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U.S. Senator from Oregon Jeff Merkley joined Reps. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR-01) and Pramila Jayapal (D-WA-07) to introduce the Stopping Abuse and Fraud in Electronic (SAFE) Lending Act Act.

The SAFE Lending Act will protect consumers from deceptive and predatory practices, especially in online payday loans.

The SAFE Lending Act will protect consumers from deceptive and predatory practices that rob working families of wealth by cracking down on some of the worst abuses stemming from the payday loan industry, particularly in online payday loans, according to a Merkley press release.

Lindsay Lohan plans to record another album – Music News Sat, 19 Nov 2022 15:35:53 +0000

Lindsay Lohan is open to the idea of ​​making new music.

The Mean Girls actress released her debut album, Speak, in 2004, and followed it up with A Little More Personal (Raw) the following year.

After taking a break from the industry, Lindsay unveiled the 2020 single Back to Me, and in an interview for Who What Wear, the star revealed she has some songs ready and waiting to be released.

“I slowed down singing because my sister’s biggest passion in life is singing, and I really wanted her to follow that path and didn’t want to distract her at all,” she explained. . “I’ve done a ton of songs waiting. Maybe in five years I’ll do another album.”

And though Lindsay’s plans to record music are far from over, she’s open to the idea of ​​showcasing her vocal abilities in a musical.

“If you hear music from me, I hope it’s in a musical,” the 36-year-old continued.

Currently, Lindsay is promoting her holiday movie on Netflix, Falling for Christmas, and working on a new romantic comedy titled Irish Wish.

Yet she also has her sights set on starring in a superhero movie.

“The one thing I haven’t done that I would really like to do is step into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s my dream,” she smiled.

What debts will bankruptcy not save you from? Sat, 19 Nov 2022 13:06:18 +0000

By liquidating (Chapter 7) or restructuring (Chapter 13) debt, bankruptcy gives overburdened customers a chance to make a fresh start. The bankruptcy court is called “acquittal” of debts in both situations.

This means that debtors lose their right to take legal action against them, including to try to collect a debt or recover property.

Consumers can take a break and start improving their credit scores after filing for bankruptcy. What debts can and cannot be discharged in the event of bankruptcy is a recurring question.

Giving debtors a “fresh start” in their financial lives by relieving them of onerous obligations is one of the primary goals of federal bankruptcy legislation passed by Congress.

Although society values ​​second chances, bankruptcy is not the only option. Some debts cannot be discharged, while others are extremely difficult.

Hiring a lawyer who can advise you on bankruptcy can help you make the best choices for your particular situation.

Two different types of personal bankruptcy

What exactly is Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 may be your best bet if you don’t have enough income to cover your credit card debt, medical bills, utility bills, payday loans, or personal loans. The procedure will be completed in a few months, allowing you to start restoring your credit quickly.

You will have little or no debt when your Chapter 7 is discharged, and creditors may believe that you will be better able to repay your loans in the future.

A few months after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many people finance cars and are approached for unsecured credit. Also, two years after receiving your discharge from bankruptcy, you may be qualified to buy a home.

To find out if Chapter 7 is right for you, it’s best to check out best credit repair companies because you may not need bankruptcy. It is crucial to study the information and discuss the options with the lawyers.

What exactly is chapter 13?

A consumer debt restructuring plan known as Chapter 13 allows debtors to settle their commitments over three to five years with one affordable monthly payment.

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy option can help you regain control of your finances from creditors who repossess your car or seize your home.

With a court-approved repayment plan that you can afford, Chapter 13 allows you to pay off some of your debt. The remaining qualified debt is discharged after the repayment plan has been satisfactorily completed.

You will also be freed from the teasing of creditors since they have to suspend all collection efforts for the entire repayment period.

For homeowners who want to keep their assets secured but have more equity than they can protect with their Ohio bankruptcy exemptions, or those whose income is too high to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is sometimes the best option.

You need to have a steady source of income and a little extra cash to dedicate to your Chapter 13 payment plan to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Non-dischargeable debt in the event of bankruptcy

The purpose of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is to obtain a “discharge” from debts. If the bankruptcy court reverses these covenants, you will not be held personally liable as long as you file for bankruptcy.

Most consumer debt can be forgiven, including credit card debt and medical debt. However, some debts cannot be discharged in bankruptcy because they are not dischargeable.

These are debts that Congress has decided should not be forgiven by national policy.

Here are the 11 categories of non-dischargeable debt. In other words, even if you get your consumer debt discharged, creditors will still be able to collect on that type of debt.

Others will be released if a creditor does not dispute their ability to be released. Some non-dischargeable debts do not require a hearing.

You must provide proof of unusual circumstances to obtain cancellation of non-dischargeable debts.

More than 1.4 million individuals filed for bankruptcy in 2011, significantly less than in 2010 (more than 1.5 million). This may mean that some Americans did not approve of the pardon, and some found an alternative.

Number of individuals and businesses that declared bankruptcy in the United States in 2010 and 2011


To continue to be non-dischargeable, other categories of non-dischargeable debt must be successfully contested by a creditor throughout the bankruptcy. At the hearing, the declarant of the bankruptcy and the creditor will have the opportunity to speak.

Nevertheless, the obligation will be terminated if the obligee does not object or if the court rejects its argument.

These debts are divided into three categories: those acquired dishonestly or under pretext; those suffered as a result of intentional and malicious damage to persons or property; and debts incurred from luxury credit card purchases totaling more than $650 that were made within 90 days of filing for bankruptcy and are owed to a single creditor.

Generally non-dischargeable debts

  1. Debts that were omitted from the bankruptcy petition unless the creditor was notified of the filing
  2. Several types of taxes
  3. Alimony or alimony
  4. Debts from a divorce or separation due to a child or an ex-spouse
  5. Penalties or fines due to government agencies
  6. Education Loans
  7. Debts for bodily injury caused by an impaired driving accident
  8. Debts associated with tax-advantaged pension plans
  9. Invoices from a condo or a housing cooperative
  10. Legal fees associated with child support or custody
  11. Criminal restitution, as well as other fines or legal sanctions

Alternatives to Bankruptcy for Debt Relief

Bankruptcy has adverse effects. You’ll have to wait ten years for the effects of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to disappear from your credit records and seven years for those from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

This could make it more expensive or possibly impossible to get a credit card or borrow money in the future for things like a mortgage or car loan. It can also have an impact on the cost of your insurance.

It is important to research other debt relief alternatives before filing for bankruptcy. Negotiating with your creditors to lower your interest rates, get some of your debt forgiven, or extend the time you have to pay it off is often the first step to debt relief.

Since they will gain more from the deal than they would if you filed for bankruptcy, creditors generally benefit from the debt reduction.


You can use bankruptcy to get rid of debt from credit cards, medical bills, and collection calls.

Even the best-executed bankruptcy petition won’t always be enough to completely pay off your debts, including student loans and child support obligations.

A lawyer can explain the extent of the amount of debt discharged you will have.

They will describe the different types of debts and those that a Chapter 7 filing could not discharge. You will also get advice on how to manage these debts from your lawyer.

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Louis Tomlinson shocked by UK number one album E! News UK Sat, 19 Nov 2022 08:17:45 +0000

Louis Tomlinson can’t believe he’s topped the UK charts.

The 30-year-old singer’s second solo album, ‘Faith In The Future’, took the top spot after a close battle with Bruce Springsteen and Louis admitted it was ‘not necessarily something I saw coming’ .

Speaking to, Louis said: “My album is number one on the official charts – I can’t believe I’m saying that. I just want to say a huge thank you for all the amazing support the fans have shown me last week and my entire career.

“It’s an absolute honor and not necessarily something I saw coming. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

He added on Twitter: “NUMBER 1 IN THE UK! F****** love you all!!!

“The support during this release week has been on a different level. Thank you so much to everyone involved!

“I don’t even know what to say. Just breathtaking. THANK YOU!”

“Faith In The Future” is Louis’ follow-up to his first solo album “Walls”, released in 2020.

He is now the fourth One Direction member to top the UK charts with a solo offering.

Zayn Malik went to number one with his 2016 debut “Mind Of Mine”, Harry Styles had two number ones with 2017’s self-titled record and 2022’s “Harry’s House”, while Niall Horan hit number one with his 2020 album “Heartbreak Weather”. .

Paramore Changes 2013 Self-titled Album Cover: Is It Because of Jeremy Davis’ Release? Wed, 16 Nov 2022 23:06:17 +0000

For fans who recently streamed Paramore’s 2013 self-titled album, many of you may have noticed that the album cover has changed; was he replaced because of the departure of former bassist Jeremy Davis?

According people magazinethe album previously featured three band members, including Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Davis, standing in front of a black backdrop covered in colored powder.

The updated cover now features Hayley Williams’ back while wearing a denim jacket with the words “Grow Up” written in white paint.

As of this writing, Paramore hasn’t released a statement regarding their big move, but many fans have speculated that the latest move may be down to their desire to distance themselves from their former bassist.

After more than 10 years of playing for the band, Davis left his bandmates in 2015. He parted ways with his buddies in a not-so-good way that he later sued the band for breach of contract and fraud.

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Paramore lawsuit against Jeremy Davis

According The Tennessian, the musician claimed in his lawsuit that he was part of Hayley Williams’ Varoom Whoa as a partner. The legal entity is responsible for the commercial functions of Paramore.

Additionally, the former bassist alleged that he was not compensated fairly for his work for the band.

The music group then argued that their ex-member was an employee rather than a partner in his revenue streams like merchandise, sales, etc.

Davis eventually left the band in December 2015 and he claimed Williams “cut him in the back”.

He also initially claimed that he was one of the people behind the band’s decision-making by hiring several employees who would work on their tours and musical projects like advisors, managers, musicians. , etc.

The bassist claimed he was entitled to receive more money for his contribution. The two sides reportedly settled the legal dispute in federal court, but the terms behind it have not been publicly discussed.

Paramore attorney Jay Bowen released a statement at the time, saying, “Everything has been resolved and settled.”

Today, current members include Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and Zac Farro. Their next album titled “This is Why”, the sequel to their 2017 album “After Laughter”, is set to be released on February 10, 2023.

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The fourth major bank launches a program of small loans Wed, 16 Nov 2022 14:00:00 +0000

Wells Fargo launched a widely available small-dollar loan Nov. 16, making it the fourth major bank to offer an affordable alternative to expensive payday loans. With the move, financial institutions that operate nearly 13,000 branches, or about 18% of all bank branches in the United States, now offer automated, near-instant small dollar loans to their customers.

This change unlocks access to borrowing for many checking account customers with low credit scores who might not otherwise qualify for bank credit. Banks have found that these customers are likely to repay the loans because of their previous relationship with the bank and because the loans are repaid in affordable installments over several months.

The maximum amount for these loans is set at $500 or $1,000, depending on the bank, allowing consumers to borrow as much as they would from a payday lender, but at a much lower cost and with strong guarantees. Payday loans typically carry interest rates over 300% and often feature unaffordable lump sum payments that can eat up a large chunk of borrowers’ regular paychecks. In most cases, repeated use results in borrowers carrying costly debts for several months.

Although banks use different criteria to determine eligibility for small dollar loans, the top four that offer them – Bank of America, Huntington, US Bank and Wells Fargo – primarily base their qualifications on the customer’s account history. with them ; for example, if the potential borrower has been a customer for a number of months, regularly uses the checking account or debit card, or has direct deposit for paychecks. The 12 million Americans who use payday loans each year have a checking account and income, as these are the two requirements for getting a payday loan.

Large banks offering small loan amounts charge prices at least 15 times lower than average payday lenders. The loans are repayable in three to four months, which corresponds to consumers’ opinion of the time needed to repay small loans. Compared to typical payday loans, which keep borrowers in debt for an average of five months of the year, consumers can save hundreds of dollars by using loans from banks instead. For example, the average cost to borrow $400 for three months from a payday lender is $360; meanwhile, these banks charge $24 or less for this credit. Similarly, the average cost to borrow $500 for four months from a payday lender is over $500 in fees alone, while the cost of borrowing through one of these banking programs is, at most, $35.

Previous research has shown that using payday loans can put customers at greater risk of losing their checking accounts, suggesting that borrowers of small bank loans may reap benefits beyond saving hundreds of dollars. dollars in fees. And because the average payday loan borrower makes about $30,000 a year, or less than $1,200 per paycheck every two weeks, the total savings would be substantial.

When Pew surveyed payday loan borrowers, 8 in 10 said they would borrow from their bank if it started offering small loans and they were likely to be approved. Their main criteria for choosing where to borrow included how quickly money would be available, how certain they would be of being approved, and how easy it would be to apply. Banks all have quick and easy online or mobile applications and place loan proceeds in customer accounts within minutes. It’s much faster and easier than any payday lender’s process. This speed and ease suggests strong customer acceptance of small bank loans.

Checking account customers who turned to payday lenders and other high-cost lenders because their banks didn’t offer small loans now have a far more affordable option than any that were widely available. These new small loans are now an option partly thanks to well-designed advice from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the National Credit Union Administration who welcomed the automation of this type of lending and gave banks the regulatory certainty they needed to develop these products.

So far, only Bank of America, Huntington, US Bank and Wells Fargo have stepped up to offer safe, low-payment loans or lines of credit to their most-needed customers who would not normally qualify for bank loans. Several other institutions have announced that they are developing new small loan products. To reach millions of borrowers and help them save billions of dollars a year, compared to what they owe to payday lenders, more banks need to prioritize financial inclusion. To do this, they should join these four in offering similar credit to their customers who need the most help.

Alex Horowitz is a Principal Officer and Linlin Liang is a Senior Associate of The Pew Charitable Trusts Consumer Lending Project.

Joni Mitchell to Release Live Album – Music News Mon, 14 Nov 2022 07:06:33 +0000

Joni Mitchell hopes to release a live album featuring her set from the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island.

The veteran musician took the stage at the event in July to perform her first gig in over 20 years and now hopes to share the gig with more of her fans by compiling it into a live album that would feature classic tunes, including including ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, ‘A Case of You’ and ‘Both Sides Now’.

The 78-year-old singer revealed the news during an interview with Sir Elton John on his ‘Rocket Hour’ podcast for Apple Music, with Elton asking Joni: ‘People out there, you haven’t heard of the Newport Folk Festival. , but I think there’s going to be an album coming out of that?”

Joni then replied, “Yeah, we’re trying to get it out there.”

The singer’s return to the stage marked her first full performance since suffering a brain aneurysm in 2015 which left her unable to speak or walk for a time.

After Joni made her return to the festival in July, she revealed that it was the first time she felt nervous about performing. Speaking to CBS News after the show, she said: “I was never nervous about being in front of an audience, but I wanted to be good and I wasn’t sure I could do it. to be. But I didn’t look too bad tonight. “I think having a touch of death like that softens people up for me.” Joni learned to play guitar again by watching tutorials online She said, “I’m learning. I watch videos that are on the net to see where I put my fingers. It’s amazing what an aneurysm causes… how to get out of a chair, you don’t know how to get out of a bed. … Go back to childhood, almost. You have to relearn everything. “

Catholic Charities Help People Achieve Financial Independence Sun, 13 Nov 2022 10:39:03 +0000

Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri is now helping families recover — financially.

The nonprofit launched a financial wellness program over the summer.

Just last week, his first participating family managed to refinance a payday loan into a manageable payment program.

But the change didn’t happen overnight, according to Kathy Frese, the association’s financial stability specialist.

Modeled after a similar program at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, the wellness program aims to break a circular cycle of predatory lending.

“(Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas has) a great resource for me to get the program started,” Frese said.

According to the Catholic Charities Financial Wellness webpage, the program aims to help families take control of their daily and monthly finances, gain the ability to absorb financial shocks (or weather emergencies that cause financial hardship), get on track to achieve financial goals, and create financial freedom to make choices that allow them to enjoy their lives.

A Catholic Charities donor helped develop the needed partnership with Mid-America Bank, which could provide loans to eligible customers and repay existing payday loans.

“People entering the program must show they have the ability to repay the loan,” Frese said. “The first family was a referral through the pantry. We started by meeting with them – talking about their finances.”

She had to get some basic information from the client and know what results the client wanted. Frese had to develop a financial image for the family.

“We have to do it based on their goals. Their original goal when they came to me was, ‘We want to be able to save and buy a house.'”

It was going to be tough, Frese said.

Catholic Charities had to help the family pay off their debt. One problem was that the family was facing a high interest loan. The program is intended to help overcome these barriers, she said.

The family met the nonprofit’s requirements before Catholic Charities and Mid-America Bank could refinance their payday loan, which carried an interest rate of 300%.

“When I went last week to pay off the loan, it was clearly posted on the counter – 300% interest,” Frese said. The current prime rate is 7%. “Our program is prime plus 3%. That’s a pretty big amount if you want to get that rate.”

The program limits the loan to $2,700, which must be repaid within 18 months.

But the program does not stop once the client has won the chance to receive the loan.

Frese must guarantee to the bank that the customer can support this loan payment. Clients participate in monthly case management with her during the loan program.

“I give them tools to track their spending. We give them advice based on what they value,” she continued.

Sometimes, she says, just taking a few hours to think about a financial decision may be all a person needs to decide they might have alternatives.

“We’re talking about having these debts – what are we doing to start reducing them?” asked Frese. “We’re starting to come up with a plan through monthly coaching. If they write it down every time before they spend money, they might think twice about making that purchase.”

Customers now have access to resources they never knew existed. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a variety of resources and tools that Frese has used to help people.

During the first meetings with clients, she presents them with a questionnaire on financial well-being. It sets benchmarks for the program.

“Six months later, we can see if we’ve made a difference and improved,” she said.

Frese said she was struck by the financial lessons parents gave her clients. They basically told customers that when they reached a certain age, they were adults and had to fend for themselves.

“One comment that struck me was that they said, ‘My parents didn’t teach me any of these things,'” Frese said.

She said a “sink or swim” approach doesn’t work for people trying to get their financial house in order.

“We want to put them in place to be successful,” Frese said. “We don’t want to put them in a position where they struggle.”

Led Zeppelin Album Cover Jimmy Page Almost Didn’t Like “Led Zeppelin III” Sat, 12 Nov 2022 16:44:23 +0000

It took all four members of Led Zeppelin to make the band legendary, but Jimmy Page was the brain. He formed the band, wrote almost all of the music, and played stunning solos that earned him worldwide adoration (even though a Zeppelin concert was torture for another famous guitarist). As the band’s producer, Page had a lot to say about the sound of the albums, and he was also interested in how they looked. He was not a fan of the sleeve for Led Zeppelin III. There was another Zeppelin album cover that Page didn’t like nearly as much.

Tweet from Led Zeppelin showing part of the cover of “Houses of the Holy”

Jimmy Page Wasn’t a Fan of ‘Led Zeppelin III’ Cover

After two hard-hitting and heavily blues-influenced albums, Led Zeppelin III confused fans and critics with several folk-inspired songs. The cover telegraphed musical direction before listeners even dropped the needle on the vinyl.