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If there’s ever been one band you could count on to find the silver lining in almost any situation, it’s Newsboys. For more than three decades, the veteran Christian outfit has survived staff changes, changes in the music industry and more recently the perils of the pandemic to maintain a legion of enthusiastic fans and a strong presence on radio and in the world. the charts.

In support of their new album, Support, the Newsboys are back on the road and reveling in the opportunity to present their music to the public once again. “It went on and on and we all thought, ‘It’ll be over in a few months,’ and then it was, ‘Maybe next fall. “Nonetheless, we stopped, and the silver lining in the Covid cloud was a moment to create and write,” said singer Michael Tait, who co-wrote all ten songs on Support.

“The songs cover everything from our blessing even during Covid, how much God loves us even when it’s Covid, how we don’t need to be afraid to walk and live our life even when it’s Covid He said. “A lot of the songs have come from being able to sit still and listen and hear from God. The songs have also come from seeing the effects these times have on people in general. The political culture we live in is so much. separate. It’s so sad. Everyone is so angry with each other and angry. And about what? That’s how who cares if you don’t agree with my point It doesn’t matter if someone slipped in and said something they didn’t apologize for? And forgiveness? That no longer exists?

The album’s first single, “Magnetic”, is currently climbing the charts. This is just the latest in a long, long line of success for the veteran band, which was founded in Queensland, Australia, in 1985 by Peter Furler and George Perdikis. The group emigrated to America in 1997, signed a recording contract and embarked on a long and successful career. Current lineup includes Tait, a former member of the legendary Christian trio dcTalk who took the reins after Furler left in 2009, as well as longtime drummer Duncan Phillips, keyboardist Jeff Frankenstein and guitarist Jody Davis. They are a tight-knit and talented unit with an easy-going camaraderie rooted in a wealth of experience. Over the years, Newsboys has populated Christian radio with hits such as “Entertaining Angels,” “We Believe,” “Born Again,” and “God’s Not Dead,” which inspired a four-hit movie franchise. Newsboys has sold over 10 million records, recorded 33 No. 1 hits, won two American Music Awards and several Dove Awards.

“Magnetic” continues the dynamics of the group. “It was just like something people needed to hear. Newsboys United is over. This whole deal took its course, ”Tait said of the reunion with former members Furler and Phil Joel, which included a 2019 album and a long tour. “With this album, we knew we had to come out swinging. We wanted to do something fresh, different, and better. ‘Magnetic’ was the song because I think people kinda missed it with the Newsboys. [We had been doing] lots of praise songs, a little laid back, not really pop and punchy but that’s what I’ve always been in my life. It’s my DNA.

When asked if there would be another Newsboy United tour, Tait replied, “I think she took her class and did what she did, but it was great for the fans. to see Peter and Phil come back. It was good and if it happens again, who knows?

Tait is proud of the musical diversity reflected in the new album and cites the opening track, “Ain’t It Like Jesus”, as a prime example. “It’s definitely a different direction for us,” he says. “This record [reflects] our personalities because we are kind of everything to everyone and in today’s world people listen to everything from Luke Bryan to Drake to Dr. Dre. Children are everywhere on the map. I think beauty is diversity. Variety is the spice of life and all of these things come to mind on this record. “Aint It Like Jesus” is definitely a bit of a mix of hybrid pop and reggae, but a bit of the quirky style of Newsboys and it’s just an encouraging little thing to remember this daddy. [God] always has his eye on us you know. A mustard seed of faith can move mountains. It’s like Jesus doing the unthinkable.

Tait sees the title song, “Stand,” as the latest Newsboys song to make a strong statement. “It’s so powerful and when you think of Newsboys you think of songs like ‘He Reigns’ and ‘God’s Not Dead.’ We believe in statement songs, ”he says. “We knew we wanted a song that made a statement and the boy is so important these days. We are all over America. People go back and forth in their statements of faith or they denounce their faith or they walk in the middle. In the fashion of Gavroches [the song says] get up and put all the shit aside. You have to choose a side. You have to assume. It’s your time. . . I see him from the stage: the hitchhikers, climbers and campers. You cannot be dropouts and you cannot be campers. You have to keep climbing and this is when you are going to stand. If you stop, you won’t be standing. If you are climbing, you are in a forward, vertical movement.

Having devoted so much heart and soul to writing the album during the downtime caused by the pandemic, Tait is deeply invested in these songs. When asked which song on the album best reflects where he is now, he quotes “Blessings on Blessings”. “It’s all about gratitude,” said the perpetually exuberant leader. “It’s my bubbly personality. I always try to find the bright side and there is a bright side to everything. I am convinced that you can decide when you wake up in the morning if you are going to be for the Lord and enjoy it or if you are going to be the devil. There are two sides of the bed. Get up on the safe side and you will be in great shape. Bless the Lord! You have air in your lungs. You have a song in your heart. You have a God who is on the throne whether you want to that day or not, who is not dead and he is in our corner. There are days that are in the mundane, but God works in the mundane and in the sun. It always does, rain or shine.

In addition to working on the album, Tait and her band mates spent time during the pandemic doing things they rarely get to do on major tours. “We were never home on the weekends,” he says. “I went to my church on Sunday morning which was nice. I have to go out on Saturday night with friends. I was able to visit a lot of people, those who weren’t afraid of COVID. And I went around. I was often alone on a plane because people didn’t fly at first [of the pandemic]. But everything has changed. I made it simple. I rode my motorcycle a lot.

The group toured earlier this year with renowned evangelist Franklin Graham and are now back on the road with their Step Into the Light tour. “We renamed our tour ‘Test into The Light Tour’ because we get a Covid test every Monday,” Tait jokes.

Newsboys are also releasing a new holiday tune. “’The Christmas Song’ is one of our favorite Christmas tunes and we hope everyone enjoys this song during this most amazing season,” he says. “As we celebrate his birth, let us rejoice that families and friends can be together this year. ”

With a history spanning over 30 years, Newsboys has grown into one of the most enduring groups in the Christian music community, and Tait credits their material. “It’s all about the songs. At the end of the day, people come to the shows to hear songs that touched them, ”he says. “This is what keeps the irons warm in the fire, having a material that the masses can relate to.”

he hopes Support will resonate strongly with listeners eager for a message of hope.What affects us comes from the Word, ”he says of the Bible. “The songs don’t necessarily quote the scriptures, but it’s never too far away. These songs are little warnings that you can put in during the day and be blessed with it. You can use it as a tool to use in your walk with the Lord. Let it color for a moment, fill the void in your ears, and speak to your heart. Hopefully this will encourage people to get rid of the socks and make them feel loved, wanted and needed, and hopefully lead them to salvation. “

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]]> Newsboys releases new album, ‘Stand’ Mon, 04 Oct 2021 14:45:06 +0000


the newsboys released their brand new album, Support, via Capitol CMG.

The project’s lead single, “Magnetic”, is currently rising in the charts as the band returns to the road on their “Step Into the Light Tour”. For a full list of tour dates, click here.

“The time off the road and at home during the pandemic gave me the gift of uninterrupted time in the studio,” the lead singer said. Michel Tait said. “I spent about a year at home thinking about what kind of music I wanted to make, writing songs and working in the studio on the project that eventually became Support. I knew we wanted to create a record that spoke of the season we were all going through, and that’s exactly what we did.

“Tait’s full investment and intentionality in every part of the registration process has made Support it’s even more telling of who we are as a band, ”adds drummer Duncan Phillips. “Michael is a great songwriter, and this record really made that stand out.”

Since arriving in Australia, Newsboys has released numerous hits, including “We Believe,” “Born Again,” and the Platinum-certified mega-hit “God’s Not Dead,” which spawned a movie franchise of the same name. The group has sold over 10 million albums spanning 23 recordings, amassed a double Platinum certification and eight Gold certifications, 33 No.1s, four Grammy nominations, two American Music Award nominations and several Dove Awards.


Support List of tracks:
Ain’t it like jesus
I still believe that you are good
To clean
Blessings upon blessings
Come through
Without a doubt
Never too far
will not be afraid

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Newsboys releases new album “Stand” Fri, 01 Oct 2021 12:16:41 +0000

Newsboys, the venerable and undeniable supergroup, comes out SUPPORT today, Friday October 1, amid the rise of the single “Magnetic” to the radio charts and a large-scale comeback of touring across the United States. SUPPORT marks the latest in a long list of punchy, award-winning music Newsboys has released globally. Please tune in to Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” on October 2 to see an exclusive performance to kick off the release. To hear their latest full version, click here

“Time spent off the road and at home during the pandemic gave me the gift of uninterrupted time in the studio,” shares singer Michael Tait. “I spent about a year at home thinking about what kind of music I wanted to make, writing songs and working in the studio on the project that eventually became SUPPORT. I knew we wanted to create a record that spoke of the season we were all going through, and that’s exactly what we did.

Band drummer Duncan Phillips agrees, saying “Tait’s full investment and intentionality in every part of the recording process made SUPPORT all the more revealing of who we are as a group. Michael is a great songwriter, and this record really made that stand out.

Since their debut in Australia, Newsboys has propelled countless hits to the charts. With iconic songs including “We Believe”, “Born Again” and Platinum Certified mega-hit “God’s Not Dead”, which spawned a movie franchise of the same name, Newsboys has sold over 10 million albums. covering 23 records. In addition, they have amassed a Double Platinum certification and eight Gold certifications, 33 radio # 1 successes, four GRAMMY® nominations, two American Music Prize nods and several Dove awards.


  1. Magnetic
  2. Ain’t it like jesus
  3. I still believe that you are good
  4. To clean
  5. Support
  6. Blessings upon blessings
  7. Come through
  8. Without a doubt
  9. Never too far
  10. will not be afraid


San Bernardino, CA – God Loves You Tour with Franklin Graham

McDonough, GA – 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Meridian, MS- 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Grand Prairie, TX- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Carmel, IN- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Woodbridge, VA- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Clarkson, MI- 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Visit Hudsonville, MI-2021 Step into the light

Oak Creek, WI- 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Tupelo, MS- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Monroe, LA- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Corpus Christi, TX- 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Baton Rouge, LA – 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Pikeville, KY- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Charlotte, NC – Guided Light Tour

Baltimore, MD- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Jonesboro, AR- 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Mobile, AL-2021 Step In the Light Tour

Florence, SC- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Richmond, KY- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Cape Girardeau, MO- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Independence, MO- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

North Little Rock, AR- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

College Station, TX- 2021 Guided Light Tour

Longview, TX-2021 Step into the Light Tour

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Yola shares a new album “Stand For Myself” Sat, 07 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

It’s easy to hear why Yola got a recording deal. Her haunting voice combined with excellent songwriting skills instantly woo the ears of existing and new audiences, giving you reasons to explore her discography for hours on end.

Stand up for myself the fluid genre singer’s latest album, is no different and is expected to submerge her in a whirlwind of recognition in the near future.

Familiar sounds of vintage British pop and soul run through the 12-track collection, resulting in leading tracks such as ‘If I Had To Do It All Again’, a sultry reconsideration where she sees how much to borrow a different path without a particular person was not what she thought.

Another is “Diamond Studded Shoes,” a blues rock cut that finds Yola encouraging us not to get caught up in fanciful dreams of economic equality and insisting that we fight harder to break down the barriers of wealth disparities. .

“The album is like a window into my mind, my life experiences, my politics, my hopeful and sentimental friends, and my hope for humanity in general,” Yola said in a statement.

Yola currently supports Stand up on Chris Stapleton’s rescheduled tour, as well as festival dates. Get full schedule and ticket details here.

Stream Yola’s New Album Stand up below.

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Yola recovers her identity on a new album, “Stand For Myself” [Listen] Fri, 30 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Singer-songwriter sensation Yola returned on Friday with her highly anticipated second album, Stand up. The second album by the British born artist Yolanda Quartey comes two years after its revolutionary debut, Cross the fire.

During her two brief years in the limelight, Yola has already found favor among Americana / folk / country revivalist circles and is set to go on tour to support Chris Stapleton this summer. Yet it is on her latest studio offer that Yola faces this new and immediate praise and boldly states that she intends to Stand up.

The new album still hosts the intimately personal songwriting that made Yola an overnight sensation two years ago, while staying true to herself and incorporating more pop influences into her music.

Related: Yola Performs “Stand For Myself” On “Colbert” With Jon Batiste [Watch]

With the album’s title track, Yola immediately proclaims her own majesty by making it clear that she is making music for herself, not for a “scene” that seeks to embrace her in the name of diversity. On “Diamond Studded Shoes,” she shamelessly mixes tributes to 90s female-centric R&B alongside her biting lyricism. Ironically, it is with this astonishing reprimand of conformity that she will become even more in love with the ruling singer-songwriter class.

Stand up isn’t all Scorched Earth, however, as Yola shows with the disco-tinged anthem “Dancing Away My Tears” which further underscores the vulnerability that has captured the hearts of audiences on Cross the fire. Even as she explores the pop elements of dance and R&B, Yola stays close to her acoustic roots with songs like “Be My Friend” which show – even as the artist makes her unique path – she still clings to. its roots.

“There are times when you just need to cut and run, but sometimes you just need to slowly walk away waving a sorry goodbye wishing it otherwise was.” Either way, you’re out, ”Yola said of the song“ Dancing Away My Tears ”.

Stream Yola’s New Album Stand up via the player below or on your favorite streaming platform.

Yola – Stand up

In celebration of Stand up‘s, Yola will release a performance of the full album recorded during this year Newport Folk-On Event. The stream will air in multiple time zones on August 4 and 5. For tickets and more information, click here.

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On Yola’s new album “Stand for Myself”, the musician finds her voice Mon, 26 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

“All I want is for you to hear the sound of my voice,” Yola croons on “Like a Photograph,” a crackling call for a lover slipping through her fingers. “Once you hear me,” she continues with almost unbearable sweetness, “I’m afraid you have no choice. Yola certainly knows her strengths: over the past three years this voice, as rich as it is nasal, has proven to be irresistible to crowds around the world. “Like A Photograph” is one of 12 titles on Stand for myself, the 37-year-old singer’s second album is released on Friday.

For an artist whose childhood interaction with country music consisted mainly of playing her mother’s well-worn Dolly Parton record on constant loop in her Bristol apartment, Stand for myself is a powerful study of the art of Americana – a dopamine-inducing blend of gritty country patina and pop polish that showcases Yola’s vocal prowess without sacrificing her message for commercial significance. But ask Yola if she’s a country music artist, and she’ll offer a passionate and in-depth explanation of the flaws inherent in your question. “The best thing about country music is its proximity to other genres – it’s a musical melting pot,” she says, scrolling through her music library and listing some of its influences – The Band, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Emmylou Harris – to illustrate her point. “So country is one of my influences, of course, but people exaggerate it. I hear gospel, blues and jazz in my music. For me, all of these sounds emerge from the African diaspora.

Eloquii dress; Gucci shoes.

Yola is herself a member of this diaspora. Growing up in a predominantly white community on the outskirts of Bristol, the singer, née Yolanda Quartey, was as captivated by musicians like the Buena Vista Social Club and Salt N ‘Pepa as she was by Harris. The daughter of a Bahamian mother who held multiple jobs and resisted the prospect of her daughter entering the music industry, Quartey was banned from performing for much of her childhood. “Much of my teenage years was spent hiding the fact that I was trying to be a musician,” she recalls, describing the first mornings spent in a friendly school teacher’s office writing music. and book appearances at parties at local clubs. Later, aged 21 and relentless, she traveled to London to try her luck in a more vibrant music scene. When she fell behind on her rent and all the leads she had in town fizzled out, Quartey found herself sleeping under a bush in Hoxton Square. “There is a tendency to focus too much on this part of my life,” she says of the media coverage of her early difficulties. “People are so often drawn into this tale of the black superwoman – this idea that I have a super power that has allowed me to overcome all of this without any help. But that distracts attention from the exploitation of this industry – much of the art that working class people create is then regurgitated into mainstream culture by upper class people, and that contribution is not. absolutely not recognized.

This question – who creates and who thrives – has haunted the music industry in recent years and is a priority for the artist, who spent his early career in mind (recording vocals at full speed) for others. musicians. “I was a leader to hire, but no one was saying, ‘We want to hear what you have to say,’” she recalls. It changed with Walk through the fire, a booming debut album in 2019 which earned the artist four Grammy nominations. He also caught the attention of country icons like John Prine and Brandi Carlile, not to mention director Baz Luhrmann, who wasted no time choosing Quartey as Arkansas-born gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe. , in his upcoming biopic on Elvis Presley, Elvis. Such industry approvals signal a widely shared feeling that while he comes from across the pond, there is something deep about Quartey’s rendering of the Americana sound, and it cemented his sound. artist status with the power to make it evolve.

Quartey has spent the two years since Walk through the fire release to work on his last disk. Produced by Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach, Stand for myself signals a spiritual shift for the artist, who has reduced her sound to its purest elements and given up some of the more jukebox-tinted materials that first put her on the map. “I wanted to highlight that shade – all of those colors in my voice that can’t shine so bright when I’m just girdling,” she says. The result is an album marked by moving contrasts: voices alternately tender and hoarse, lyrics rooted in palpable sorrow and rising joy. Era-specific violin-heavy soul pop and country tracks have given way to tracks that skillfully blend the best elements of these genres: with organ riffs and a spare gospel backing.

Corn Stand for myself is as much a study of the art of restraint as it is a product of a creative process heavily altered by the pandemic. “Since I couldn’t go to the studio, I went back to songs that I had written in the past and that I still had a really strong reaction to,” Quartey said by phone from East Nashville. She’s in her “guitar room,” where she keeps her gear and wrote most of her writing during the pandemic. This lonely review process, which took place during what would otherwise have been a year of intimate collaboration with other musicians and producers, was crucial. “The biggest problem I have with the music industry machine is this pressure to create on time,” she says. “So much music is sacrificed on the editing room floor because it’s just not there all the time.”

In its form as in its function, Stand for myself is a meditation on the road that brought Quartey from obscurity to center stage. But more importantly, it is the work of an artist who could finally afford to savor, even briefly, the feel of lasting creative praise. “For so long I was a doormat. But, you know, I wasn’t even me then, ”she said, stopping before laughing out loud. “Well, I’m definitely me now. “

Yola photographed by Andy Jackson for BORN Artists and styled by Jenna Wojciechowski for W Magazine. Hair by Ro Morgan at The Wall Group. Make-up by Laila Hayani at Forward Artists Photo assistant: Glenn Lim. Stylist assistant: Tori López.

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Yola releases the first single from her upcoming album “Stand For Myself” Sun, 25 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Earlier this week, Yola announced that her highly anticipated new album Stand up, will be published via Easy eye sound July 30, 2021.

Produced by Dan Auerbach, the album is a sonic change from her debut album, with a diverse mix of symphonic soul and classic pop, tracing a musical thread to Yola’s most eclectic musical inspirations.

The single “Diamond Studded Shoes” debuted today with a new video, directed by Kwaku Otchere. Yola said, “This song explores the false divisions created to distract us from those who are in charge of the majority of the world’s wealth and use the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic to hold onto it. This song calls us to unite and focus on those who have the stranglehold on humanity.

Some songs on Diamond studded shoes began in the twilight of Yola’s pandemic isolation, reflecting on her personal and collective moments of longing and awakening. Other songs sprouted years ago and were inspired by personal moments, most notably “Break The Bough,” which Yola began writing after her mother’s funeral.

The tracks were also co-written with Ruby Amanfu, John Bettis, Pat McLaughlin, Natalie Hemby, Joy Oladokun, Paul Overstreet, Liz Rose, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Hannah Vasanth and Bobby Wood. Recorded in the fall of 2020 with a rhythm section that features bassist Nick Movshon, known for his work with Amy winehouse and Bruno Mars, alongside drummer and rising solo artist Aaron Frazer.

“It is a collection of stories of alliance, of black feminine strength through vulnerability and of loving connection from the sexual to the social. All of them are celebrating a shift in mentality and a paradigm shift within them. Yola said, adding, “It’s not a blindly positive album and it doesn’t just advocate for everyone to come together. Rather, it explores the ways in which we have to stand up for ourselves throughout our lives, which limits our connection as humans and declares that real change will occur when we question our thinking and recognize our true complexity.

Yola’s new album, Stand up releases July 30 and is available for pre-order.

Stand up List of tracks:

1. Barely alive
2. Dancing in tears
3. Diamond studded shoes
4. Be my friend
5. Grand division
6. Starlight
7. If I had to redo everything
8. Now you are here
9. Anything you want
10. Break the branch
11. Like a photo
12. Defend myself

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Yola announces new album ‘Stand For Myself’ and shares music video for her debut single Fri, 23 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Apr 23, 2021 5:47 PM STI

Washington [US], April 23 (ANI): British singer and songwriter Yola recently announced the upcoming release of her new album “Stand For Myself” and shared a music video for the album’s first single, “Diamond Studded Shoes”.
According to Variety, the four-time Grammy-nominated singer’s new album will be released on July 30 and will again be produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, whose indie label Easy Eye Sound is Yola’s label.
Some household names, including many from Nashville, co-wrote songs with the British singer for the new album, including Aaron Lee Tasjan, Natalie Hemby, Paul Overstreet, Ruby Amanfu, Liz Rose, John Bettis, Pat McLaughlin, Joy Oladokun, Hannah Vasanth and Bobby Wood.
This album announcement promises that her second album will be marked by “a sonic change from her debut album, with a diverse mix of symphonic soul and classic pop”.
But anyone who fears that she will completely abandon the American vibe that characterized parts of her debut should be reassured by the roots groove that “Diamond Studded Shoes” slips into. The colorful video made by Kwaku Otchere for the new song ensures that it won’t be placed in too narrow a shoebox in any way.

The album was recorded in the fall of 2020 at a time when the pandemic delayed filming of her role as sister Rosetta Tharpe in Baz Luhrmann’s biopic Elvis Presley / Colonel Parker.
Yola said in a statement, “This is a collection of stories of alliance, black female strength through vulnerability and loving connection from the sexual to the social, all celebrating a shift in thinking and a paradigm shift in their own. breast. “
“It’s an album that isn’t blindly positive and it doesn’t just advocate for everyone to come together. Rather, it explores the ways in which we have to stand up for ourselves throughout our lives, which limits our connection in as humans and declares that real change will come when we question our thinking and recognize our true complexity, ”she added.
Of the class conscious lyrics, Yola said, “This song explores the false divisions created to distract us from those who are in charge of the majority of the world’s wealth and use the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic to hold onto it. . This song calls us to unite and focus on those who have control over humanity. “
Stating that the video is partly inspired by ‘The Truman Show’ and talks about being trapped in a fake construction, she said: “It’s supposedly perfect, but you are trapped in a life that was not you. destiny. I wanted to convey the feeling that whatever you know to be true doesn’t quite work the way it’s supposed to. The island at the end is a paradigm of mental conditioning, we’re all trapped on an island in our own thought until we change it. “
In addition to being nominated for Best New Artist at the 2019 Grammys, Yola was also nominated for Best American Roots Song and Performance for “Faraway Look” and Best Americana Album for “Walk Through Fire.”
Meanwhile, for those wondering about the yet to be announced lineups for the Newport Folk Festival and the limited-capacity Newport Jazz Festival that were recently revealed to be slated for July, according to Variety, Yola provided a bit of insight. ahead, saying she will appear before both. (ANI)

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Yola announces new album ‘Stand For Myself’: listen to the first song Thu, 22 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Yola, a Grammy-nominated artist who describes herself as the “UK Queen of Soul Country”, is releasing her awaited second album “Stand For Myself” in July.

The record finds Yola returning to Black Keys producer and frontman Dan Auerbach at Easy Eye Sound in Nashville, the same room where she made her groundbreaking 2019 debut “Walk Through Fire.”

“Stand For Myself” will be released on July 30 via Auerbach’s label Easy Eye Sound.

Yola, née Yolanda Quartey, gave listeners a taste of “Stand For Myself” on Thursday with the new single “Diamond Studded Shoes”. The song hears Yola moving away from a country backbone delivered on “Walk Through Fire,” instead tapping into vintage pop-soul with a booming message.

Yola releases her new album "Stand up" July 30, 2022.

At the Grammys: Yola’s Journey from Homeless London to Nashville Awards Season Sweetheart

She sings in the chorus: “We know it’s not, it’s not gonna turn out well / We know it’s not, we know it’s not / We know it’s not, that’s why we have to fight. “

Regarding the song, Yola said in a statement: “[It] explores the false divisions created to distract us from those few people who are in charge of the majority of the world’s wealth and use the “divide and conquer” tactic to hold onto it. This song calls us to unite and focus on those who have the hold over humanity. ”

Collaborators and co-authors on the new album include Ruby Amanfu, John Bettis, Pat McLaughlin, Natalie Hemby, Joy Oladokun, Paul Overstreet, Liz Rose, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Hannah Vasanth and Bobby Wood, according to a press release.

Yola performs on March 3, 2022 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

Yola’s “Stand For Myself” Tracklist

  1. Barely alive
  2. Dance in tears
  3. Diamond studded shoes
  4. Be my friend
  5. Great division
  6. Stars light
  7. If I had to do it all again
  8. Now you are here
  9. All that you want
  10. Break the branch
  11. Like a photograph
  12. Stand up
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Peabo Bryson announces new album “Stand For Love” Fri, 11 May 2018 07:00:00 +0000

Peabo Bryson, whose best-selling catalog includes “A Whole New World (Aladdin Theme),” “Feel the Fire,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Tonight I Celebrate My Love,” is back with his 21st studio albums. Stand up for love arrives August 3 and will feature Bryson’s current single “Love Like Yours and Mine” (# 12 this week on BillboardR&B song tally) and “All She Wants to Do Is Me” (which premiered earlier this year on Showtime’s Chi).

To explore

See the latest videos, graphics and news

Stand up for love finds the Grammy Award-winning R & B / pop icon teaming up with longtime hitmakers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. He is also signed to Perspective Records of the composer / production duo, distributed by Caroline.

In a statement announcing its impending release, Bryson said, “Music is my passion and when it feels right, like ‘Stand For Love’ does, the whole world has the opportunity to feel the same energy. All the right things fell into place for this project and I challenged Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to keep me up to date… while maintaining the integrity of what I have built as an important work set.

Jam & Lewis added in a joint statement, “Peabo is just one of the greatest voices of our time. It exudes a class and sophistication that is so needed in music today.

Peabo Bryson, “Stand For Love”
Courtesy photo

Beyond the two aforementioned songs and the title song, Stand up for love presents these six additional selections: “Looking for Sade”, “Goosebumps (Never Lie)”, “Exotic”, “Here for You”, “Smile” and a live mix of Bryson classics: “Feel the Fire”, ” I’m So into You ”and“ Tonight I Celebrate My Love. ”The album is now available for pre-order here:

Bryson is scheduled for these upcoming performances (with more dates to add):

May 25 – Nashville @ Music City Jazz Festival

June 1 – Birmingham, Alabama @ Steel City Jazz Festival

June 8 – Cincinnati @ Celebration of Black Music (Hyatt, Regency)

June 17 – San Francisco @ Stern Grove Festival

July 20 – Los Angeles @ Microsoft Theater

August 1 – Detroit @ Chene Park Amphitheater

August 3 – Willimantic, Connecticut @ Jillson Square Park

September 2 – Atlanta @ Mable House Barnes Amphitheater

September 14 – Dallas @ Arena Theater

October 6 – Las Vegas @ Orleans Hotel & Casino

October 10 – Perry, GA @ GA National Fairgrounds

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