Lorde Fan Shares Uncropped Cover Of Melodrama Album Created With DALL-E 2

Earlier this week, a Lorde fan shared a new version of her 2017 album Melodrama on Redditwhich was created using the AI ​​DALL-E 2 system.

The DALL-E 2 version of Melodrama is a larger, scaled-up version of Lorde’s original, and the AI ​​system used the color palette to create a room around Lorde.

The same fan, called debtristan on Reddit, also shared another version after one user wrote, “I always imagined the cover to be the night someone opened their bedroom door to take the picture and light spilled through the door.”

When asked how they created it, Debtristan wrote, “First I put the original cover on a larger canvas, then I grabbed” an impressionist, orange and blue painting of a 19 year old girl lying in her bed, with a window above the bed, during a beautiful sunrise” and it filled in the rest. I then did it three times. The software is really amazing, it just use the right words and the right phrasing.”

The uncropped DALL-E 2 version of Lorde Melodrama comes after other music fans used the AI ​​system to dream up wider album covers of Tyler, The Creator, Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar and more.

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