Coldplay will release a new album this fall, “Music of the Spheres”

Coldplay has announced the release of its ninth studio album, “Music of the Spheres”, which will arrive on October 15.

The band announced the Max Martin-produced album on Instagram via a handwritten note accompanied by an album trailer, which combines a lively cosmic journey through the album’s planetary artwork with short clips from all 12 album titles.

The band’s note also seemed to hint at other sci-fi themes with the line, “Everyone’s an alien somewhere.”

Note Coldplay
Courtesy of Coldplay

In May, the band released the album’s first single, “Higher Power”, and will follow with another track, “Coloratura” on Friday and a new single in September.

The band also revealed the album’s full track list – with five of the twelve tracks represented by emojis.


higher power


let someone go


Pride people



My world


Image loaded lazily

Coldplay WORDS
Courtesy of Parlophone/Atlantic

The group announced “Higher Power” via encrypted billboards around the world pointing to a mysterious website called Fans managed to decipher the letter-shaped symbols to find out the song title and release date.

The band also used a teaser campaign for their latest album ‘Everyday Life’: according to the visuals, a 1919 image of the band of guitarist great-grandfather Jonny Buckland serves as the album cover and official publicity photo, to 500 manually typed images. and hand-signed postcards to fans around the world to track listings revealed via classified ads in Coldplay members’ UK newspapers (Flintshire, Exeter, Southampton and Fife) plus other local publications in 10 countries .

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