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“Having always approached each tour as if it was the last – this time it actually will be,” said Peter Garrett

Midnight oil will be touring one last time, taking dates across Australia in early 2022 before (metaphorically) slipping their passports through a shredder.

The group broke the news overnight Australian time, as well as announcing the upcoming release of their 15th studio album. Resist.

They were adamant, however, that this would not mean the end of Midnight Oil.

“They remain very open to recording new music together in the future and supporting causes they believe in, but this will be their last tour,” a representative of the group wrote in a statement.

Their latest tour will kick off with performances at the Mona Foma Festival in Tasmania and end with a performance at an arena in the band’s hometown of Sydney.

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Midnight Oil were one of the country’s most incendiary rock’n’roll groups from their inception in the 1970s until their split in 2002.

They reformed for a massive world tour in 2017, proving that they had lost none of their power over the time they had devoted to other projects including Politics and a great surf group.

New music was always on the agenda for the newly reformed band, and the first of them came last year. The Makarrata project mini-album, produced in collaboration with First Nations musicians.

This outing saw the band hit the road again, putting on more exciting shows to huge crowds across the country.

The band’s touring life will end in 2022, but Peter Garrett maintains that they still have a lot to say.

“We all know time refuses to stand still for anyone, but after many years together the spirit of the band runs deep, the music and the words are strong, and our ideas and actions as bold as possible. “the leader said in a statement.

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“We have reached people in a way we never could have imagined. Our desire to create and to speak is intact. We hope that everyone who hears this album and attends one of the shows will come away loaded with it. ‘future of the planet, saying’ Why stop now? ‘.

“Always approaching each tour as if it was the last – this time it will be.”

“It will be sad and beautiful concerts, but luckily we are still able to blow up the roof of any stage and that is what we intend to do,” said the guitarist. Jim moginie added.

“You might call it a farewell tour, but Midnight Oil will continue in one form or another as we are brothers, family. We are one, dependent on each other and grateful for all the important ways that make them. great great groups. “

This is your last chance to see Midnight Oil on tour. Tickets are on sale from Wednesday December 1.

Sunday January 23 – Mona Foma, Launceston
Tuesday January 25 – Mona Foma, Launceston
Friday January 28 – Mona Foma, Hobart
Monday January 31 – Mona Foma, Hobart
Wednesday February 23 – Newcastle Entertainment Center
Saturday February 26 – Heifer Station, Orange
Wednesday March 2 – WIN Entertainment Center, Wollongong
Saturday March 5 – Mt Duneed Estate, Geelong
Wednesday March 9 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Saturday March 12 – All Saints Estate, Rutherglen
Saturday March 26 – Nikola Estate, Swan Valley
Saturday March 30 – Adelaide Entertainment Center
Saturday April 2 – Darwin Amphitheater
Wednesday April 6 – Convention Center Arena, Cairns
Saturday April 9 – Sunshine Coast Stadium
Wednesday April 13 – Brisbane Riverstage
Friday April 15 – Bluesfest, Byron Bay
Tuesday April 19 – Stage 88, Canberra
Thursday April 21 – Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney

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Rhonda Vincent Receives Grammy Nomination For Best Bluegrass Album, “Music Is What I See” Wed, 24 Nov 2021 20:23:48 +0000

The queen of bluegrass, winner of a Grammy Rhonda vincent receives its eighth Grammy nomination for best bluegrass album, “Music is what I see.” The album was produced by Rhonda Vincent & Engineered by Grammy-Winning engineer Joey Crawford. Grammy-winning Rhonda’s band “The Rage” shared their world-class musicality for the project. The songs included were written by Songwriter’s Hall of Fame writers, Songwriter of the Year, Grand Ole Opry stars and the very first bluegrass version of the classic “Unchained Melody”.

“This is the first time that I have been able to devote two years to a project,” explains Vincent. “It started out rolling around Nashville, Tennessee with Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seely. Jeannie started singing a song she had just written with Erin Enderlin and Bobby Tomberlin. I immediately loved the song and I loved it. I found the first opportunity to enter the studio to record it, with Songwriter Hall of Fame member Mike Dekle’s “Music’s What I See”.

“I like it, instead of wondering if I’m recording, the writers send songs every time they feel they have a song that would work well for me,” Vincent continued. “Mike Dekle does this, and I love it, and so does Jerry Salley. I never know when a song might pop up, so I’m ready to record when I go to the studio.”

“Music’s What I See” became the title song. “Like I Could” became the first song # 1 on the album, which was the first single and the first video for the project.

“The first session was only four songs long. It was the second session that was filled with excitement and the kind of passion and inspiration that only 40s could do. We didn’t know we would be out of it. road for many months. So when we couldn’t travel, we finally got together to record. It wasn’t easy. I called around Nashville to find a studio that would allow us to record. Omni was one of the few places open. The Rage and I gathered at the studio with a list of songs, started recording, and there was tremendous excitement in playing music – you could feel it in the room. session. Everyone was so happy to be there. We were happy to fellowship together again. We had missed our road trips, and the old adage that absence makes your heart more loving is really true. This absence fostered a wonderful penchant for playing the music we love so much. “

“In the studio, we were able to really capture the feel of each song. True bluegrass music was at the center. Respecting the tradition of our biggest influences in music, from Bill Monroe to Larry Sparks (“ I’d Like To Be A Train “) at The Osborne Brothers. All of our influences came together on one project and through the songs. Aaron McDaris played the” Rocky Top “banjo, formerly owned by Sonny Osborne. The Sonny banjo recorded Rocky Top and many Osborne Brothers’ greatest songs. Mickey Harris, with a rich family musical tradition, played bass. A veteran member of Rage and twenty-year-old award-winning violinist, Hunter Berry played the violin. A multi-guitar player of the year Josh Williams played guitar and mandolin. The Rage newcomer Jeff Partin played the dobro. Everyone lends their voices to the project, but most of the harmonies were sung by Josh Williams and Jeff Partin. “Everybody Will Be Happy “introduces everyone. There are also two special appearances, one by Tim Raybon, who sings on the song he wrote for the project called “I’m Still Not Over You”. The project ends with the inspiring song “There’s A Record Book” with harmonies by The Isaacs, who also received a Grammy nomination for their latest gospel project.

The most played song is a parody of Hank Snow’s song “I’ve Been Everywhere”. Chuck Meade rewrote the song to say “I Ain’t Been Nowhere” that perfect quarantine song will have you laughing.

“Every song, every note and every element has been carefully chosen, sung, played and created – two years of preparation. After the many hours of singing, playing and recording, I am so grateful on this Thanksgiving week for the dire is now a Grammy nominated project! “

“Thank you to everyone who contributed. Thank you to all of our friends at the Recording Academy – the Grammys – for this incredible honor.”

For more information and to follow all Rhonda Vincent, visit her website and follow his social networks below.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

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Bloc Party returns with a new single Traps and unveils its sixth album – Music News Wed, 24 Nov 2021 13:11:39 +0000

Bloc Party has announced its return with its sixth album, “Alpha Games”, which will be released next year.

Along with the release of the lead single “Traps,” Kele Okereke and colleagues have announced that the long-awaited sequel to 2016’s “Hymns” will arrive on April 29.

Speaking about this new rock track, frontman Kele said, “From the moment we wrote ‘Traps’ we knew it had to be the first thing people would hear from this album.

“Play it in the soundchecks on our last tour before it was over and hear how it sounded in these big rooms and outside.”

On Twitter, the group wrote: “Thank you for waiting patiently, we missed you and we can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working on.”

In 2018, the hitmakers of “Banquet” performed their flagship LP “Silent Alarm” in full on tour across Europe.

The year before, Kele had teamed up with Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander on a “romantic duet”, “Grounds For Resentment”.

The two singers are openly gay and have decided to release the track in an effort to break the taboo surrounding musicians in the pop industry who think they should use “codes” to talk about their sexuality in songs rather than frankly talk about the same sex. relationships.

“This Modern Love” star Kele, 40, said the single – which appeared on his solo LP “Fatherland” – was just the starting point for breaking down the barrier, as he admitted that he There was “a long way to go” when it came to gay pop stars feeling confident enough to “portray love and desire authentically.”

He said at the time: “I remember reading something that [Olly] wrote about the use of pronouns in pop music for gay artists which I found very insightful and intelligent – that the use of pronouns was the last frontier for gay artists.

“There are a lot of homosexual acts that avoid using the term he when they sing about homosexual desire.

“It’ll just be a neutral term, as Olly understands from what I’ve read that there is a long way to go for gay musicians to be able to authentically describe love and desire. .

“So I was very happy to sing a romantic duet with him on my album, because I couldn’t think of a precedent of gay musicians singing a love song without having to hide behind codes.”

Kele was referring to an interview Olly, 31, did previously, where he said he’d like to see more mainstream gay stars be more open about their sexuality, and praised pop megastar Miley Cyrus for the promotion of a “non-binary genre”.

The tracklist for “Alpha Games” is:

1. “Day drinker”

2. “Pitfalls”

3. “You should know the truth”

4. “Callum is a serpent”

5. “Brutal justice”

6. “Girls fight”

7. “Things to come”

8. ‘Sex Magic’

9. “By all necessary means”

10. “In situ”

11. “If we get caught”

12. “The peace offering”

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British star Adele returns with new ferocity on ’30’ album – Music – Arts & Culture Sun, 21 Nov 2021 14:44:35 +0000

Copies of new album by British singer-songwriter Adele, 30, at Sister Ray record store in London (Photo: AFP)

In line with her other three records, British artist’s highly anticipated new studio album “30”, released Friday, plunges into romantic pangs with the heartbreaking high notes set to moving piano arrangements that made her a well-known name.

The debut single from the album “Easy On Me” has reigned supreme on the US and UK charts since its debut four weeks ago, proving the enduring strength of Adele’s prowess as a hitmaker with wide appeal.

His record falls after years without headlines and an expanse of musical silence, defying current pop standards for fast streaming-compatible hits and an urgent social media presence.

But Adele’s announcement this fall that a new album would soon be made up of soundtrack breaks and melancholy contemplation across the globe sparked a media blitz, including covers from Vogue and Rolling Stone as well as a prime-time Oprah Winfrey interview merged into a televised concert that drew over 10 million viewers in the United States.

In the years since the 15-time Grammy-winner’s last album “25” – which included the mega-bit “Hello” – Adele’s nearly decade-long relationship with Simon Konecki, including two years of marriage, dissolved.

She sifted through the fallout from this traumatic time for “30”, probing its implications for her own life but also for her nine-year-old son with Konecki, Angelo.

“There were times when I was writing the record or listening to something and I was like, ‘Maybe it’s a bit too private, maybe it’s a bit too much for me to turn off” “she told Winfrey.

“But nothing is as scary as what I’ve been through for the past two or three years behind closed doors. So I’m not afraid of what people may or may not know.”

‘I want to live’

While the 12-track “30” includes the Adele manual – those slow, sad stories of feeling abandoned and lonely – she doesn’t look back on her previous work.

The new album sees the 33-year-old megastar marry her classic piano pop with new inflections of Motown and reggae, Afrobeat and dance music.

But it’s Adele’s sharp handwriting delivered in her smoky volcanic range that does the heavy lifting on “30”.

“They say to play hard, to work hard, to find a balance in sacrifice”, she proclaims in “I Drink Wine”, a track which goes from a groove of the 1970s to a meditation supported by a choir. gospel about self-acceptance.

“And yet I don’t know anyone who is really satisfied.”

In “Love In The Dark”, she sings “I want to live and not just survive”.

“I definitely felt like this,” she told Winfrey. “But that’s when I let my own friends know who thought I was really happy that actually I’m really unhappy and they all gasped. Do? Why am I doing it? ? “

Some of the “30s,” she told Vogue, were a way of dealing with the answers to the big questions her son had about his parents’ separation, things that are hard for a child to “make sense of. nine years “.

“My little love,” she sings in a song dedicated to her son, which also includes recordings of diaristic voice memos of conversations with Angelo. “I see your eyes / Widens like an ocean / When you look at me / So full of my emotions.”

The North Londoner who now lives in Los Angeles is rare in the music industry in terms of the extent of her fan base, which includes people who listen to terrestrial radio and buy physical albums while hundreds of millions others disseminate his work.

Along with the wave of positive reviews coming in, his new record is set to be another resounding commercial success.

But no matter what the numbers “30” do, Adele swears it will remain a work close to her heart.

“It’s sensitive to me, this record, how much I love it,” she told Vogue.

“I always say ’21’ is no longer mine,” she continued, referring to her acclaimed second album.

“Everyone took it so much to their hearts. I won’t let go of this one. It’s my album. I want to share myself with everyone, but I don’t think I’ll ever let this one go. “

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Luttrell presents their third album ‘Music For My Memories’ via Anjunadeep Fri, 19 Nov 2021 07:33:44 +0000

Music for my memories is Luttrellthe third studio album by. A brand new take on his critically acclaimed film EP Memories trilogy, mixed into a one-of-a-kind continuous mix that includes hit singles’Just a dream, ”More than human,’ and ‘Operation Midnight, ‘among others.

The mixed album will be available digitally and in a limited series of A3 prints through the Anjunastore on December 3, following the success of each installment, which has collectively received over 4 million streams and support from Annie Mac. , Sian Eleri and Ana from BBC Radio 1 Matronique.

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Eric Luttrell has become a fan favorite at Anjunadeep since launching his Luttrell project in 2016, and has produced some of the label’s most memorable moments, including ‘Intergalactic plastic, ”Contact,’ and ‘Need you. ‘ Eric has released two critically acclaimed albums in the past three years, his first ‘In the clouds‘and follow-up’Fortunate‘, as well as a host of well-received remixes for Moby, Jai Wolf, Catching Flies and Above & Beyond, totaling over 60 million streams.

Luttrell Music for my memories Anjunadeep
Luttrell Music for my memories Anjunadeep

Luttrell takes Music for my memories on the road for his North American tour and is known for his eclectic and energetic DJ sets that have seen him perform everywhere from Printworks London to Coachella.

Luttrell’s American Tour.

  • November 20 – L’Astral, Montreal, QC
  • December 4 – The Freight Depot, Atlanta, GA
  • December 10 – 45 East, Portland, OR
  • December 11 – Celebrity Nightclub, Vancouver, BC
  • December 17 – CODA, Toronto, ON
  • December 18 – Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL
  • December 19 – Treehouse, Miami Beach, Florida
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Blur’s Dave Rowntree signs solo recording deal for debut album E! News UK Thu, 18 Nov 2021 08:04:58 +0000

Dave Rowntree of Blur signed with an independent label for his debut album.

The drummer of the band ‘Parklife’ has signed a deal with Cooking Vinyl for his debut solo album, which is due out in 2022.

The 57-year-old musician and songwriter said in a statement: “As a child, I spent hours turning the dial on my radio, dreaming of escaping to all the places I heard exotic stations from.

“I tried to make an album like this – by adjusting the spectrum, stopping at every song telling a story about a turning point in my life, then turning the dial and moving on. I’m very happy to release the album on Cooking Vinyl next year.

Cooking Vinyl Managing Director Rob Collins said, “Dave’s album blew me away and nothing was going to stop me releasing it. He’s a very talented drummer!

News of Dave’s album comes after Blur frontman Damon Albarn – who just released his second solo album, “The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows” – announced he was on the verge of start discussing a meeting with their group mates.

When asked if Blur was finished, he insisted, “Not at all.”

Damon, 53, continued, “I’m about to have a conversation with people about Blur and would love to sing all of these songs again. I miss the songs. I miss playing with Blur. “

In August, lead guitarist Graham Coxon insisted he would be ready to reunite with the band when the time came.

He said, “That’s always been the thing with Blur – they do it when they really need to and not for some other reason. It doesn’t feel really authentic to get back together and do gigs for a bit of spondage. We need to focus on how we would work. “

The Britpop legends haven’t toured together since their 2015 tour in support of their comeback LP, “The Magic Whip”, although Damon reunited with Dave, Graham and bassist Alex James on his Africa show. Express to his hometown of Leytonstone in 2019.

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The Kid LAROI announces a break to focus on his debut album Tue, 16 Nov 2021 10:05:47 +0000

Kid LAROI moves away from the spotlight to focus on his first album.

The ‘Stay’ hitmaker announced that he would cut himself off from the outside world to put his head down and make “the best music possible” for his followers.

In a statement to fans posted on social media this week, the 18-year-old star began by thanking her fans and explained how her “F *** Love” mixtape “changed her life so much.”

The teenage pop prodigy shared, “My life changed so much last year because of it too. [F*** Love] and I owe everything to each of you. I will never be able to reimburse you.

“Last week I went on short vacation for the first time in a long time. During this time, I started to think and I made the decision that I had to step away from it all and focus on the next project; my first album.

“I’m going to miss you all beyond words, but I believe that’s what I need to do to give you the best music possible.”

He swore, “I’ll be back soon, I promise.” I love you, Laroi.

Meanwhile, the “Without You” hitmaker recently admitted that his goal in life is “world domination.”

The star is in a great hurry to be nominated for a Grammy at next year’s ceremony, following two successful collaborations with Justin Bieber (‘Stay’) and Miley Cyrus (‘Without You’) – and aims to rule the world.

LAROI – real name Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard – said his goal was: “To rule the world. It is world domination, but domination, there is a limit. Dominion, there is no limit.

The rapper – who recently split from manager Scooter Braun – admitted that with every success he has, he’s always overcome with something even bigger.

He said, “I’m going to go through a thing where I’m going to feel, ‘OK, that’s huge.’ Then months or a year later, I was like, “Damn, that was really nothing. It’s huge. “But I guess the very first feeling of it was probably [when] I was in this duo with this guy. We uploaded a video to Facebook and it got seen 10,000 or something like that. It was rather encouraging. “

And the Australian native admitted he felt like he had a “weird superpower” where he could make his biggest dreams come true.

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Newsboys give troubled times hope with new album medium that looks like Nashville Mon, 15 Nov 2021 15:15:10 +0000

If there’s ever been one band you could count on to find the silver lining in almost any situation, it’s Newsboys. For more than three decades, the veteran Christian outfit has survived staff changes, changes in the music industry and more recently the perils of the pandemic to maintain a legion of enthusiastic fans and a strong presence on radio and in the world. the charts.

In support of their new album, Support, the Newsboys are back on the road and reveling in the opportunity to present their music to the public once again. “It went on and on and we all thought, ‘It’ll be over in a few months,’ and then it was, ‘Maybe next fall. “Nonetheless, we stopped, and the silver lining in the Covid cloud was a moment to create and write,” said singer Michael Tait, who co-wrote all ten songs on Support.

“The songs cover everything from our blessing even during Covid, how much God loves us even when it’s Covid, how we don’t need to be afraid to walk and live our life even when it’s Covid He said. “A lot of the songs have come from being able to sit still and listen and hear from God. The songs have also come from seeing the effects these times have on people in general. The political culture we live in is so much. separate. It’s so sad. Everyone is so angry with each other and angry. And about what? That’s how who cares if you don’t agree with my point It doesn’t matter if someone slipped in and said something they didn’t apologize for? And forgiveness? That no longer exists?

The album’s first single, “Magnetic”, is currently climbing the charts. This is just the latest in a long, long line of success for the veteran band, which was founded in Queensland, Australia, in 1985 by Peter Furler and George Perdikis. The group emigrated to America in 1997, signed a recording contract and embarked on a long and successful career. Current lineup includes Tait, a former member of the legendary Christian trio dcTalk who took the reins after Furler left in 2009, as well as longtime drummer Duncan Phillips, keyboardist Jeff Frankenstein and guitarist Jody Davis. They are a tight-knit and talented unit with an easy-going camaraderie rooted in a wealth of experience. Over the years, Newsboys has populated Christian radio with hits such as “Entertaining Angels,” “We Believe,” “Born Again,” and “God’s Not Dead,” which inspired a four-hit movie franchise. Newsboys has sold over 10 million records, recorded 33 No. 1 hits, won two American Music Awards and several Dove Awards.

“Magnetic” continues the dynamics of the group. “It was just like something people needed to hear. Newsboys United is over. This whole deal took its course, ”Tait said of the reunion with former members Furler and Phil Joel, which included a 2019 album and a long tour. “With this album, we knew we had to come out swinging. We wanted to do something fresh, different, and better. ‘Magnetic’ was the song because I think people kinda missed it with the Newsboys. [We had been doing] lots of praise songs, a little laid back, not really pop and punchy but that’s what I’ve always been in my life. It’s my DNA.

When asked if there would be another Newsboy United tour, Tait replied, “I think she took her class and did what she did, but it was great for the fans. to see Peter and Phil come back. It was good and if it happens again, who knows?

Tait is proud of the musical diversity reflected in the new album and cites the opening track, “Ain’t It Like Jesus”, as a prime example. “It’s definitely a different direction for us,” he says. “This record [reflects] our personalities because we are kind of everything to everyone and in today’s world people listen to everything from Luke Bryan to Drake to Dr. Dre. Children are everywhere on the map. I think beauty is diversity. Variety is the spice of life and all of these things come to mind on this record. “Aint It Like Jesus” is definitely a bit of a mix of hybrid pop and reggae, but a bit of the quirky style of Newsboys and it’s just an encouraging little thing to remember this daddy. [God] always has his eye on us you know. A mustard seed of faith can move mountains. It’s like Jesus doing the unthinkable.

Tait sees the title song, “Stand,” as the latest Newsboys song to make a strong statement. “It’s so powerful and when you think of Newsboys you think of songs like ‘He Reigns’ and ‘God’s Not Dead.’ We believe in statement songs, ”he says. “We knew we wanted a song that made a statement and the boy is so important these days. We are all over America. People go back and forth in their statements of faith or they denounce their faith or they walk in the middle. In the fashion of Gavroches [the song says] get up and put all the shit aside. You have to choose a side. You have to assume. It’s your time. . . I see him from the stage: the hitchhikers, climbers and campers. You cannot be dropouts and you cannot be campers. You have to keep climbing and this is when you are going to stand. If you stop, you won’t be standing. If you are climbing, you are in a forward, vertical movement.

Having devoted so much heart and soul to writing the album during the downtime caused by the pandemic, Tait is deeply invested in these songs. When asked which song on the album best reflects where he is now, he quotes “Blessings on Blessings”. “It’s all about gratitude,” said the perpetually exuberant leader. “It’s my bubbly personality. I always try to find the bright side and there is a bright side to everything. I am convinced that you can decide when you wake up in the morning if you are going to be for the Lord and enjoy it or if you are going to be the devil. There are two sides of the bed. Get up on the safe side and you will be in great shape. Bless the Lord! You have air in your lungs. You have a song in your heart. You have a God who is on the throne whether you want to that day or not, who is not dead and he is in our corner. There are days that are in the mundane, but God works in the mundane and in the sun. It always does, rain or shine.

In addition to working on the album, Tait and her band mates spent time during the pandemic doing things they rarely get to do on major tours. “We were never home on the weekends,” he says. “I went to my church on Sunday morning which was nice. I have to go out on Saturday night with friends. I was able to visit a lot of people, those who weren’t afraid of COVID. And I went around. I was often alone on a plane because people didn’t fly at first [of the pandemic]. But everything has changed. I made it simple. I rode my motorcycle a lot.

The group toured earlier this year with renowned evangelist Franklin Graham and are now back on the road with their Step Into the Light tour. “We renamed our tour ‘Test into The Light Tour’ because we get a Covid test every Monday,” Tait jokes.

Newsboys are also releasing a new holiday tune. “’The Christmas Song’ is one of our favorite Christmas tunes and we hope everyone enjoys this song during this most amazing season,” he says. “As we celebrate his birth, let us rejoice that families and friends can be together this year. ”

With a history spanning over 30 years, Newsboys has grown into one of the most enduring groups in the Christian music community, and Tait credits their material. “It’s all about the songs. At the end of the day, people come to the shows to hear songs that touched them, ”he says. “This is what keeps the irons warm in the fire, having a material that the masses can relate to.”

he hopes Support will resonate strongly with listeners eager for a message of hope.What affects us comes from the Word, ”he says of the Bible. “The songs don’t necessarily quote the scriptures, but it’s never too far away. These songs are little warnings that you can put in during the day and be blessed with it. You can use it as a tool to use in your walk with the Lord. Let it color for a moment, fill the void in your ears, and speak to your heart. Hopefully this will encourage people to get rid of the socks and make them feel loved, wanted and needed, and hopefully lead them to salvation. “

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]]> BabyTron interview: new album, music video Wed, 10 Nov 2021 22:40:20 +0000

Bin Reaper 2, Michigan rapper BabyTron’s latest album, opens with an excerpt from Harry potter. On the project’s intro, aptly titled “Half-Blood Prince,” the 21-year-old MC is firmly in his lane, delivering head-spinning bars stuffed with pop culture references. “Scooby-Doo, hopping out of the van, will leave a mystery,” he recalls. “I should have gone to Hogwarts, I do witchcraft.”

It’s a great example of what BabyTron, born James Johnson, does so well, and why he has quietly become a fan favorite in the rap world. “I grew up watching Harry Potter, so it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I asked Danny G to make the beat and he came out of the fire and that was everything I had ever hoped for, ”he says on Zoom. “Same with the Star Wars beat on ‘Sith Lord’, it’s intros and outros.”

The 27-track ferry Reaper 2 is, on paper, a Halloween themed scrapbook. It serves as a formal follow-up to the 2019 Tron project, Garbage mower, and manages to maintain its creepy theme without feeling like a gimmick. And the project is part of a prolific rhythm of releases for the rapper. Just last year he released Pre-game, Back to the future, and Nash sleeves, all worthy of repeated listening, and also filled with jokes that will stop you in your tracks.

It seems that for BabyTron, rap is more like a sport. His raps are filled with basketball references, and he describes the latter project almost as if it were a sporting feat. “I have some signature beat switch songs out there. I have a song there with four different rhythm switches. It’s something different that not everyone hears, ”he says.

This change of pace for the gold medal he talks about comes on the album’s second track, aptly titled “Next Level”. On a sample of modulated soul superimposed on a hyperactive and jerky drums, Tron facilitates the work of the complexity of the first part. The bpm essentially doubles halfway through, around beat number two, before an electro sample reminiscent of the 80s infectious tube “AEIOU Sometimes Y” sends Tron into another beat. “I think it was the last song I recorded for the album,” he recalls. “I felt like something was missing from the album, so I said to my engineer, ‘Let’s do something crazy.’ We were playing beats and I was like, “The last four beats were so hard. I can’t choose one. So I want them all on the same song. ”

BabyTron pictured in New York City in October 2021 exclusively for Rolling Stone.

Nathan Bajar for Rolling Stone

BabyTron’s selection of beats just pushes the home sport metaphor. You can’t imagine someone else rapping about whatever type of production they choose because it’s basically impossible. The fast, electro and techno beats that have become the rapper’s calling card sound like the rap equivalent of dunking on a 15-foot rim. Awesome if you can pull it off, and totally useless if you can’t. I do it everyday. So, it’s definitely like the gym. Basketball, microphone, stand. Same thing.”

While definitely in a universe of his own, the sound of BabyTron is part of an ascending wave of Michigan state hip-hop. Lil Yachty, who appears on Tron’s new project, entered the scene earlier this year for his best project yet, Michigan Boy Boat. The region’s rap scene is teeming with southern hip-hop, if only in its attachment to a sort of raw musicality. Most of the beats BabyTron raps on, for example, are the kind of ’80s electro hits baby boomers assume kids ditched for autotuning. “I don’t know what it is, but I feel like we have the sound that everyone wants right now. Not necessarily me, or anyone in particular, just the state of Michigan as a whole, ”says BabyTron.

Tron tells me he only recently became aware of Detroit’s techno heritage. For him, it was just the sounds you heard everywhere, mixed with music from everywhere. “You might have a person who only raps to evil Detroit beats. And then you got me, doing the funky techno stuff, ”he says. “It’s just different bags here. That’s why I really feel like people are adjusting to Michigan music because it’s so much to listen to.

BabyTron started rapping in high school around the age of 17. He first started making waves alongside a group of his music-making classmates under the name Shitty Boyz. These outings, equally acrobatic displays of rap agility, earned the young MC a quietly voracious fan base. Even still, rap didn’t sound like a profession until, as Tron describes, “people at school started learning my lyrics and singing them to me, telling me to drop the music and shit “.

These early releases also earned BabyTron the “Rapper Scam” rating. He was part of a rising generation of MCs whose favorite criminal enterprise was scamming credit cards and various mobile payment apps. A Gen Z response to the hustle and bustle of the streets of yesteryear. “This is where I come from. Scam. So I’m still talking about it. It’s like an origin, it’s like me, I can’t change myself, ”he says. Yet the descriptor “Scam Rap” is woefully limited. Tron’s expertise covers everything from sports and old movies to finding inventive ways to let you know that your spouse doesn’t care much about you. The scam is only a small and diminishing fraction of his concerns.

“A lot of people who describe it as fraudulent rap really don’t understand anything else that’s going on in the music, I get the feeling. I could talk about scamming 5% of the song or 1% of the song or something like that and they still consider it rap scam, ”he adds. “I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a crook rapper. Especially with this album, there is a lot more to say about this album.

BabyTron pictured at Family Fun Center in Chinatown exclusively for Rolling Stone in October 2021

Nathan Bajar for Rolling Stone

And rightly so. Despite its young age, BabyTron has firmly established itself as a voice to pay attention to. Kevin Durrant apparently follows him on Instagram, and stars like Jack Harlow and Big Sean count themselves as fans. And, for its part, BabyTron is focused on improvement. He’s already back in the studio preparing something new. “I keep trying to make my punchlines more and more crazy, and more and more songs. Maybe it’s four things that all go together in one line. That’s all I’m trying to do, ”he says.

Where there is apparently a formula for viral fame, BabyTron’s rise to power looks a lot more like the previous generation of rap greats. He’s already had a four-year career, having stepped into the game straight out of high school like Lebron, and ready to build.

“Like everything, it’s one step at a time, I’m not trying to skip any steps,” he says. “I’m taking the stairs, not the elevator.”

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Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons recall KISS’s failed “wacky” concept album “Music From” The Elder “”: “We sold six copies” Mon, 08 Nov 2021 23:09:04 +0000

1981 was a difficult year of transition for KISS, following the replacement of original drummer Peter Criss by Eric Carr, the hard rock titans therefore decided to take a bold new direction with an orchestral prog-rock opera, Music from “The Elder”. The Risky concept album was based on a fairy tale of good versus evil, light versus dark, initially scribbled on the stationery of the Beverly Hills hotel by the group’s Gene Simmons – a passing story adulthood about a star-eyed protagonist known as “The Boy,” who is recruited by the Council of Elders from a heroic troop of freedom fighters called the Order of the Rose, then mentored by a wise old guardian named Morpheus.

Gee, what could possibly be going on?

Well back then it looked like a parcel could go right. Wool reunited KISS with the legendary Destructive producer Bob Ezrin (a seemingly exciting development for old-school fans who had been put off by KISS’s previous two pop / disco albums, Dynasty and Unmasked), and it featured lyrics by none other than Lou Reed on “Mr. Blackwell”, “Dark Light” and “A World Without Heroes”. It was even intended to be a fantastic feature film starring the moment Meatballs/My bodyguard Teen actor Chris Makepeace as the boy and possibly Patrick Stewart as Morpheus, according to Simmons. But the album, KISS’s ninth, was not at all what fans had come to expect from the band, and it completely exploded when it was released on November 10, 1981.

KISS did not turn Music by “L’Ancien” – KISS’s first album not to go gold in the US – and they’ve rarely performed any of her tracks in years, other than a memorable “A World Without Heroes” on MTV unplugged in 1995. Original guitarist Ace Frehley, who allegedly released a The Elder against a wall after his solos were edited out of the final mix, left the lineup shortly after the record failed. And needless to say that Elder the movie never arrived. Make peace made recording spoken dialogue for the album, but his contributions also went unchecked, and all he got was a mysterious “thank you” in the cover credits.

While Music by “L’Ancien” was a disaster at the time, the group recovered, and the unmistakably ambitious company has since seen a slight critical appraisal, with Classic rock magazine even included the record in its list of the “20 Most Underrated Classic Rock Albums of All Time”. But judging by this new interview from Yahoo Entertainment, KISS’s Simmons and Paul Stanley haven’t liked this flop business much in the past 40 years. Here, they discuss what exactly happened in ’81, with their usual frankness and a surprising amount of self-awareness and self-mockery.

Yahoo Entertainment: Hope you let me go, because this year marks the 40th anniversary of a record that I think was not critically understood at the time, but somehow had a hit. Renaissance. And it’s Music by ‘The Elder.’ Classic rock the magazine named it one of the “20 most underrated classic rock albums of all time”. I know it was sort of in the middle of a transition phase for KISS. What was the state of mind for such an ambitious and risky project at the time?

Paul Stanley: We were lost. We were delusional. We had become complacent and a little ungrateful for the success we had and on which it was based. So we were lazy, and I think we had all become very comfortable with a rich lifestyle, so to speak, and became more concerned with how our contemporaries viewed us rather than our fans. And I think the fans have been abandoned. We couldn’t do a rock album. We had no teeth. We were scrub at the moment.

Simmons Gene: When you do something, you want authenticity and honesty. It was a dishonest record. … Wool was misdirected. We were very popular and we played in stadiums and stuff. And when we had a change in the lineup – [Peter Criss] had succumbed to certain clichés and rock ‘n’ roll, and all of us, Ace, Paul and I voted to have him kicked out of the band. So we got a new guy, Eric [Carr], God bless him, who sadly passed away. And we had some free time. And I was at the Beverly Hills hotel, of all the places, because I started having fun with movies and meeting those kinds of people – going to Paramount, all that. And eventually I ended up doing a few movies and producing some, but that wasn’t the real thing for me. And I started to write. And the first thing I wrote was on the stationery of the Beverly Hills hotel: “The old people, when the Earth was young, they were already old. It started with a treatment of the story that I wanted to turn into a movie – a Tolkien-style thing, with inspiration from The watcher from Marvel and so on. … We brought back Bob Ezrin, who may have produced our best record, Destructive, until there. … It was Bob Ezrin who said, “Let’s do a concept album. Gene, I love your story. Let’s create songs based on your story.

Stanley: When we got together with Bob Ezrin, I really hope he helps us save the ship, so to speak. We all jumped at this idea of ​​”Well, let’s show people!” We’ll show them how smart and musical we are! “It really came to say,” Well, we can not at the moment – we cannot rock. “… You can’t stray from Bob’s discography and his credits, that it really shaped Alice. [Cooper] and the group in what they were. I mean I saw this with my own eyes when we worked together on Destructive. … Bob was intrinsic and so important, certainly to Alice. And, The walltestifies to his talent and Destructive was a real training camp for us. Quite honestly, I think we were all hoping to do something big. And when you fall, and you fall off eight inch heels, you fall hard.

Yahoo Entertainment: I’ve always wondered about it, because around the same time Music of the Old the album was released, there had been The wall film, and Bob Ezrin had worked on The wall. So I always wondered if Pink Floyd’s The wall, was it any inspiration for you to have your own Wall?

Simmons: Well the real story behind Woolwas this kind of delusional idea: “Hey, the Who had Tommy! Let’s have ours Tommy! “And why do you need this? You know, it’s like Zeppelin doesn’t have Tommy. And they did well.

Stanley: It was madness.

Yahoo Entertainment: You worked with Lou Reed on Wool, however, which is pretty cool. I mean, a lot of rock bands would be very happy to say that.

Stanley: Well Lou came to some of the rehearsals, and Lou also lived across the street from me, and Bob lived across from them as well. So, you know, it was a neighborhood project.

Simmons: So, [Ezrin] I asked Lou Reed to come over for a day and we started to have fun with the lyrics, and it was written aside on one of Lou’s papers: “A World Without Heroes.” And immediately we all said, “That’s a cool title. It’s awesome. And a world without heroes? A world without heroes is not a place to be. Etc. So the song wrote itself, based on some of the things Paul had, namely “Every little piece of your heart…” Paul was writing more romantic things. … that’s what you [women] wants to hear.

Stanley: What came out was, I don’t think particularly, very good; sometimes it’s pounding. Most of my voices there. If you have seen the Little rascals, how Alfalfa would sing in a pseudo-operatic voice, or try to do it.

A promo for ‘Music From “The Elder” by KISS (Photo: Casablanca Records)

Yahoo Entertainment: So was Did he ever really consider being a stage production or a movie?

Simmons: Yes. We actually had Chris Makepeace. He was an actor at the time that had just come out My bodyguard. … And he actually got picked for the lead role and we started playing him. I don’t remember if Patrick Stewart was involved as Morpheus; maybe he was. But, he started to have legs. And we were going to make a movie, but like most movies now, over 95% is never made, even though there are scripts and everything. So we had treatment based on – I mean, my treatment – but it stopped there and we kind of gave up.

Stanley: It is how delusional we were. We might as well be talking about launching a rocket to Mars, you know. I mean you can speak about it, but in fact, there is so much in there. And quite frankly, if you were to send a rocket to Mars, you need a rocket and fuel. And to the extent that Wool, I don’t think we had either. … It was forced, and I think the songs weren’t great. And we were full of ourselves.

Simmons: There are a few songs that I like. I like the “I”, which was semi-autobiographical about my stance on anti-drugs: “I believe in myself”. Why would I hurt my body and my mind? I believe in me. There were some decent songs there. But what was lacking was honesty. It was a badly directed album.

Stanley: There were a lot of issues within the band, and Bob had his share of issues, and it was an album that to me was just a picture of a bunch of people who were lost. You had to be there to know how difficult it was to go through with it. And it wasn’t anyone’s fault in particular. It was all of us. It was just symptomatic that we weren’t all in the right place.

Yahoo Entertainment: Well, I appreciate it for what it was.

Stanley: And that doesn’t mean your opinion isn’t as valid as mine! … So if Classic rock or someone wants to think it’s underrated, God bless him. This means that we have sold six copies.

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