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Stereophonics have announced their 12th studio album, ‘Oochya!’.

Kelly Jones and co have released the brand new single “Handing On Your Hinges” from the upcoming follow-up to “Kind” of 2019.

The rockers of “Maybe Tomorrow” have also announced a tour of the arenas in support of the LP, which will be released on March 4, 2022.

Frontman Kelly, 47 – who released the solo album “Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day” last year – said the record was “90 percent uptempo” and was inspired by Sir Elton John , The Cult and the rolling stones.

He told NME, “There’s some very anthemic stuff on the album, and one song sounds like The Cult. There are a few piano songs like “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John, only with weird R&B harmonies. The end of the album is pretty Stones-y, like a very earthy session recorded at 2am. It has a very positive feel and 90 percent of it is very rhythmic. In these times, I don’t think you can be too introspective. It will be a great collection to play live as it will give people a feel good experience. There are moments of introspection, but even they have a feeling of “light at the end of the tunnel”.

On the track’s origins, ‘Oochya!’, The Welsh star explained: “When we were recording ‘Language. Sex. Violence. Other’ in 2004, that’s a word I started writing in the studio, but I don’t know where it came from! To me that’s a word that Paul Weller or Cockneys like Chas And Dave would say, like ‘Let’s fuck it!’ I like records like Aerosmith’s’ Pump ‘or the Rolling Stones” Grrr! ‘And’ Honk ‘, where the word doesn’t mean anything but still gives you flavor. The track has a lot to do with it. atmosphere of the record, I think. Once you go to call your record “Oochya!” it can’t be too introspective. “

The Stereophonics 2022 tour kicks off at Manchester Arena on March 18 and ends in Birmingham on April 2, 2022.

In December, meanwhile, the “Dakota” hitmakers will rock Cardiff Principality Stadium on December 18, supported by Sir Tom Jones and Catfish And The Bottlemen.

Tickets for the 2022 tour go on sale Friday (10.09.21) at 9am.

Go to stereophonics.com/tour for full tour dates and ticket information.

The tracklist for ‘Oochya!’ is:

1. “Hanging on your hinges”

2. “Forever”

3. “When you see it”

4. “Do you feel my love”

5. “In the right place at the right time”

6. “Close enough to get home”

7. “Leave the light on”

8. “Running around my brain”

9. “Every dog ​​has his day”

10. “You are my soul”

11. “All I have is you”

12. ‘Made a mess of me’

13. “Saw that look before”

14. “I don’t know what you have”

15. “Jack in a Box”

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