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Olivia Rodrigo is already feeling the pressure to make a successful second album.

The 18-year-old singer enjoyed overnight success earlier this year with her debut single Drivers License and followed it up with Sour’s record-breaking debut album.

Sitting down to chat with Alanis Morissette – who enjoyed similar success with her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill – for Rolling Stone magazine, Rodrigo admitted she was already thinking about the pressure to provide a worthy follow-up.

“The pressure of a second album is something I thought about a lot too. I don’t know if you felt that pressure,” she said, to which Morissette replied, “After Jagged Little Pill , everywhere I went, every grocery store said, “When’s your next record? I hate men too! “I didn’t want to write it right away. There’s a lot of pressure to move on to a strange occasion or bar.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Rodrigo admitted that she wasn’t sure her songs were relevant because she worked as a child actress and didn’t go to school, but she soon realized that the grief is a universal theme that anyone can connect with.

“When I published the driver’s license, about this very difficult time in my life, I saw that it would affect so many people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender or age,” recalls -she. “There were 40 year old guys coming up to me and like, ‘Wow, that really hit me.'”

She added that her songs have turned out to be so popular that she sometimes feels like “they’re not mine anymore.”

“The ‘I’m writing songs in my room’ to ‘Oh my God a lot of people know this song’ was really quick for me. I obviously feel so lucky, but sometimes I feel like I am. It has nothing to do with me, “she confessed.

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