KISS album cover artist Ken Kelly dies aged 76

Ken Kelly, the fantastic artist who painted the rock band’s iconic KISS covers Destructive (1976) and gun of love (1977) albums, died this week at the age of 76, according to reports from Blabbermouth and duke.

“A moment to remember the great Ken Kelly,” KISS vocalist and guitarist Paul Stanley said Saturday, June 4. “His fantastic art perfectly captured the larger-than-life image of KISS. Rest in peace.”

See several other memorabilia about the late artist near the bottom of this article.

Kelly created rock and metal album artwork in the 70s, 80s and beyond. He also made Rainbow’s Rising (1976) and several Manowar album covers, including fight the world (1987) and The kings of metal (1988). Her colorful KISS art may well have been her calling card.

Kelly’s death was confirmed earlier this week by Danny Stanton, chairman and founder of concert promoter Coallier Entertainment. Stanton said Friday, June 3, “RIP KEN KELLY. You will always be a legend in the world of KISS. Awesome guy, artist, friend.”

Born in Connecticut in 1946, Kelly got her start in comic books and horror magazines in the early 70s. Later that decade, KISS drummer Peter Criss brought her on board.

“I always thought it was [KISS’] Gene Simmons, but Criss’ wife said it was he who was reading [me] while Gene and Paul Stanley were reading Marvel,” Kelly once said. To print. “Criss was basically responsible for me ending up on the cover.”

Loudwire sends condolences to Kelly’s family and friends, fans, KISS and the entire KISS army.

Album cover artist Ken Kelly remembers

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