Courtney Love says Olivia Rodrigo copied Hole album cover

Hello, today in an unexpected celebrity drama, Courtney Love is mad at Olivia Rodrigo for being #influenced by Hole’s iconic album cover for live through it. Courtney jumped online to point out the similarities between 1994’s live through it and Olivia’s art for the Acid prom movie – both of which (obviously) feature major prom vibes, a bouquet of flowers, a crown, and smudges of mascara:

And while he initially It looked like Courtney was joking thanks to the captioning of her “Look for the difference!” #twinning!” with a bunch of cute emoji, she would have made it clear that she was not thrilled to comments of his Facebook post. Hum: “It’s on GEFFEN. I informed that I am waiting for her flowers and her bill. I sure hope it’s long. Does Disney teach children to read and write? Only God knows. Let’s see. Yes that’s rude. Causing rage? Honey if I had a dollar for everyone [sic] it happens? I would be really rich! She also added that “manners are manners”.

Olivia went ahead and tried to smooth things over in the comments on Courtney’s Insta, writing, “Love you and live through it so much,” but Courtney still insisted on a very specific apology and flowers, writing, “Olivia, you’re welcome. My favorite florist is in Notting Hill, London! DM me for details! I look forward to reading your message! »

Good ! OK! Just so you know, in case you were wondering, here’s what Hole’s album cover looks like:

Difficult times.

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