Playboi Carti revealed that the title of his next album will be Music, “because that’s all he is at this point.” the All Lotta Red The rapper opened up about his upcoming project, as well as his music label, Opium, during a new interview with XXL.

“I was about to name my album Music because that’s where I’m at, you know what I mean? Music,” Carti told the outlet.

He explained, “Music because that’s all it is at this point.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Regarding the sound of the project, he clarified, “Yeah, so that’s it. Like I said, it’s music. That’s what it’s for so everyone can just… I got a lot of people to take care of so I’m here, forever So the music I make is forever I’ve listened to Mayhem, The Weeknd, a lot of old bullshit d ‘Atlanta ratchet bullshit Do you think sometimes I need to fall asleep Do people think I’m too early ‘Cause sometimes I feel like just turning down arms brings in more money.

Carti added that he has a song called “Wicked” on the way. He did not reveal a release date for the project.

As for Opium, Carti says he has already signed several artists and also plans to release a clothing line with him.

“Opium is my label,” Carti said. “My artists that I have are Ken Car$on, Destroy Lonely and Homicide Beno! And Homixide Meechie. I have a gang of producers. I came first by signing a gang of producers. Ken and Lonely, they are two children Where I’m from. And they’re family. As they got older, they started rapping. I met Homicide about three years ago. And when I came in with them, my cousins, they were from good friends with them – boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I had Beno! with me every day and one day he just sent me a song and I was like, “Wow!” superstars. I love them. They have my full focus. That’s all.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Carti talks about his relationship with Lil Uzi Vert, being a father, and more.