Moods brings serious soul to new album “Music Ruined My Life”

After showing you two singles from the new Moods album, we are pleased to present the rest of the LP to you. The Dutch producer released all eight tracks Music ruined my life over the weekend, which was a fully live recording made with a jazz ensemble. The new songs holistically complement its catalog and show off its wide range of sounds.

Fittingly, Moods sends listeners on a multi-genre journey where each song captures a different mood. You can feel the serenity in the first few songs “Deeper waters ” and “Let It Slide”, a little spontaneity on the riff filled with “The Necessary Change” and the punchy “Ecstasy.” He also makes sure to end on a royal note with “Go back to 4ever. Its impeccable capacity giving each instrument the spotlight so that it can be fully enjoyed makes this instrument even more special.

Moods spoke about it briefly …

I love working with vocals, and I think the singers I’ve worked with on projects so far have been amazing. But when you take that element out and focus more on the instrumentation and arrangement, it’s a really different experience, and that’s something I really enjoyed about Music Ruined My Life.

You can read the full album below and watch a mini-documentary on the making of the album. here. Enjoy!

Moods – Music ruined my life

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