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It’s that time of year again! As different neighborhoods continue to argue over whether or not to ‘Detty’ in December and by how much, we can all agree that 2020 must end… quickly. Having said that, before we celebrate the New Year and hope for better times ahead, it is very important that we exercise good control over our money.

We know that personal finances don’t come naturally to everyone. That’s why we thought it was better to introduce you Fundbae, an app that lets you keep your finances under control.

Fundbae is a financial services platform that lets you spend, save, and invest in one seamless app with any amount of money at your preferred pace.

With Fundbae, you can earn up to 15% interest on savings when you subscribe to any of the following products:

  • Flexbae – a flexible savings account that earns you interest on your funds in less than 24 hours. The interest rate can go up to 12% per year.
  • Vault Lite – a plan that allows you to save consistently for a particular financial goal. The interest rate on your safe deposit box can be up to 10% per year.
  • Safe Plus – a fixed savings option that allows you to earn higher interest per year. The interest rate on your Safe Plus is up to 15% per annum and prepaid.
  • Save2B – a savings plan where you benefit from a high interest rate and benefit from a loan of up to 200% of your savings after constant savings for six months.

Given the current financial crisis, Fundbae provides you with a platform to make smart decisions with your money and create a nest egg. The fact that you can start with any amount you have available today ensures that you can instantly begin the journey of financial responsibility.

Here are some simple steps to get you started on Fundbae:

  • Log in to the website, or download the Fundbae application on Play Store to create an account.
  • Set up your withdrawal account details – this is the bank your funds are sent to when you choose to withdraw.
  • Provide your debit card details to activate your FlexBae account, then make your first deposit (you can use a MasterCard, Visa, or Verve from any Nigerian bank).
  • You can then choose any savings plan and start saving at your own pace.

You might have been told that the best time to start saving was ten years ago, but we promise you the next best time is now. 2020 may have had its fair share of struggles, let’s make sure the money isn’t one of them. Fundbae is available for users on the web and Android platforms. For more details and to find out how it works, visit www. or follow us on all of our social media platforms @fundbaeng. ай с аймсрочный займ на карту ез проверокайм денег под алог автомобиля

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