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If you had to describe AWOLNATIONfrom the guest-packed new covers album, it would be hard to find a better word than “fun.”

The compilation, titled My echo, my shadow, my blankets and mefinds the “Sail” outfit taking songs such as Scorpios“Wind of Change” with incubusBrandon Boyd and Portugal. the man and midnight oil“The Beds Are Burning” with rise up againstfor ABBA“Take a Chance on Me” featuring Jewel and Madonna“Material Girl” with Hansenit is Taylor Hanson.

For the AWOL leader Aaron Brunotrying to create something as fun as possible amid the doldrums of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic seemed like the best option he had.

“Music is there to help people, it’s supposed to be fun,” Bruno told ABC Audio. “When it can be light, it’s a good thing. This is generally the attitude that I adopted to carry out this whole project.

Work on my echoshares Bruno, was a good alternative to “watching negative news all the time and living in a constant state of panic.”

“I was able to kind of lean on the connectivity with these different artists that joined me,” he says. “It was very therapeutic for me.”

Bruno adds that he is “happy and grateful” for all the guests who “agreed to do this madness” with him. Collaborating with so many different people on one record was also a unique experience for Bruno, who is the main driving force behind AWOLNATION.

“It’s like I’m in a band again all of a sudden,” he says. “I haven’t done this in a while. So that’s good too.

My echo, my shadow, my blankets and me came out today. AWOLNATION will kick off a US tour in October.

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