I have an album cover tattooed on my neck

A SONG posted by a TikTok star in 2020 moved a woman so much that she decided to get the album cover design tattooed on her body.

Now the tattoo shop is closed, but the tattoo remains – permanently twisted – on the back of the neck.


Morgan Stepien said his neck tattoo made him wish he had a time machineCredit: TikTok / Morganstepien_
The cosmetology student explained the decision in a video


The cosmetology student explained the decision in a videoCredit: TikTok / Morganstepien_

Pennsylvania-based cosmetology student Morgan Stepien hinted at the regrettable artistry of a video which went viral on TikTok, prompting a following and tattoo reveal.

“I was obsessed with a song a TikToker posted,” Stepien wrote in the video’s captions.

Then, “I got the sleeve tattoo on my neck” appeared onscreen, as Stepien lip-synced to the song playing in the background: “I wish I had a time machine.”

In the comments, viewers asked for a tattoo reveal, and Stepien delivered.

During the summer of 2020, Stepien went with her brother to a local tattoo parlour. She already had a project in mind.

Earlier that year, musician and TikTok star Jaden Hossler released the song Angels and Demons.

“I loved the cover,” Stepien said, and his first thought upon seeing it was, “that would be really cool to put on my neck.”

The art of Hossler’s single features an angel’s wing, soft and feathery, and a demon’s wing, pointed and bat-like, paired together.

In the original artwork, the design had a white and red color scheme, but Stepien chose a black outline for the angel wing to make it visible.

Stepien confessed that she was also a fan of Justin Bieber and saw her design as a tribute to the pop star, who also has a pair of wings inked on the back of her neck.

Then she revealed her tattoo. On the back of his neck, the pair of wings were twisted and out of balance, and the wings showed a much squarer design than the original art.

“He wasn’t the best performer,” Stepien said after the revelation.

Her biggest complaint was that the tattoo was so different from the inspirational artwork she brought.

The “angel’s” wing, which is the black-outlined wing on her neck, “really doesn’t match, but so what.”

Surprisingly, Stepien wasn’t the only person to fall in love with the song and end up with a tattoo of the album cover.

“I have the wings on my shoulder,” confessed a commentator. “Still like the song, but…”

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Another commenter wrote, “Don’t touch it up. Let it fade, girl.”

If she chooses to touch up the tattoo, Stepien will have to go to another store. In a comment, she confirmed the store was closed.

The tattoo design was based on the album cover


The tattoo design was based on the album coverCredit: TikTok / Morganstepien_
Two years later, the tattoo faded


Two years later, the tattoo fadedCredit: TikTok / Morganstepien_

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