ENHYPEN song, album list: A complete guide to all their music

ENHYPEN is the first boy group formed from the reality survival series I-LAND! Here are all ENHYPEN songs and albums in order!

If you are new to ENHYPEN, the group is managed under the BELIFT LAB label which is a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment. A few of the members even originally trained under Big Hit Entertainment before switching to BELIFT for the show. I-LAND – Heeseung, Jay and Sunghoon.

Of I-LAND Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon and Ni-Ki were chosen to make their group debuts together. The last episode aired on September 18, 2020 and the band debuted just two months later on November 30, 2020. And the boys have been causing a stir in the music scene for months!

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List of all ENHYPEN songs and albums in order

● “In I-LAND”
● “I & credible”
● “Immerse yourself”
● “Flicker”
● “Call (run to you)”
● “Flame on”
● “Bedroom 5 (dream of dreams)”
Border: first day
Border: Carnival

Learn more about all of ENHYPEN’s songs and albums below:

ENHYPEN ‘I-LAND’ songs before the debut

During their time on I-LAND members were involved in recording and releasing songs under the title of the show’s name. These songs also include other interns who have appeared on the show, but they are definitely worth checking out. Some of them are even available for streaming on Spotify!

There are two versions of “Into the I-LAND”, one which was recorded by singer / actress IU and a second which was recorded by the show’s attendees. Both are great, but if you’re looking for the intern’s one, you can listen to it below.

“I & credible” was played in episode 6 of I-LAND, and was written by Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang Si-hyuk. The song is meant to portray the interns moving beyond their worries to be confident and keep moving forward and debuting with strength.

“Dive Into You” was played in episode 9 of I-LAND and was part of a chemistry test for the trainees.

“Flicker” was also played in episode 9 of I-LAND as part of a chemistry test for the trainees. This song was later added to the winners of the show’s debut album. Border: first day when they debuted as ENHYPEN.

“Calling (Run To You)” was starred in Episode 12 of the series and was also written by Bang Si-hyuk of Big Hit Entertainment. The song has a similar theme of chasing their dreams and listening to their hearts.

“Flame On” was part of Episode 11 of I-LAND and it’s more of a performance song rather than a mind-blowing vocals or lyrics.

“Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams)” also appeared in Episode 11 of the series, and it really was the first time we’ve seen a cute concept from the interns. The results were adorable, it’s a shame it wasn’t released on ENHYPEN’s debut album as well.

“Frontier: first day”

Release Date: November 30, 2020

Border: first day track list:

1. Introduction: Walk the line
2. Given-Taken
3. Let me in (20 CUBE)
4.10 months
5. Flicker
6. Outro: cross the line

“Given-Taken” became ENHYPEN’s first official single as a group, following their stint on the reality TV series. I-LAND who chose the members.

“Let Me In (20 CUBE)” is ENHYPEN’s second single, with the music video released two weeks after the lead single.

‘Border: Carnival’

Release Date: April 26, 2021

Border: first day track list:

1. Introduction: The invitation
2. Drunk-Dazed
4. Not for sale
5. 별안간 (Mixed)
6. Outro: the wormhole

ENHYPEN returned with their second mini album just months after their debut. This time, they focused on the emotions that came to come into the limelight after their debut album. The lead single “Drunk-Dazed” shows members complex emotions after being thrown into a whole new world of glamor with different rules.

What’s your favorite ENHYPEN song?

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