship girls track signs along the inside fence below the scoreboard at Legends Stadium representing the six titles won by the retired coach Georges Poivre. And before anyone asks, the boys have won 14 state track titles, including three for indoor track and five more for cross country. There are also signs for seven titles won by men’s lacrosse, which is played inside Legends Stadium. Let’s go get the sports director Bob cilento busy retired clamping panels on chain link fences. In addition, they offer some protection from the annoying winds off the bay.

Captain Lizzie – Little girl Lizzie fred has just been elected captain of the Temple 2020 women’s lacrosse team. Lizzie is an academic / athletic scholarship senior. She will graduate this spring in speech therapy, then she will pursue graduate studies. I said to him, “Wait a minute, you’re just a kid on Anna B Street along the Forgotten Mile; later, you are the captain of a lacrosse team at a large college on Broad Street. So many Sesame Street by the Sea student-athletes are stepping out and succeeding in a bigger but not better world.

Your story from my point of view – I congratulated the Cap de Collin Mallet, Kris Rushin and Kay’von jackson for having lived a moment of madness and played 12 minutes of three-way basketball in front of a delirious crowd. We sat at a cafeteria table, and neither of them smiled or showed any satisfaction. The story I wanted was not the one I got. “The game should have been stopped and we should have won,” said Mallet. “We wanted that dub,” Jackson said. Rushin, who has been slamming since becoming the go-to guy, said: “This game should have been postponed and started over from the start.” I also told them, “The chemistry and teamwork that I saw in your surprise victory at Polytech was the best I have seen all season. They also didn’t chase that bullet I threw, maybe because this story isn’t true, or more likely, because it is.

Pin cushions – Comment anything you want about girls fighting boys but i just know if you walk the mat you have a chance to get hit. January 29 in Milford, Jack Thode and Trent Grant won in the fall, just like their sisters. Emilie Thode got a college pin at 106, while Brooklyn Stock Exchange won with a 20 second throw in the JV match. The wrestler who lost to Brooklyn, a fit kid, ran off the mat down the hall. Emily was then interviewed by Benny [Mitchell] and the Jets on 302 Sports, and later the game was broadcast on WBOC. I try to imagine what it would have been like to be pinned down by a girl in my weight class in front of a packed house when I was in high school. Then see it on TV. “Wrestling taught me to be a man by getting pinned down by women.” I could learn the humility from that, but seeing it on TV, I would probably start swearing and ask my mom to say, “You better watch your language unless you want to take your second loss from the night “.

Super Bowl – I’m going to sit down and watch the game without being distracted by all the power games where I haven’t made the cut. I pay absolutely no attention to the hype or pre-game analysis. Gamers don’t know where to go beyond payday loans. I love the Chiefs, but I think the Niners are a more complete football team. I lost a good friend last week with the passing of Drew ostroski at the age of 52. I was his first mentor in everyday journalism and comedy. One day in class in 1985, I heard an echo coming from the back of the room. It was Drew making his impression of Fredman. It was so good that I was about to go to therapy. Forget the nerd wallet; Drew coined the term “browned” to describe a new haircut from Mel’s barber shop. And there are muppets walking around Sesame Street by the Sea without knowing their nicknames created and conferred by Drew. My favorite is Carrier Dome. I can hear myself laughing. It must be Drew. Go now, damn it, good mate!

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A way out of debt through Iraq Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:35:04 +0000

“My background in finance was very poor,” she said. “I didn’t expect my sons to make better decisions without finding out for themselves. My training was, you don’t buy things you can’t afford. But we’re trained by the media that you have to have things and you owe those things.

Captain Sloan said he hid his debts from most of his friends and relatives. His mother, who opposes the war, said she had not tried to talk him out of it.

“I think the defining moment for me was when he called and said, ‘I want you to know that I have taken out life insurance. You have $ 100,000 if something should happen to me, ”she said. “It left such a sour feeling in me.”

Captain Sloan said the toughest sale was his fiancée.

“She made the toughest decision ever,” he said. “At first, she was against it. I think I finally won her over. It was about looking at the numbers. We could start our marriage in debt, or I could. The figures were very revealing. Drastic measures are needed.

In the green zone, where he works in intelligence, he has few opportunities to spend money.

All of his income is tax-exempt under the combat zone tax exclusion, and he receives an additional $ 225 per month imminent danger allowance and a “safe” allowance of $ 100 to improve his living conditions. “The real benefit is that it’s tax-free money,” he said. “I really don’t feel in imminent danger on a daily basis, but there have been times my heart skipped a beat or two. “

Other than an occasional haircut or dried fruit, he said, “every paycheque I get goes straight to my debt.” His full monthly military pay, including dangerous duty bonuses, is $ 6,031.74. He pays Social Security and Medicare, leaving a net amount of $ 5,695.76 per month. He earns $ 100 a month renting his house in Colorado Springs after paying the mortgage. He also sold things and simplified his life. He eats in restaurants rather than Pizza Hut and uses a Sony reader to scan free books from the Internet.

But even in the relative safety of the Green Zone, Captain Sloan said, he sees his military colleagues taking unnecessary risks – not saving their combat pay.

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How Captain Marvel and Stan Lee defend a more tolerant America Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:35:04 +0000

At the very beginning of the new “Captain Marvel” movie, there is a brief tribute to Stan Lee, co-creator of The Marvel Universe, who has captivated millions of fans in the comics and, more recently, in a movie juggernaut. of superheroes. .

The film opens with a montage of scenes from recent Marvel films, in which Lee – who died last November at the age of 95 – has always made an appearance. My young daughter and son, who were sitting next to me in a crowded movie theater in Oak Park this past weekend, were delighted to spot the aged creative genius in these fast-paced and often comedic scenes.


At the end of the tribute to Lee, the crowd cheered – an appreciation and cheer sent to heaven.

And then the movie continued, unfolding as another indelible addition to the Marvel canon, another milestone. For the first time in a Marvel superhero movie, the main hero was a woman – a former Air Force pilot, in fact. She was someone my 11 year old daughter could admire, even though my daughter never developed the ability to shoot photon blasts with her fists.

There have been some loud voices online, people who are annoyed that the main superhero is a woman and wonder if a woman can make a movie of this magnitude. The same loud voices opposed a black man last year as the leading superhero in the flagship film “Black Panther”.

The box office earnings for the opening weekend of “Captain Marvel,” however, signaled an overwhelming vote of approval. He raised $ 455 million, the sixth best start in the world of all time. “Black Panther”, an absolute blockbuster, has so far earned over $ 1.3 billion worldwide.

I wasn’t a big comic book reader when I was a kid, so I’m a relatively late one in the Marvel Universe. I have a lot of my three kids – and the great recent movies – to thank for that. Movies are always entertaining, exciting, smart and funny, with complicated and imperfect heroes and diverse actors. Whether it’s “Spider-Man” or “Ant Man” or “Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Thor”, when my kids want to go see a Marvel movie, my wife and I are on board.

Films offer a message of tolerance and acceptance during difficult days. We live in a time of growing acrimony and division in our public sphere. Hate crimes are on the rise. Racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia – they all make the headlines almost every day.

As I sat with my kids at the theater last weekend, surrounded by hundreds of other kids, I couldn’t help but think about Stan Lee and his inclusive outlook.

“America is made up of different races and different religions,” said Lee. “But we are all co-travelers on spacecraft Earth and must respect and help each other along the way.”

When the lights came back on in the theater and we walked up the aisle, back into the real world, I could see that the crowd itself was surprisingly diverse, like America itself.

There are still forces of good in the universe, I thought. You could even say that there are superheroes.

John Biemer is a freelance writer at Oak Park.

Send letters to:

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For families of color, the pandemic brings a disproportionate financial blow Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:35:04 +0000

The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is hitting families of color particularly hard.

A large majority, 86%, of Latino households with children and 66% of black households with children reported serious financial problems during the epidemic, including depleting their savings, difficulty paying credit card bills and other debts, and medical care, according to a September poll by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. Meanwhile, 51% of white households with children said the same.

A separate survey by organizations found that 55% of Native American households also faced significant money problems.

It’s a stark reminder that people of color have long faced systemic money issues, a certified financial planner said. Lazetta Rainey Braxton, co-founder and co-CEO of New York-based consulting firm 2050 Wealth Partners.

More Investing in you:Covid Financial Stress Hits Blacks and Hispanics Disproportionately: AnalysisFamilies are in survival mode. Here’s how it changes their mindset when it comes to moneyHow to deal with uncomfortable money problems with your family

“We know that with the wealth gap that is at stake, the pay gap that is at stake, any shock will greatly shock the black community because our starting point is much worse than most populations,” said said Braxton, chairman of the Association of African American Financial Advisors and member of the CNBC Financial Advisors Council.

As for unemployment, the rate for black workers in October was 10.8%. Hispanics had an unemployment rate of 8.8%, Asians at 7.6% and white workers had an unemployment rate of 6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For many people of color, this can mean a dramatic change in their lifestyle and family dynamics.

‘Constant fear’

Nicole Bailey, 39, has been unemployed since quitting her job at the end of March. A nursing assistant in Los Angeles, she worked in the Covid unit and was potentially exposed to the virus. She tested negative, but realized she couldn’t risk her health or that of her 65-year-old mother. The couple live together and suffer from high blood pressure.

Her mother makes money as a private home caregiver, but Bailey has cut expenses significantly and is worried that her unemployment will expire. The 13 additional weeks of unemployment offered by the CARES law, added to the end of the traditional 26 weeks provided by the States, expires in december unless there is action from Congress.

“It is this constant fear that persists,” she said.

Bailey also drew on the savings she began to rack up with her overtime money, intended to be used to eventually secure her own place. Now is his emergency savings. Her credit cards, which she paid off with some of her savings when the pandemic hit, are slowly starting to rebound.

“I feel like I’m right here and I’m not making any progress at all,” Bailey said. “I was on my way. I just feel stuck.

A setback

The pandemic is sure to roll back some of the progress that has been made in trying to close the racial wealth gap, said Tiffany Aliche, financial educator and founder of The budgetist, a financial movement for women.

Before the crisis, in 2017, the median wealth of black households was expected to reach zero by 2053, according to a report by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Political Studies.

“My concern is that this pandemic may only be 2043,” Aliche said.

“A lot of the people who have lost their jobs are the ones who cannot afford to lose their jobs. “

Asian-American businesses have also been hit hard, due to closures and xenophobia. In February, as fears about the virus grew, businesses has experienced a marked decline. Asian-American unemployment rates jumped more than 450% from February to June 2020, according to a McKinsey & Company US Bureau of Labor Statistics data analysis. This was a larger increase than that of other racial groups.

Meanwhile, with many families of color still struggling, they may soon be evicted. The National moratorium on evictions expires at the end of the year, unless there are new policies issued by the government.

As people eat their savings and go into debt on their credit cards, many are turning to predatory lenders, said Andy Posner, founder and CEO of Capital Good Fund, a Community development financial institution (CDFI) headquartered in Rhode Island. These organizations provide low-income communities with access to financial services.

“We’re going to see a lot of people with damaged credit and a lot of people with bankruptcy,” he said.

Trying to forge a new path

Sherlie Martinez, a 31-year-old single mother from Providence, Rhode Island, once turned to payday loans but has since found herself on her feet. In August, she told CNBC that she hopes to go to college and eventually open her own cafe.

Luckily Martinez, who lives with his sister, 12-year-old niece, 10-year-old daughter, and 4-year-old nephew, still works as a receptionist at a law firm and is now taking two college courses online.

However, she recently used her emergency fund to pay for her father’s funeral services. She begins to rebuild it and feels confident in her ability to pay her bills. It is his dream of becoming a business owner that begins to seem elusive to him.

“Lots of food establishments have been hit so hard [during the pandemic]”said Martinez recently.

“This is my ultimate dream,” she said. “The pandemic is taking this father further and further away.”

Strategies to get through the crisis

First, cut back on excess spending. Switch to what Aliche calls your “noodle budget,” named after the cheap Ramen noodles, which is a rudimentary budget.

Then if you have income, save as much as you can. Aliche thinks we’ll be here for the long haul, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s forecast to keep zero interest rate until 2023.

“We will keep the economy on life support for another three years,” she said. “It’s very revealing.”

If you’re in dire straits and can’t pay all of your bills, pay only your health and safety expenses, suggests Aliche. It’s a lesson she learned after going through financial hardship due to job loss. She paid everyone indiscriminately and found that even though her cell phone bill was paid, she did not have enough money to pay for her medications.

Also know where your resources are in case you need money. Try not to dip into your retirement account, Braxton said.

“If you don’t have emergency savings, where can you get the least consequences? ” she said.

Then set a goal of replenishing that money, even if you don’t know when you will. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it right away.

“You’re just trying to survive right now,” Braxton said. “Be kind to yourself because there are a lot of things out of our control.”

Remember to communicate with your family and explain the situation as best you can to your children in an age appropriate way. They’re going to feel the stress and they better have as many facts as possible, Braxton said.

“It’s so easy to be stressed and not communicate,” she said. “It shows in your money and in your relationships.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s a shift manager or someone to watch your kids while you work.

“We almost have to take it back to the old school and rely on family friends and neighbors,” Aliche said.

“Lean on your support system. “

Disclosure: Invest in yourself: ready. Adjust. To grow. is a financial wellness and education initiative of CNBC and Acorns, the microinvestment app. NBCUniversal and Comcast Ventures invest in Tassels.

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Smart Credit – Is It More Important Than Good Credit? – Kelowna Capital News Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:35:04 +0000

Through Jeané Herman, CIRP, LIT, vice-president, MNP Ltée.

Smart credit uses credit that you can afford. It’s more than having the means to pay the monthly installments. It’s being able to pay the amounts you owe in full, over a reasonable period of time. A reasonable time frame for consumer credit, such as credit cards, lines of credit, and unsecured loans, is the ability to pay off the balance owed, in full over a five-year period. For mortgages, they are often amortized over 25 years, which is reasonable.

To complicate matters further, you could have an exceptional credit rating but be completely crippled by growing debt. Your overall financial health isn’t just measured by your credit rating.

Credit is just a tool. Like any tool, if used correctly it can be useful, but if misused it can cause serious damage.

Consider the following example:

John has a credit score of 730/900. John is married and has 2 children. John has two credit cards, a line of credit, a car loan and a mortgage. John never misses a payment on his debts. He pays his mortgage and car loan payments every month, and he pays the minimum payments on both of his credit cards. He only pays interest on his line of credit. How would you rate John’s financial health?

What if you found out that after paying off debts, paying utilities, taxes, and car expenses, she has $ 200 left for expenses, like groceries, before her next payday? Are John’s finances healthy?

John’s truck recently expired the warranty and he just found out he has a $ 1,000 repair bill for the engine. He just finished all of his payments and needs his vehicle to get to work and to the grocery store. John knows he can pay $ 300 to repair his card because he just made a $ 300 payment, he can also pay part in cash (and not do the grocery shopping this week) and he is hoping that the repair shop will let him make the payments on the remainder of the repair bill.

How healthy do you think John’s finances are now?

Having emergency savings to pay for an unexpected expense or to deal with a temporary job setback without relying on credit is a much better indicator of financial health.

Smart use of credit

  • Take stock and determine your credit needs
  • Don’t apply for credit from multiple lenders (you only need one credit card)
  • Use a combination of credit products (credit card, line of credit, car loan) rather than one type like a credit card (stay away for payday loans and high interest financial loans)
  • Do not use all the available credit on your cards (do not go over or over the limit)
  • Make your payments on time and pay more than minimum payments on credit cards and lines of credit
  • Review your credit report every six months and correct any errors
  • Budget, include debt repayment and emergency savings as budget items

In the example above, John appeared to have good credit, but not smart credit. If John had paid off his credit cards and set aside emergency savings on a monthly basis, he would be in a much healthier financial position to take care of an emergency car repair. He would probably be less stressed too!

If you are at or near your credit limit, what if you had to get your car repaired or if your income was reduced because you got sick? Creditors will always be waiting for their payments, and it may not matter that you made payments on time each month and have a good credit rating.

You are not alone, there are professionals who can help you. Many people have found relief from MNP Ltée – Licensed Insolvency Trustees who will take the time to understand your current situation and offer you personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.


]]> 0 Solon wants more access to credit for small borrowers Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:35:04 +0000

Albay Representative Joey Salceda (File photo)

MANILA – A House of Representatives lawmaker lobbied on Wednesday for small borrowers, such as microenterprises and farmers, to have access to more formal bank financing, making lending standards fairer and more inclusive.

In filing Bill 7863, Albay Representative Joey Salceda said alternative credit scoring mechanisms should be introduced to ensure borrowers without a history of borrowing or conventional proof of financial capability can access bank financing.

“The problem with formal credit scoring is that it excludes those who don’t have a history of borrowing, or those who don’t have the usual assets or sales to show off. This means that farmers, small businesses and small borrowers have to resort to expensive options such as payday loans that charge interest rates of up to 20% per month, ”Salceda said.

Salceda said small borrowers also have the ability to pay.

“After all, they support loan sharks. But because the banks have no other means of measuring their capacity to pay, they do not have access to bank financing, ”he added.

The bill, also known as the Fair and Inclusive Credit Information and Scoring Act, requires a credit inclusion study to determine whether conventional credit scoring techniques exclude specific segments of Philippine society.

It aims to give Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) clear regulatory oversight of credit rating methods.

The BSP may prohibit credit scoring models that are considered to be unduly proprietary.

Regular review of credit scoring models is necessary to assess their inclusiveness.

Salceda said the bill responds to the urgent need to translate more liquidity from the financial system into credit in the real economy, which could help the country recover from the economic fallout from the coronavirus disease pandemic (Covid -19).

“By allowing more people to access loans on fairer and more inclusive terms, this bill will help stimulate more productive economic activity in the most vulnerable segments of society,” a- he declared. “With a fair and more inclusive credit rating, more small businesses, farmers, informal sector workers and other vulnerable groups will be able to access more affordable credit that could improve their economic conditions and enable them to survive. engage in more productive economic activities. ” (ANP)

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2nd Circ. Says tribal agents are not immune from payday loan lawsuits Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:35:04 +0000
By Andrew Westney (April 24, 2019, 8:49 p.m. EDT) – The Second Circuit on Wednesday rejected an offer from executives of tribal-owned loan company Plain Green LLC to evade a lawsuit claiming they were charging rates of exorbitant interest on the so-called payday loans, claiming tribal immunity did not extend to them and loan agreements meant to compel arbitration could not be enforced.

Officials at Plain Green, a loan company owned by the Chippewa Cree tribe of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation in Montana, had asked the circuit court to overturn a ruling that they had to face allegations from Vermont customers according to which they allegedly violated racketeering and consumer protection laws, claiming that the borrowers had clearly agreed to have their …

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Elevate Credit Third Quarter Results Release Available on Its Investor Relations Website Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:35:04 +0000

FORT WORTH, Texas – () – Elevate Credit, Inc. (“Elevate”), a leading technology provider of innovative and responsible online lending solutions for unprivileged consumers, today announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2020. Elevate released its post for the third quarter. on its Investor Relations webpage at

Conference call

The Company will hold a conference call to discuss its third quarter financial results on Monday, November 9 at 4:00 p.m. Central time / 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. Interested parties can access the live conference call by telephone by dialing 1-855-327-6837 (national) or 1-631-891-4304 (international) and requesting the third quarter results conference call. 2020 Elevate Credit. Participants are requested to dial the number a few minutes before the call to register for the event. The conference call will also be webcast live on Elevate’s website at

An audio replay of the conference call will be available approximately three hours after the conference call until 11:59 p.m. ET on November 23, 2020, and can be viewed by dialing 1-844-512-2921 (domestic) or 1-412 – 317-6671 (international) and providing access code 10011467, or accessing the Elevate website.

About the elevation

Elevate (NYSE: ELVT), in conjunction with the banks that license its marketing and technology services, has to date granted $ 8.5 billion in unsuitable credit to more than 2.5 million non-privileged consumers. privileged customers and has saved its clients over $ 7.3 billion in payday loan costs. Its responsible and technological online lending solutions provide immediate relief to today’s customers and help them build a brighter financial future. The company is committed to rewarding borrowers for good financial behavior with features like interest rates that may drop over time, free financial education, and free credit monitoring. Elevate’s suite of revolutionary credit brands include RISE, Elastic, and Today Card. For more information, please visit

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