Kylie Minogue shares wild album art to celebrate 33 years of debut album release


Kylie Minogue was only 20 when she burst onto the music scene with her debut album, Kylie.

And now, 33 years later, the Can’t Get You Out Of My Head singer looks back on three decades of success as she poked fun at herself on the cover of her very first album.

In the cover photo, Kylie was wearing a hat, but just the brim rather than the entire helmet.

“Hang on to your hats !!! (Or any part of the hat you have … I’m looking at you #bord) #KYLIE is 33! Yep. 33! #Lovers. What a trip. Thank you for l ‘having shared with me,’ she wrote alongside the Instagram snap.

Kylie’s debut album was released 33 years ago

Kylie is currently working on a new extended edition of her recent album, Disco ‘.

Speaking to T Australia magazine earlier this year, she said: “This year we’re going to do a reconditioning of ‘Disco’ and it instantly triggers my neurons. What else can we do? Does he drive? There’s a lot to play with. “

The 53-year-old singer revealed that one of her favorite songs on her recent LP was Say Something, and she cried when she first heard it.

The singer reflected on her long career as she celebrated the milestone
The singer reflected on her long career as she celebrated the milestone

“I cried when I heard it earlier this year. I remember listening to it and being very in tears and calling my producer and saying, ‘This song is just … “She says more than what we say. Like, there’s a lot of space for interpretation in this song,” she said.

“It is about love and about everyone having the capacity to love.

“It’s not as easy to describe as ‘OK, everyone’s on the dance floor, there’s a full moon and we’re all dancing.'”

Kylie is busy working on more music
Kylie is busy working on more music

Kylie thinks the song really touched everyone because it has a very universal approach to love.

“For me, it’s about the eternal quest for love and not necessarily a romantic relationship. Just love for love,” she explained.

“We’re all different, but it’s pretty much a common desire or need and nostalgia. And it’s endless. I was so glad the landscape in the video was galactic because that’s what i feel about love – where does it start? where does it end?

“Your family love, your romantic love, your love for life.”


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