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By MARK KENNEDY, AP Entertainment Writer

NEW YORK (AP) – The last time Coldplay released an album, it was like a warm embrace of the Earth. This time the British quartet got bigger – cosmically bigger.

“We’re looking up and out and trying to find answers, and I think maybe we are trying to find a perspective,” said drummer Will Champion.

“Music of the Spheres” is a spacious 12-track collection with synth waves and airy melodies. The track “Infinity Sign” sounds like it was created inside a starburst and “Biutyful” is an ecstatic hit in musical form. It’s an album that should be played as astronauts gather on a slowly spinning space station for a galactic rave.

“It’s a little more grandiose in its sound,” says singer Chris Martin. “The songs come first, but the ‘Music of the Spheres’ title photo frame easily indicated which songs might fit into it. But you are always at the mercy of what the songs decide to show. “

Guitarist Jonny Buckland uses a fishing analogy: “The concept kind of builds the net, you know what I mean? And then the net catches the kind of fish it wants.

The seeds for the new album were sown years ago, when the British band wrapped up their tour for “A Head Full of Dreams”. work with spoken or sung words in Arabic, Spanish, Zulu and Igbo. It was as introspective on humanity as the news is noble.

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