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Machine Gun Kelly’s new album is more guitar-heavy.

The 31-year-old rapper turned pop-punk star said “Born With Horns” would be a more grown-up version of his previous album “Tickets To my Downfall”.

He told Variety: “It’s heavier guitar. Lyrically, if ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ was metaphorically high school, then ‘Born With Horns’ is middle school. And I think, in high school , you don’t really have a sense of responsibility, you’re scared of that responsibility, and so you want to explode and use all that energy to screw it up. And then college comes along, which is this album, and you’re aware of responsibility and you always know how to have fun, but you understand that there is a certain duty in your life to do something with it. “Born With Horns” makes it seem like it has a purpose or a real lesson with which to you are leaving. “

And Kelly hopes the pop-punk revival will inspire others to pursue their dreams.

He said, “Do not let people water your dreams with their fears, because your fire should be free. the person watching them was too afraid to chase theirs. It’s the same with rock people who don’t want to kiss me, or act like I don’t belong. … I won’t let this story hang on. I don’t let people continue to bully me into doing something that has always been true for me. “

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