Daft Punk fan compiles list of 500 duo-related music albums

A Daft Punk enthusiast has compiled a list of 500 music albums for fans.

Reddit user GlitzyHavoc created a sprawling and varied list, divided into 10 separate playlists, each featuring albums that Daft Punk fans will enjoy depending on their sound and style.

Six of the ten playlists are based on the genres and styles that inspired each Daft Punk album, including their Tron: Legacy soundtrack. For example, the “Homework” playlist includes French releases of house, techno and deep house, while the “Discovery” playlist features more synth-pop, funk, disco and vaporwave.

Other playlists include “Starboy,” which is ostensibly based on music similar to Daft Punk’s collaborative work with The Weeknd. The ‘Daft Club’ playlist is divided into two sections: “Select artists influenced by Robots / Albums that have little or no similarity to Daft Punk, but fans might enjoy them nonetheless.”

The tenth playlist, “Teachers” features music that directly influenced Daft Punk themselves, including house and techno tracks by Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, Boo Williams and the Trailblazer Tron soundtrack. by synthesizer Wendy Carlos.

GlitzyHavoc made playlists available on both Spotify and YouTube, and also made a text version.

Daft Punk fans will find a lot to like about this list and will have a lot of fun going through the different genres and influences that it tackles. To dig here.

As if that weren’t enough, a performance by the legendary French electronic duo from over a decade ago was recently uploaded to YouTube. Check it out here.

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