Fans praise Christina Aguilera ‘ageless’ as she recreates iconic album cover with 2000s makeup

We love each other a good celebrity throwback pic, so right now we’re very grateful that pop icon Christina Aguilera is here to fill our nostalgia void with her latest beauty look.

The singer has apparently just recreated one of her most iconic beauty looks from the album cover, featuring long blonde hair and 2000s-inspired makeup – and understandably her fans love it.

In an article promoting an upcoming festival appearance, the 40-year-old posed topless with a glossy, lined nude lip – and although the makeup is toned down and the hair without black extensions, it looks eerily like this. what she looked like on the original Stripped cover just under 20 years ago.

album cover look, left, and the original artwork, right” content=””/>
Christina Aguilera can be seen recreating her Stripped album cover look, left, and the original artwork, right

Dozens of fans of the singer were quick to draw attention to the similarities to the album’s original cover art, hailing Christina as “ageless.”

“Always so beautiful,” one commented, while another was one of the many fans to point out, “I get stripped album cover vibes.”

A third fan wrote: “Omg, she is not getting old”, while a fourth added: “Girl, you just killed us all!”

Of course, Christina Aguilera isn’t the only pop princess to give us a good ol ‘dose of beauty nostalgia lately.

Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall recently shared a series of nearly ten-year-old snaps to mark the anniversary of the band’s debut single, Wings – and it’s safe to say her beauty look has evolved somewhat.

In the first of old photos taken nine years ago, the 28-year-old can be seen sporting a classic red lip and thin eyebrows that are very different from the fluffy arches everyone seems to prefer today.

The following images show off the beauty of South Shields with a fairly thick dark eyeliner and curly hair looks that are offset by a bow accessory. “No bows or corsets were safe around me in 2012,” she captioned the first of the two shots. “I have no regrets.”

Some beauty looks are classic, but we’re pretty sure we’re speaking for everyone when we say we’re glad our tastes in makeup (and application skills) tend to evolve from our teens.

Alexa, play Beautiful by Christina Aguilera…

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