Rina Sawayama Fans Call Out Pop Star’s Album Cover Days Before Its Release

Rina Sawayama is days away from releasing her second album ‘Hold The Girl,’ but many fans are skeptical of the pop star’s choices as they call out the official album cover for the upcoming album; what’s wrong with the cover?

A fan recently posted a collage promotional photos of Sawayama, showing the various promotional shots of his new album.

The photos contained text, apparently praising every image posted since the British pop star announced her new era.

“Every Hold The Girl promotional image is stunning and beautiful,” the captions read.

However, the fan omitted the official album cover with the text “Not You”. The photo shows the “Love Me 4 Me” singer standing in front of a red backdrop while wearing a bizarre circular outfit.

Many fans immediately responded to the post, seemingly agreeing with whoever posted the previous single cover collage.

“She really picked the worst of all I mourn…it’s so different from the others and if it’s artistic it should have been literally any other,” a wrote.

“why would she have chosen the WORST image as her cover”, another wrote.

One user alleged that the reason Sawayama and his team chose the photo was because his “camp” and it was a marketing ploy as many fans would use it to create memes, leading to great promotions on social networks.

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Rina Sawayama’s ‘Hold The Girl’ Album Cover Explained

The official album cover was unveiled in May and features Sawayama wearing a round costume designed by Miguel Benito. Thurstan Redding was the photographer behind the viral coverage.

In a previous interview with Numberthe “Tokyo Love Hotel” singer explained that the official album cover depicts “isolation and gestation.”

She noted that the photo seems to indicate that she is about to give birth to “something” because of the round shape at the bottom of her body.”

“It’s like something lives inside of me and has to come out. It’s not a metaphor of being pregnant but rather this image refers to the concept of giving birth to a lot of personal things with this album,” he said. -she adds.

Fans are patiently waiting for Sawayama to release their next album which will be available for streaming and purchase from September 16th.

The album has four singles released to date: “This Hell”, “Catch Me In The Air”, “Phantom” and the title track “Hold The Girl”.

A few days before the release, Sawayama will release a promotional single titled “Hurricane” on Monday as teased on her Twitter account.

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