Japanese Breakfast and Machine Gun Kelly laugh amid album cover comparisons

Japanese Breakfast and Machine Gun Kelly ignored comparisons between the Korean-American artist’s album cover and the new cover unveiled by the American rapper.

Earlier this week, rolling stone published an article discussing what the journalist perceived to be similarities between Machine Gun Kelly’s cover art for his upcoming album, Consumer Sale, and Japanese Breakfast’s Grammy-nominated album, Jubilee.

Some fans on social media also seemed to notice similarities between the two.

MGK shows him wielding a guitar while being bombarded with pink tomatoes, while Japanese Breakfast shows singer Michelle Zauner posing in a yellow dress with khakis hanging in front of her.

“The feud of the year 2022,” Japanese Breakfast joked in response, linking to the article.

“So should we beef over tomatoes or… should I thank them for introducing me to your album, because I just listened to it and I really like it,” MGK replied.

“Thank you,” Japanese Breakfast replied, adding a tomato emoji.

“I don’t think it looks like my album cover at all,” Zauner said. Fork in a follow-up interview, “but I think it’s very funny that rolling stone post about it just because there is a circular fruit in the foreground.

“I mean, it’s people throwing tomatoes at him, and mine is persimmons peacefully hanging around me, so I think they’re very different concepts.”

Michelle Zauner photographed for the cover of her 2021 album Jubilee

(Peter Ash Lee)

Machine Gun Kelly on the cover of his album “Mainstream Sellout”


Addressing the pink aesthetic of MGK’s album cover, she said, “Yeah, it’s a very contemporary Avril aesthetic. Which, even though I’m Avril, is an aesthetic that I don’t really embrace for myself.

She added: “I’ve never met Machine Gun Kelly. He seems like a good guy. I can’t imagine having rock beef with anyone, but if I had to choose, it would probably be Machine Gun Kelly.

Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, comes out General public sale March 25.

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