David Arkenstone revisits Middle-earth with new hit album MUSIC INSPIRED BY MIDDLE EARTH, VOL. II

Music Inspired by Middle-earth, Vol II was composed, performed and produced by David Arkenstone, and recorded at the artist’s new studio, The Bamboo Room, in Arroyo Grande, California.

Album cover image with moody blue and gold colors in a forest gazebo.

Twenty years after releasing MUSIC INSPIRED BY MIDDLE EARTH, David Arkenstone releases Volume II, to the delight of his Arkenfans

5-time GRAMMY® nominee and currently 2-time SAMA nominee, renowned music composer and fan of the fantasy world and the works of JRR Tolkien, David Arkenstone announces the release of his

Appealing to JRR Tolkien lovers and cinematic music fans of all ages, the new album is a musical interpretation of the stories from the #LOTR books; it is available in CD, digital download and streaming formats worldwide.

David Arkenstone, 5-time GRAMMY® nominated and 2-time SAMA nominated music composer, releases Vol II of his Middle-earth soundscapes twenty years after Volume I.

The first Inspired by Middle Earth was an intimidating album to make… It’s kind of like painting on a canvas… My goal was to make music that reflected how I felt about the words and stories of Tolkien.

—David Arkenstone

LOS ANGELES, California, USA, June 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today David Arkenstone releases MUSIC INSPIRED BY MIDDLE EARTH, VOL II (QDV), a Lord of the Rings-inspired journey featuring 14 original compositions which showcase Arkenstone’s music range of impressive composition from mellow orchestras to soothing soundscapes and epic cinematic anthems. Currently occupying the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s best-selling new releases in its category, this album comes almost exactly 20 years after Music Inspired by Middle Earth, Vol. I, a bestseller in Arkenstone’s vast discography. Appealing to JRR Tolkien fans and cinematic music fans of all ages, the album is available in CD, digital download and streaming formats worldwide, including Bandcamp, with vinyl expected in the coming months.

The album’s lead singles and videos included the soothing ‘The Houses of Healing’, the thrilling epic ‘Shadowfax and the White Rider’ and now ‘Daughter of the River’, a soothing and elegant ode to the mysterious character of the author JRR Tolkien Goldberry. Arkenstone uses a melodious harp, flutes and the wordless dreamy voice of singer Jillian Aversa to craft a moving, watery tribute to Goldberry’s story of being a river spirit of the Withywindle, a tributary of the Brandywine River.

“The first Inspired by Middle Earth was an intimidating album to make,” says Arkenstone. “The way I created the first album – and now Volume II – was to choose elements of the story that I wanted to illuminate musically, then close my eyes, place the instruments in front of me – guitar, keyboard, flute, pennywhistle – and then experimenting with putting sounds together, like a form of impressionism,” says Arkenstone. “It’s a bit like painting on a canvas. Not all the melodies came out instantly, but my goal was always to make music that I think reflects how I felt about Tolkien’s words and stories.

While music fans naturally want to compare the first volume of any series with the next, JWVibe music critic Jonathan Widran says there’s no need to do so with these two big hits on the Middle Earth. “Vol. 1 and Vol. II are equally inspired masterpieces, perfectly complementary to each other,” he wrote, “illustrating different facets of Tolkien’s mythological world and telling an original story in a unique way. new and stylistically diverse – as only a musical imagination as fertile as Arkenstone’s can”.

Fans of Hans Zimmer or Vangelis soundtracks will appreciate the dramatic compositions in Music Inspired by Middle Earth, Vol. II. “The Shadow of the Past” opens the album by setting the mood and introducing Arkenstone’s general musical impressions of the story, followed by lively Celtic-style dancing featuring pennywhistle, concertina and the playful violin of Luanne Homzy, at “The Green Dragon”, a pub where Hobbits hang out. A mystical chorale and harp/flute track conveys “Caras Galadhon”, one of the most magical places in Middle-earth, while organic and percussive sound effects take us to “Fangorn Forest” and the spooky march and disturbing in “Minas Morgul”, one of the most dangerous places in Mordor. “The Returning” (with choir, English horn and harp) is a thoughtful, hard-hitting and sweeping finale.

Arkenstone is expected to announce a series of live concert dates in support of the album in summer/fall 2022, and his growing Arkenfan community may be the first to hear the news. Wanting to connect more directly with his fans, David recently created the Free Private Membership Community to provide early access to new music, live streams, news and exclusive giveaways.

Music Inspired by Middle-earth, Vol II was composed, performed and produced by David Arkenstone, and recorded at the artist’s new studio, The Bamboo Room, in Arroyo Grande, California. The album features performances by violinist Luanne Homzy and singer Jillian Aversa, original artwork by Robert Zico, and is published by Dream Palace Publishing (BMI).

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1 Shadow of the past 4:24
2 The Green Dragon 3:07
3 Daughter of the River 4:40
4 The Light of Imladris 4:47
5 Secret Fire Servant 4:19
6 Caras Galadhon 4:29
7 Fanghorn Forest 4:42
8 The Great River – The Argonath 4:16
9 Shadowfax and the White Rider 4:10
10 The Forbidden Pool 4:33
11 Minas Morgul 4:38
12 The White Tree of Gondor 4:17
13 Houses of Healing 4:28
14 The Return 5:23

About David Arkenstone:
With 5 GRAMMY(R) nominations, 2 SAMA nominations, 20 Billboard hits, numerous movie, TV and game soundtracks (including World of Warcraft) and dozens of album releases, David Arkenstone s is established as one of the most diverse and prolific artists. and established contemporary instrumental musicians of our time. You’ve heard his music on everything from NBC sports like the Kentucky Derby, British Open and Premier League Soccer to high-end commercials. This world-renowned multi-instrumentalist captivates audiences with distinctive pieces that inspire the imagination. A musical storyteller, David is passionate about taking his listeners on a journey by creating sound tapestries that evoke all emotions.

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“Shadowfax and the White Rider” pays homage to one of the most majestic horses in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings tale.

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