Pop Smoke’s ‘FAITH’ Album Cover Revealed

Ahead of its release date, the cover art for Pop Smoke’s posthumous second album has been unveiled.

Earlier today (July 12), Steven Victor, who worked as Pop’s manager before the rapper’s tragic death, shared an Instagram post that includes an image of the album cover for FAITH, the new Pop Smoke album which will be released this Friday. It also included a trailer for the LP.

The cover of Pop’s new album features a close-up of his face and a charcoal black background. In the picture, you can see the “Faith” tattoo very well above her left eye.

The album trailer includes archival footage of Pop in his element, whether he’s playing, kicking with his friends or being interviewed by Hot 97. It also includes a snippet of a new song . It’s another glimpse into star power that helped define a career that was far too short.

At the time of his death, Pop Smoke’s Meet the Woo 2 the mixtape had just been released. With a distinctly gruff voice, a knack for making bangers, and a level of charisma that helps define rap icons, his rise to superstardom seemed imminent. Tragically, he was fatally shot in the California neighborhood of Hollywood Hills on February 19, 2020 after four intruders broke into a house he was renting.

This month of July, Aim for the stars, aim for the moon, a posthumous debut album featuring Lil Baby, DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, Future and more, has been released. The album was produced by 50 Cent and it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart after its first week of release. Now the hope is that her new album will resonate with fans as well. Discover the trailer and the cover of the album FAITH below.

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