Inside Rema’s “Rave & Roses” Album Cover

Despite careful examination, it is quite difficult to pin down the entire theme of Rave & Roses to a symbol in the distinctive sleeve that was unveiled. The first is,

The swing

the swing hanging from a cloud in the upper right corner. This swing appeared on the cover of his first project, which catapulted him into the limelight. He also featured in the 2020s Ginger Me. For this author, and anyone observant enough to notice, the swing appears in the songs, where Rema freely basks, childish innocence, the pursuit of thrill and the glory of youthful success.

A smiling sun

In the upper left corner is the symbol of a smiling sun. This symbol has appeared in recent years, smashing the seductive hit of the summer Soundgasm allude to the record may be the heart of Rave & Roses. Aside from that, the smiling sun also symbolizes this album is one for the summer.

A tree and a sword

Recall that Rema got a tree tattoo on his chest and a sword on his neck. At the time he made this public, we had no idea it foreshadowed his debut album. In the lower left corner is

a tree and a sword next to it. This tree was also featured in the 2020s Ginger me.

A knocked down house and a falling skeleton

Then, in the center of the work is a vertically inverted building on fire with two roses side by side. A skeleton holding a bouquet of flowers suffers a fatal fall, symbolizing grief and the vague idea of ​​love for young adults in this age obsessed with lack of commitment.

With current coverage for Rave & Roses, it is almost impossible to attribute the message to a single symbol. However, it’s clear that the various easter eggs, references, and callbacks stem from every moment that led Rema to this point in his career. Rema has constantly shown his interest in the visual arts, so much so that a highlight reel is solely dedicated to fan art on its Instagram page.

As seen in their discography, Rave Lorde is known for their subtle symbolism and attention to detail in their musical covers. In a YouTube special last year, Rema broke down the cover art for Bounceillustrated by iamwillysart. Inside, different versions of himself battled against each other. He interpreted this as his own competition. Hopefully he would do the same special for his debut album which will arrive next month.

We can always expect fabulous music from Rema, but another thing to consume is amazing covers that are worth watching multiple times as you inevitably leave the songs on repeat.

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