Drake’s upcoming album cover is comically bad – and designed by Damien Hirst

A screenshot from Drake’s Instagram. The rapper tagged artist Damien Hirst on a photo of the cover of his new album. (via @champagnepapi)

In an Instagram post announcing the release date of his new album, “Certified Lover Boy,” Drake also unveiled the accompanying cover art designed by none other than British artist Damien Hirst. Featuring a grid of 12 multiracial “Pregnant Woman” emojis wearing different colored tops, the design sense is open: maybe the rapper wants to imply that this is baby music, or maybe that it is admitting to having fathered a dozen children, hypothesized a Twitter user. Others have more complex interpretations: “Drake drops Certified Lover Boy, an album about love (baby making) 9 months after its planned release date, (9 months is a full term pregnancy), on weekends. -end of Labor Day, ”one speculated. Tweeter.

Shortly after, the official @drakerelated account shared a photo of a physical cover canvas, adding that it was “1 of 2” and hinting at a potential second cover option.

Unsurprisingly, the cover elicited a variety of responses, ranging from tame descriptors like “hackneyed” and “lazy” To “an abomination”, And even inspired a few parodies: rapper Lil Nas X job a version of the album cover featuring emojis for pregnant men and announced the release date of his own upcoming album. Others are disturbed by the possibility that Hirst – one of the richest artists in the world – received payment in exchange for the “commission”.

High up with Kaws and Koons on the list of comically easy-to-hate performers, Hirst is best known for featuring a shark preserved in formaldehyde and its more palatable. Spot paints, monochrome canvases covered with rows of dots painted in complementary colors. Drake’s cover art seems to echo these spotty compositions while also nodding to the sculptures of pregnant women the artist has made over the years.

While saying almost nothing about Drake’s music or his long-awaited album, the work (?)

As Hirst once cryptically put it, “I’ve always had a phenomenal love for color… I mean, I just move color on my own. So that’s where the Spot paints came from – to create that structure to make those colors, and to make nothing. ”

Well, Damien, mission accomplished.

Weems’ essay is taken from Ways of hearing: reflections on music in 26 pieces.

Freelance writer Rona Akbari has partnered with artist Aishwarya Srivastava to raise funds for the sale of prints to support Afghan nationals facing disease and famine.

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