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Marcus Mumford “faced his demons” on his upcoming debut solo album.

The Mumford and Sons frontman has announced that he is set to release his self-titled album on September 16.

And as well as revealing his roster of star performers including Phoebe Bridgers, Brandi Carlile and Clairo, the 35-year-old musician admitted he’s been through a tough time, which inspired the track ‘Cannibal’.

In a handwritten note posted on social media, he wrote: “In January 2021, in the face of demons I danced with for a long time in solitary confinement, I wrote a song called ‘Cannibal’.

“I took it to my friend Blake Mills, and we began the process of making this album, dear to my heart, titled (self-titled).

“It’s out September 16, 2022, produced by Blake Mills, and starring Brandi Carlile, Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo and Monica Martin.”

Last month, Marcus hinted at the launch of his solo career.

He reportedly performed new solo tracks for a handful of attendees at a Spotify event for the 2022 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on the French Riviera.

A person on the show told the New York Post’s Page Six column, “He just said today is the first day for his next thing.”

The star also posted brief clips of himself in the studio, including one in the vocal booth, on social media.

Marcus embarking on a solo career comes after the dramatic exit of Mumford banjo player Winston Marshall.

The 34-year-old musician quit the folk band last summer after 14 years, following controversy he courted for praising a book by right-wing journalist Andy Ngo.

Although Winston stands by his tweet, he admitted he was sorry his bandmates were held accountable for his beliefs.

He wrote: “Calling me ‘fascist’ was ridiculous beyond belief. I had a lot of abuse over the years. I am a banjo player after all. But that was another level.

“And, thanks to our association, my friends, my bandmates, were getting it too. It took me more than a moment to realize how painful it was for them.

“Despite being four individuals, we were, in the eyes of the public, a unit. Moreover, it is the [Marcus Mumford] name on the box.

“This name has been dragged into some pretty ugly charges, following my tweet.

“I very much regret the distress they and their families felt over the weekend. I remain sorry for that. Unwittingly, I dragged them into a divisive and totemic issue.”

However, Winston revealed that his bandmates were supportive of him and encouraged him to stay in the band.

He said: “Emotions were running high. Despite the pressure to reject me, they invited me to stay with the group.

“It took courage, especially in the era of the so-called ‘cancel culture.’ I apologized and agreed to take a step back temporarily.”

Winston ultimately decided to leave the group in order to avoid having to “self-censor” and be able to protect his comrades.

He said: “For me, talking about what I’ve learned to be such a controversial issue will inevitably cause more problems for my bandmates.

“My love, loyalty and responsibility to them cannot allow this.

“I could stay and continue to censor myself, but it will erode my sense of integrity. Eat away at my conscience. I’ve felt that start before.

“The only way forward is to leave the group. I hope that by stepping away from them, I can say what I think without them suffering the consequences.

“I leave with love in my heart and wish these three boys nothing but the best. I am confident that their stars will shine bright long into the future.”

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