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Kid Cudi promised fans one last album before calling it quits.

The rapper recently said he feels he’s “a little nearing the end” of music – but he’d like to become a kindergarten teacher – and now he’s revealed to his 2.7million followers that he plans to release one last record, the next one – up to ‘Entergalactic’ in September.

He tweeted: “I’m doing 1 more album then I finished my deal and I don’t know what I’ll do after that but yeah 1 more.

“It won’t be next year. Stay tuned. (sic)”

He added, “This is for all my fans who have been with me for so long. This will be brand new music. The songs I teased have probably been released as singles here and there to hold you back. (sic)”

The 38-year-old star had admitted he was nearing his end “on all things Kid Cudi”, and isn’t sure he wants to make albums for “too long”.

Speaking of hip-hop stars like Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Eminem and Nas, Cudi said, “I feel like I don’t have what they have. I just don’t know if I want to do… music, drop albums for too long.”

But he found an alternative career.

Speaking on ‘Hot Ones’ on the ‘First We Feast’ YouTube channel, he added, “I’m really curious to see what else I can do.

“I was thinking about it, it’s like a crazy idea I had years ago.

“It would be cool to be a kindergarten teacher one day.

“Just do this for a few years. When I’m about 50…infect young people with this coolness. Then these kids will spread the coolness to the world.”

In 2012, Cudi admitted he was an “aspiring kindergarten teacher”.

He wrote on Twitter at the time: “Cudder Fact: I’m a silent conspiracy theorist and anarchist. Also an aspiring kindergarten teacher ha (sic)”

The ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ hitmaker recently admitted he’s “really proud” of his mental health journey.

Meanwhile, the star – who once struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts – said: “Even if things on tour didn’t go well and all of this didn’t happen, I’d still be in a great place. .

“It’s always a lot when you go on the road. But I’ve been in such a big space and so happy with everything that’s happened and, I’m proud of myself, man. Like, I’m really very proud of myself, more than I’ve ever been in my life.

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