Dinosaur Jr.’s Creature album cover comes to life in their “Take It Back” video

The trio’s single “Sweep It into Space” received the stop-motion treatment

Posted on April 21, 2021

A few days before sharing a new album Sweep it in space, Dinosaur Jr. has delivered a new single “Take It Back” with a new video.

Directed by Callum Scott-Dyson, accompanying visuals feature the colorful creature found on the cover of Sweep it in space to life for an adventure, exploring creation, addiction, maturity and fellowship during its four minute run.

Scott-Dyson shared his work: “I wanted to mix these themes with my stop motion style of animation, everything being very DIY and handmade, using whatever materials I could get my hands on to bring this to life. the idea and give it a surreal aspect. and a feeling of another world. I’ve always been a huge fan of Dinosaur Jr. so I was working really hard to make something that could add to such a great track and sit next to it. “

“Take It Back” follows the previously shared singles “Garden” and “I Ran Away” assisted by Kurt Vile. Dinosaur Jr. will take Sweep it in space on a North American tour later this year. Guitarist Lou Barlow recently announced a new solo album.

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