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A banned anti-war Beatles album cover is set to fetch over £1,000 at auction.

The 1966 cover art for “Yesterday and Today” was removed after sparking outrage for its graphic imagery.

Known as the Butcher’s cover, it shows the Fab Four in white coats sitting among dismembered dolls and raw meat.

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But the bloody image sparked such outrage in record stores that the LP bearing the butcher’s cover had to be pulled, meaning it’s incredibly rare.

A valuable copy of the cover is now going under the hammer and is expected to fetch between £800-1,200.

Claire Howell, Music Memorabilia Consultant at Hansons Auctioneers, said: “The Butcher cover album is among the holy grail of Beatles records due to its rarity.

“The controversy surrounding her original cover image is remembered as a bit bizarre and some might say bloody thanks to those huge slices of raw meat.

album cover, which shows the Fab Four sitting among dismembered dolls and raw meat, was removed for being obnoxious” content=”https://i2-prod.liverpoolecho.co.uk/incoming/article23316035.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0_801120.jpg”/>
The album cover, which shows the Fab Four sitting among dismembered dolls and raw meat, was removed for being obnoxious

“It was then replaced by a plan of the group posed around an ocean liner trunk. This led to the original Capitol Records butcher cover LP becoming highly prized by collectors.

“Some of Capitol’s pressing plants pasted the trunk image onto existing LP covers, leading some people to remove the top layer of artwork in their search for the forbidden butcher cover.”

Then and Now was released in the United States and Canada by Capitol Records in June 1966.

The cover image was taken by photographer Robert Whitaker and the band insisted the photo was a statement against the Vietnam War.

Others interpreted it as The Beatles protesting the record company’s policy of “slaughtering” their albums for the North American market.

In response to outrage from retailers, Capitol Records immediately pulled the LP and replaced the cover image.

The Beatles’ butcher’s cover album Yesterday and Today will be sold out on March 28.

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]]> How Aladdin Sane became the most expensive album cover of all time – and David Bowie’s defining image https://cali-menteur.com/how-aladdin-sane-became-the-most-expensive-album-cover-of-all-time-and-david-bowies-defining-image/ Tue, 01 Mar 2022 09:00:27 +0000 https://cali-menteur.com/how-aladdin-sane-became-the-most-expensive-album-cover-of-all-time-and-david-bowies-defining-image/

If you search David Bowie on Spotify, a familiar icon comes up: the man himself, eyes closed, makeup deadly pale and with a flash of red and blue on his face. This is the photo on the front of Bowie’s sixth album, 1973 sane aladdin. “Perhaps more iconic than the music inside,” says the narrator of the Trash Theory video essay above“He presents himself as the mona-lisa of album covers. It was also, at the time of production, the most expensive album cover of all time: it was at the request of Bowie’s manager, Tony Defries, who suspected that sparing no expense on the picture would motivate RCA, his label, to spare no expense. promoting the album itself.

You could call it a bold move for an artist like Bowie, who had just come of age. In the early years of his career, he had accumulated failure upon failure: with the years 1971 Hunky-dorya sort of declaration of commitment to musical and artistic “mutations”, he achieved esteem, but it was not until the following year that he became a real star.

The vehicle for this transformation was the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars, which introduced the listening public to its main character, an androgynous rocker from outer space. Throughout his next year and a half of touring, Bowie took the stage in Ziggy’s glam finest attire, inhabiting the character so fully that he eventually began to question his own sanity.

Although young British audiences never tire of Ziggy and the Spiders, reactions across the United States were rather less enthusiastic. There, says the narrator of Trash Theory, “they weren’t the kind of British rock that rock radio played: hard-hitting, riff-heavy monsters like Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones. But that indifference shaped what Bowie wanted to do next. His experience of America inspired a tougher new character, Aladdin Sane. Ziggy Stardust “was a vision of the best a rock star could be, an inspirational figure, while Aladdin was more on the darker underbelly of stardom, filtered through imaginary Americana and futuristic nostalgia” – and the character needed a look to match.

Shot by Brian Duffy, featured in the San Francisco Art Exchange video0 above as “a very eccentric and incredible photographer”, the sane aladdin the cover was printed with a seven-color system unprecedented in the medium. (Until now, four-color printing has been the norm.) According to Trash Theory, Bowie described makeup artist Pierre Laroche’s flash “as representative of schizophrenia, and specifically his mixed feelings about his 1972 US tour.” . (The shape originated from the logo on a National Panasonic rice cooker in Duffy’s studio.) Although the result has become, in the words of curator Victoria Broackes, “probably the most recognizable symbol of rock and roll”, Bowie never assumed this look. on the scene; ahead of him there were still four decades of change to go through.

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Based in Seoul, Colin Marshall writes and distributests about cities, language and culture. His projects include the Substack newsletter books about cities, the book The Stateless City: A Walk Through 21st Century Los Angeles and the video series The city in cinema. Follow him on Twitter at @colinmarshall Or on Facebook.

Meridian ID Designer 2022 Pawnshop Services Expand Luxury Handbag/Handbag Buyers https://cali-menteur.com/meridian-id-designer-2022-pawnshop-services-expand-luxury-handbag-handbag-buyers/ Mon, 21 Feb 2022 03:35:56 +0000 https://cali-menteur.com/meridian-id-designer-2022-pawnshop-services-expand-luxury-handbag-handbag-buyers/

Idaho Pawn & Gold has announced the expansion of its pawnbroking services to the city of Meridian. Customers can now watch designer handbag reviews live on the store’s website and make a purchase directly online or by calling 208-271-9412.

After serving the Boise and Nampa areas for five years, the company was voted the state’s most trusted pawnbroker two years in a row. The store specializes in luxury accessories and has expanded into Meridian as a trusted buyer and seller of designer handbags.

More information is available at https://pawnidaho.com

The newly announced service is unique in the pawnbroking industry and was introduced to facilitate the buying and selling of luxury handbags, precious metals, high-end watches and other luxury items. Customers can view full store inventory, bid on items, and view shipping options, all without leaving home. This flexible option is beneficial for customers living in remote areas of the state.

Many customers choose to sell their valuables to pawnbrokers because of the ability to receive funds instantly rather than waiting for the items to sell online.

Customers in need of short-term loans often turn to pawning their valuables as a safe alternative to traditional payday loans. Most pawnshops don’t require a credit check and offer affordable interest rates and repayment plans. Idaho Pawn and Gold provides customers with a safe and trustworthy outlet to buy and sell any high value item. To ensure the accuracy of live reviews, the store uses Entrupy authentication technology to ensure that all items available for purchase are genuine. The technology uses computer vision and machine learning to run item scans through an artificial intelligence database of genuine jewelry, accessories and other goods. The Entrupy system can also identify fraudulent items to protect shoppers from purchasing a counterfeit or stolen item.

Store staff are highly trained in appraising luxury items and can accept a wide range of inventory, including designer sunglasses, diamond and gemstone jewelry, and a variety of electronics. Customers with a large number of items to sell can benefit from the store’s estate redemption service. During estate buyouts, trained personnel visit clients’ homes for on-the-spot appraisals and make same-day package offers.

With the latest announcement, Idaho Pawn and Gold continues to expand its reputation as the state’s premier pawnbroker.

A company spokesperson said, “At Idaho Pawn and Gold, our goal is to provide an inviting atmosphere for our customers and a healthy workplace for our team members. We are people of integrity and treat our customers with the respect we know they deserve.

Interested parties can find more information about the services offered at Idaho Pawn and Gold by visiting https://pawnidaho.com

Contact information:
Name: Sam Reading
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: Idaho Pawn and Gold
Address: 10250 West Fairview Avenue, Boise, Idaho 83704, USA
Website: https://pawnidaho.com/

Build ID: 89064987

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Vitesse Closes $26M Series B Funding https://cali-menteur.com/vitesse-closes-26m-series-b-funding/ Thu, 10 Feb 2022 18:29:14 +0000 https://cali-menteur.com/vitesse-closes-26m-series-b-funding/

Speedthe UK-based FinTech secured $26 million in Series B funding, the company announcement Thursday (February 10).

This latest round will allow the global payment, liquidity and treasury management platform to connect with the growing digitalization of the insurance industry in Europe and the United States, the company said.

The proceeds will also be used to invest in new products and customer services as it strives to achieve its mission of becoming the payment partner of choice for the insurance industry.

“We have strong ambitions to grow and continue our success with a strong focus on the insurance market,” said Philip McGriskinCEO of Vitesse, in a statement.

The funding was led by Prime Ventures, a Boston-based venture capital and growth capital firm that focuses on investing in European tech startups.

In addition, there was participation from Octopus Ventures, a European multi-stage venture capital investor from London, and Hannover Digital Investments, a German capital provider and partner to companies specializing in digital solutions.

Other attendees included existing angel investors Ron KalifaPresident of Network International, and Shane HappachCEO of Mollie, a Dutch payment company.

Vitesse said its payment network is available in 172 countries and territories and serves more than 72% of the London insurance market.

The UK has become a popular location for InsurTech companies.

Last month, London-based cycling startup InsurTech Laka secured more than 10.6 million pounds ($12 million) to advance its insurance model.

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The dramatic growth in sales of bicycles and scooters has been spurred by the trend towards environmentally friendly transport.

Also in January, Zegothe UK-based commercial motor insurance company has announced a European expansion.

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The company, which claims to offer safe drivers up to 20% off premiums, was launched in the Netherlands and is expanding into France.



On: Seventy percent of BNPL users say they would prefer to use the installment plans offered by their banks – if only they were made available. PYMNTS’ Banking On Buy Now, Pay Later: Installment Payments and the Untapped Opportunity of FIssurveyed over 2,200 US consumers to better understand how consumers view banks as BNPL providers in a sea of ​​BNPL pure-players.

Viral weather photo corrected with Iron Maiden album cover images https://cali-menteur.com/viral-weather-photo-corrected-with-iron-maiden-album-cover-images/ Wed, 22 Dec 2021 14:40:34 +0000 https://cali-menteur.com/viral-weather-photo-corrected-with-iron-maiden-album-cover-images/

We have all photographed animals or other shapes forming in clouds, but a weather image that has been circulated several times in recent years has a metal clip although it may not be completely legitimate. According to USA Today, a stormy weather photo that appears to show a skull face forming in the clouds was tampered with with the Iron Maiden album cover art. Brave New World album.

Maiden has notably worked on the imagery of his skull-faced mascot Eddie in numerous album covers over the years and the album cover of the 2000s. Brave New World the album had Eddie’s face forming in the dark clouds above a city.

With recent severe weather sweeping across the midwestern and southern states of the United States earlier this month, a poster on social media shared an image that appeared to be a skull face forming in the clouds.

The Facebook poster stated that her sister took the photo in Lake Village, Arkansas, noting the detail that it was a sign it was Jesus and “you better agree with the Lord”.

Since its publication on December 10, it has been shared just 6,000 times on Facebook. However, the social media site called it a photo edited that could mislead people, citing USA Today fact-checkers who combined Iron Maiden’s work with an image of a 2019 storm in Pennsylvania.

It turns out that this image had already circulated once in 2019. The first weather images were from clouds that had formed during a storm in a photo posted by The Patriot-News in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Wednesday, “quoted the initial caption.

This photo was then tampered with less than a month later with images of Maiden Eddie added in the clouds and shared on Facebook with the poster claiming it was “a real photo taken in California” without “any retouching”. This message had been shared 164,000 times.

According to USA Today fact-checkers, “Based on our research, we have evaluated an EDITED image that claims to show a skull-like cloud formation in the Arkansas sky. The image combines an Iron Maiden album cover with a photo of a 2019 storm in Pennsylvania. “

As noted, “Eddie” has become one of the metal’s most popular mascots, and you can get a closer look at how he has been used in the works of Iron Maiden over the years in the gallery below.

Eddie of Iron Maiden: 40 years of the best metal mascot

British star Adele returns with new ferocity on ’30’ album – Music – Arts & Culture https://cali-menteur.com/british-star-adele-returns-with-new-ferocity-on-30-album-music-arts-culture/ Sun, 21 Nov 2021 14:44:35 +0000 https://cali-menteur.com/british-star-adele-returns-with-new-ferocity-on-30-album-music-arts-culture/

Copies of new album by British singer-songwriter Adele, 30, at Sister Ray record store in London (Photo: AFP)

In line with her other three records, British artist’s highly anticipated new studio album “30”, released Friday, plunges into romantic pangs with the heartbreaking high notes set to moving piano arrangements that made her a well-known name.

The debut single from the album “Easy On Me” has reigned supreme on the US and UK charts since its debut four weeks ago, proving the enduring strength of Adele’s prowess as a hitmaker with wide appeal.

His record falls after years without headlines and an expanse of musical silence, defying current pop standards for fast streaming-compatible hits and an urgent social media presence.

But Adele’s announcement this fall that a new album would soon be made up of soundtrack breaks and melancholy contemplation across the globe sparked a media blitz, including covers from Vogue and Rolling Stone as well as a prime-time Oprah Winfrey interview merged into a televised concert that drew over 10 million viewers in the United States.

In the years since the 15-time Grammy-winner’s last album “25” – which included the mega-bit “Hello” – Adele’s nearly decade-long relationship with Simon Konecki, including two years of marriage, dissolved.

She sifted through the fallout from this traumatic time for “30”, probing its implications for her own life but also for her nine-year-old son with Konecki, Angelo.

“There were times when I was writing the record or listening to something and I was like, ‘Maybe it’s a bit too private, maybe it’s a bit too much for me to turn off” “she told Winfrey.

“But nothing is as scary as what I’ve been through for the past two or three years behind closed doors. So I’m not afraid of what people may or may not know.”

‘I want to live’

While the 12-track “30” includes the Adele manual – those slow, sad stories of feeling abandoned and lonely – she doesn’t look back on her previous work.

The new album sees the 33-year-old megastar marry her classic piano pop with new inflections of Motown and reggae, Afrobeat and dance music.

But it’s Adele’s sharp handwriting delivered in her smoky volcanic range that does the heavy lifting on “30”.

“They say to play hard, to work hard, to find a balance in sacrifice”, she proclaims in “I Drink Wine”, a track which goes from a groove of the 1970s to a meditation supported by a choir. gospel about self-acceptance.

“And yet I don’t know anyone who is really satisfied.”

In “Love In The Dark”, she sings “I want to live and not just survive”.

“I definitely felt like this,” she told Winfrey. “But that’s when I let my own friends know who thought I was really happy that actually I’m really unhappy and they all gasped. Do? Why am I doing it? ? “

Some of the “30s,” she told Vogue, were a way of dealing with the answers to the big questions her son had about his parents’ separation, things that are hard for a child to “make sense of. nine years “.

“My little love,” she sings in a song dedicated to her son, which also includes recordings of diaristic voice memos of conversations with Angelo. “I see your eyes / Widens like an ocean / When you look at me / So full of my emotions.”

The North Londoner who now lives in Los Angeles is rare in the music industry in terms of the extent of her fan base, which includes people who listen to terrestrial radio and buy physical albums while hundreds of millions others disseminate his work.

Along with the wave of positive reviews coming in, his new record is set to be another resounding commercial success.

But no matter what the numbers “30” do, Adele swears it will remain a work close to her heart.

“It’s sensitive to me, this record, how much I love it,” she told Vogue.

“I always say ’21’ is no longer mine,” she continued, referring to her acclaimed second album.

“Everyone took it so much to their hearts. I won’t let go of this one. It’s my album. I want to share myself with everyone, but I don’t think I’ll ever let this one go. “

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Holly Farrell recreates vinyl album cover with the exhibition “The Album Project” https://cali-menteur.com/holly-farrell-recreates-vinyl-album-cover-with-the-exhibition-the-album-project/ https://cali-menteur.com/holly-farrell-recreates-vinyl-album-cover-with-the-exhibition-the-album-project/#respond Thu, 14 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://cali-menteur.com/holly-farrell-recreates-vinyl-album-cover-with-the-exhibition-the-album-project/

“I want people to reflect on their experiences with this music, the albums that I honor in my exhibition. I think the wear and tear that I painted on each painting elevates the album in a different way ‘

“Rooted” is about the people and places that make us proud to call our community home.


Holly Farrell has spent the past two years planning, painting and perfecting her new exhibit titled “The Album Project”, a collection of paintings from old vinyl album covers.

From Pink Floyd’s Animals to Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland to Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Farrell has beautifully picked up not only the artists’ varied artistic variations but also the wear and tear of a vinyl album cover. .

“My search for ‘things’ to paint always brings me to antique barns, malls, stores, the odd discarded object. I connect with things, I look at them – I look at the wear and tear, the cracks, the faded colors by the sun and I think about the life and the life that these things had to finally end up in my studio ”, explains Farrell.

“I’ve always been drawn to vintage albums – some immaculate and cherished by the owners, who like my husband had all of their music curated by the ‘I don’t know what system’, because sometimes the packaging takes precedence. , sometimes in alphabetical order, sometimes what? I can’t figure it out. I’m not the “new in the box” type. I like to leave traces of myself for future owners. So I have some old albums with Holly Farrell written on them. I have new books that I make a point of scratching the pages I stop at, a silent ‘Holly stopped here’. So I love the wear on the album covers. They involve a story of moving, listening, flipping the cover back and forth, back to front while listening. I loved looking at the covers. I loved laying down on the shag rug at our home in Powassan, Ontario and continuing to pull the needle back and forth to play a favorite song over and over again.

North Bay-born Farrell, 60, says living room dancing was a regular thing growing up.

“Home from school for lunch, all by myself, I was dancing. It was in the 70s and having six siblings and a music loving mom, I danced to music from the 40s until the 70s. I am one of those people who reduced their collection of vinyls when CDs came out, but in recent years I have collected vinyls again. I needed to express all of this in paintings.

She says when people browse her exhibit, she hopes to rekindle that nostalgia for the days when vinyl was the only place to hear this song on repeat.

“I want people to reflect on their experiences with this music, the albums that I honor in my exhibition. I think the wear and tear I painted on each painting elevates the album in a different way – to something more tangible for each person who stands in front of whoever they connect with. It becomes theirs, they only see it with reference to their own past.

Farrell says that to put on this show, she needed permission from the artists.

“If I had known how difficult it would have been to get clearances, I wonder if I would have continued,” she says.

“The response to my first ‘record’ paintings was encouraging, but almost always the discussion revolved around whether or not I needed permission to make these paintings. I see the work as in line with my Still Life, combined with the “idea” of Portraiture, so it wasn’t something I had envisioned. So I decided, in 2019, that I needed to be able to answer that question – put it aside – so people could focus on what was really important: the painting, the music, the connection with it. I decided that I would only paint records for which I had received approvals. This is how “The Album Project” began.

Farrell says that after hundreds of emails and phone calls with people around the world, she was able to connect with musicians, executives, labels, lawyers, estates, cover artists and more to bring all the work together.

“I was quietly persistent and sincere in my quest – for a pleasant conversation with the manager of Pink Floyd (while I was huddled in my parents’ car outside a Tim Hortons!) Process. permission request for Bat Out Of Hell when he died), to get approval from Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Eagles, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Carole King, and more.

And getting clearance was only part of the overall process.

Farrell says finding albums to recreate was another step, as well as “my husband was cutting and prepping my boards, painting, framing. An exhibition of 16 to 20 paintings would take me a year, ”explains Farrell.

“Covid has kept me inside and focused for the past two years. I was also trying to cope with my mom’s cancer diagnosis – she died in October 2020. The paint got me through it all, it gave me a purpose when COVID-19 and my mom’s cancer put me on the verge of falling apart. My mom would have loved this show, she loved music, she loved painting. Painting was the last something we did together, a few days before she left us.

Farrell says it wasn’t the particular painting that she was encouraged to do as a child, but rather, the emphasis was on creativity.

“I loved doing whatever activity I could think of. I was absolutely focused when it came to coloring, or following Mr. Dressup’s craft of making sock puppets, ”says Farrell.

“I didn’t really think I was good at what I did, I just liked to do it. I have found every project rewarding.

She says she was also encouraged and inspired throughout school.

“I must say that my art teachers in public and secondary education inspired me. Mrs. Lubitz, Mr. Buchan, Mr. Camani, Mrs. Warren, seemed to engage me absolutely. This is what they taught me in those grades 7 to 12 classes that I tried to draw on 15 to 20 years later. I think school gives you tools, but experience is real education.

Farrell didn’t follow that passion in postsecondary, however, and says she wanted to settle down with someone and raise a family, but that didn’t end up happening.

“I went to college and got my certificate to work as a counselor with children with special needs. After college, I worked in various jobs unrelated to my education, before meeting the man I was going to spend my life with, ”she says.

“We moved to Toronto where I started working as a counselor in a group home. While working with children with special developmental and psychological needs, I “de-stress” by drawing. Also during this time my mom and I would paint together, joinery – paint over anything that wasn’t nailed down. My time with her, which was really wonderful, was always creative. She too has always found ways to bring art into her life. We both loved to paint. At the end of each weekend I was heading back to Toronto and felt a bit lost – no woodworking room, a tiny apartment – in short, my husband suggested I try the canvas. . My job was really stressful at the time, so he supported my decision to quit my job and focus on my art.

Farrell says she joined her husband in his house painting business and worked together for a few years, but she also started selling his paintings.

“As my paintings started selling we took on fewer jobs and he eventually quit his job to help manage mine,” says Farrell.

Farrell says that’s why she encourages people to make art only if it’s something they really like.

“If my paintings stopped selling, I would paint again. Make art because you love it. If I only thought about selling, I would have failed time and time again, ”she says.

“I was 30 before I sold anything, and it was to my family, and I was 31 before I sold anything to a foreigner. I think because I wasn’t expecting anything, every good that came from making art was particularly satisfying.

Farrell says she has shown her art in gyms, parks, restaurants and even in her own living room.

“I was just happy to show it. I did very little for a long time.

But it is the advent of the Internet that Farrell attributes to his greatest success.

“My success was built locally. Once online it was still mostly Toronto supporting my work, but slowly, very slowly, I made my way south to the United States (online), then a little further – the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia. I slowly gave up on self-representation and started sending my work to galleries.

And now her latest work can be seen both online at www.hollyfarrell.com and through October 16 at the Mira Godard Gallery in Toronto (www.godardgallery.com).

Farrell has made over 30 different plays and says, for herself, that there is no favorite.

“I don’t have a favorite, because when I look at a painting, I see all the favorite parts, all the difficult parts, all the easy parts, I find myself again involved in the painting. But this leads to the idea of ​​”the challenge”. Who’s Next and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road were the biggest challenges. I felt more internal pressure for Elton John, as I was in regular contact with Ian Beck, the artist on the original cover. I really wanted her approval so I couldn’t wait to show her the finished painting, ”she says.

Farrell adds that she only has one technique for painting and says it’s something “that I don’t stray from. I paint in acrylics and oils, many layers, many glazes, to try and make him look like his watercolor, pencil, acrylic and whatever else he used to create his amazing original.

Farrell continues, “Who’s next was a challenge just in the details – my actual copy of the disc is sun-discolored and worn down to the cardboard bone in some areas. Painting the slag they are standing on has caught on. a lot of time, more than anything I have ever painted. I kept going until I was satisfied with it, about a week before delivery to the gallery. When I look at it, I am completely satisfied , because it was so difficult to paint!

Farrell says that some of the original album art designers and some of the artists themselves reviewed “The Album Project”.

“I received encouragement from some of the original designers and cover artists of the records. I was a little nervous about sending pictures of the finished paintings to these people, but luckily they love what I did! I think painting throughout the history of the wear and tear of each album is an honor, a tribute to the longevity of this music and the art that comes on the sleeves. I received best wishes for the show from some of the management, ”says Farrell.

For more on the individual paintings, you can check out Farrell’s personal Instagram page.

If you have a story idea for the “Rooted” feature film series, email Matt at m.sookram@outlook.com

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Newsboys releases new album “Stand” https://cali-menteur.com/newsboys-releases-new-album-stand/ https://cali-menteur.com/newsboys-releases-new-album-stand/#respond Fri, 01 Oct 2021 12:16:41 +0000 https://cali-menteur.com/newsboys-releases-new-album-stand/

Newsboys, the venerable and undeniable supergroup, comes out SUPPORT today, Friday October 1, amid the rise of the single “Magnetic” to the radio charts and a large-scale comeback of touring across the United States. SUPPORT marks the latest in a long list of punchy, award-winning music Newsboys has released globally. Please tune in to Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” on October 2 to see an exclusive performance to kick off the release. To hear their latest full version, click here

“Time spent off the road and at home during the pandemic gave me the gift of uninterrupted time in the studio,” shares singer Michael Tait. “I spent about a year at home thinking about what kind of music I wanted to make, writing songs and working in the studio on the project that eventually became SUPPORT. I knew we wanted to create a record that spoke of the season we were all going through, and that’s exactly what we did.

Band drummer Duncan Phillips agrees, saying “Tait’s full investment and intentionality in every part of the recording process made SUPPORT all the more revealing of who we are as a group. Michael is a great songwriter, and this record really made that stand out.

Since their debut in Australia, Newsboys has propelled countless hits to the charts. With iconic songs including “We Believe”, “Born Again” and Platinum Certified mega-hit “God’s Not Dead”, which spawned a movie franchise of the same name, Newsboys has sold over 10 million albums. covering 23 records. In addition, they have amassed a Double Platinum certification and eight Gold certifications, 33 radio # 1 successes, four GRAMMY® nominations, two American Music Prize nods and several Dove awards.


  1. Magnetic
  2. Ain’t it like jesus
  3. I still believe that you are good
  4. To clean
  5. Support
  6. Blessings upon blessings
  7. Come through
  8. Without a doubt
  9. Never too far
  10. will not be afraid


San Bernardino, CA – God Loves You Tour with Franklin Graham

McDonough, GA – 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Meridian, MS- 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Grand Prairie, TX- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Carmel, IN- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Woodbridge, VA- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Clarkson, MI- 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Visit Hudsonville, MI-2021 Step into the light

Oak Creek, WI- 2021 Step Into the Light Tour

Tupelo, MS- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

Monroe, LA- 2021 Step In the Light Tour

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Experts vote on Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album cover lawsuit: “Death on Arrival” https://cali-menteur.com/experts-vote-on-nirvanas-nevermind-album-cover-lawsuit-death-on-arrival/ https://cali-menteur.com/experts-vote-on-nirvanas-nevermind-album-cover-lawsuit-death-on-arrival/#respond Tue, 28 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://cali-menteur.com/experts-vote-on-nirvanas-nevermind-album-cover-lawsuit-death-on-arrival/

For an album as iconic as Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, celebrating the 30th anniversary of its release is a special milestone. For this particular record, however, a lawsuit looms on occasion.

Last month, Spencer Elden – who appeared nude on the album cover as a child – filed a lawsuit against Nirvana musicians Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, as well as the estate of Kurt Cobain and his widow. , Courtney Love, claiming that they had sex exploited her when they took advantage of her nude image.

He also alleged that the image – which shows him naked in a swimming pool – is child pornography. Fifteen people are named in the lawsuit – including photographer Kirk Weddle – each asking for $ 150,000, according to the New York Times.

Elden claimed in the lawsuit that he suffered “permanent harm” as a result of his involvement in the album.


The case is made even more complicated by disputed facts. In the lawsuit, Elden claims that neither he nor his parents ever consented to the nude photoshoot, but over the years various media have reported that Elden’s parents consented and were paid $ 250 for the shoot. modeling.

The announcement of the lawsuit raised many eyebrows both inside and outside the music industry, with many questions as to why the lawsuit was filed in the first place – especially since Elden had repeatedly participated in recreations of the iconic photography to celebrate various other anniversaries of the album’s release.

Spencer Elden is featured on the cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album, naked as a baby. (DGC Records / John Chapple)

As the federal lawsuit awaits its fate – and faces questions about its authenticity and legal status – entertainment lawyer Tom Lallas told Fox Business he believes the lawsuit is ” dead on arrival “.

“It is very clear, in my opinion, that photographing a naked baby in a swimming pool is not sexually explicit conduct that would violate the laws,” he explained. “… I don’t think a reasonable person can objectively conclude that this image of a four month old baby in a swimming pool is sexually explicit behavior.”

The trial refers to United States v. Dost from 1986, which defined child pornography according to a set of six criteria. The case established that, among other criteria, the focal point and frame of an image helps determine whether the image is considered pornography.

On the cover of the “Nevermind” album, Elden can be seen swimming in the water in pursuit of a dollar bill on a hook. Lallas argues that money is the real focal point of the image, because the image is a “metaphor for capitalism”.


Lallas also argued that the frame of the picture – a swimming pool – was not “a sexually suggestive setting”.

There is one element of the Dost case that Lallas says carries more weight here – that the child in a given photo is not fully or partially clothed. Elden is known to be naked on the cover, but even that argument is flimsy, he said.

“In this context, every photo of a naked baby would be child pornography,” he said. “I don’t think a reasonable, well-meaning and educated person would ever stand up for this standard.”

The rest of Dost’s criteria – whether the child is depicted in an unnatural pose or in inappropriate attire, given the child’s age, whether the visual representation suggests sexual shyness or a willingness to engage in a sexual activity and whether the visual representation is intended or designed to elicit a sexual response in the viewer – are easily overwhelmed in this case, said Lallas.

The estate of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain is among those named in the lawsuit. (Frank Micelotta / Getty Images)

“You just have to look at the photograph objectively, it does not meet the legal standard of the law cited in the complaint,” he said. “It does not meet the legal standards of the case law cited in the case.”

Lallas added: “When all of the circumstances are considered I think this lawsuit will be dismissed, I think lawyers run a serious risk of penalties under what we call Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Court. civil and I think this action and this complaint died on arrival. “

Regarding Elden recreating the photo on several occasions – but notably never nude in any recreation – Lallas said he had proven the “absence of damages” that Elden claimed in his lawsuit.


“This is a conscious act of an adult to validate the album cover photo and it went way beyond that,” the attorney said. “In interviews, for example, he has indicated in an interview that he wanted the photo of him taken naked as an adult. So this participation, which was voluntary, conscious and intelligent, completely undermines the concept. that it was damaged by the photographer. “

Entertainment attorney Neville Johnson echoed similar sentiments, saying the case “is unlikely to win.”

Johnson said that despite the fact that the cover of “Nevermind” was created “in a commercial context,” its nature as an “artistic creation” separates it from child pornography or even an invasion of privacy.

Additionally, Johnson said the album cover recreations – as well as Elden getting the word “Nevermind” tattooed on his chest – “undermined the viability” of his case.

Dave Grohl and Courtney Love were also named in the costume. (Getty Images / Getty Images)

“Nobody knows who he is,” Johnson said in reference to Elden’s discomfort with strangers having seen his genitals. “He’s made himself famous, he’s been in the limelight now.”

Due to the darkness of the case, Johnson said he believes it is likely that she will not even make it to trial.

“I think it’s probably going to be thrown out,” he shared. “What they can do first is file what’s called a motion to dismiss, which basically says, ‘looking at the facts of your case, it won’t work. It does not equal – something that is compensable, liable to prosecution. “And I think the court could very well dismiss the motion to dismiss.”


In the event that a motion to dismiss is not filed or is initiated on its own, a motion for summary judgment may be filed, which would similarly attempt to highlight the flaws in a lawsuit.

“It really comes down to judgment for the trier of fact, which could be a judge or jury,” Johnson said. “And would a judge let that go to a jury? I don’t think so. If I was a judge I would say, ‘Nice try and innovative, but it’s not worthy of the judicial system. “

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Charley Crockett talks about new album “Music City USA” https://cali-menteur.com/charley-crockett-talks-about-new-album-music-city-usa/ https://cali-menteur.com/charley-crockett-talks-about-new-album-music-city-usa/#respond Wed, 15 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://cali-menteur.com/charley-crockett-talks-about-new-album-music-city-usa/

The San Benito, Texas-born artist has a pretty colorful history: a distant relative of Davy Crockett, he’s a two-time convicted former marijuana grower and a self-taught street corner musician who specializes in murderous ballads. . But ask him what his aspirations are and it’s clear he’s much more than a revivalist imitating Merle Haggard or Johnny Cash.

Even now, despite being nominated for Emerging Act of the Year at the Americana Music Awards on September 22, Crockett says his most important victory is that he finally believes himself competent as a storyteller after two decades. – a considerable achievement considering a tale. he remembers a long time ago, when his performance fell short of the expectations of a bar owner.

This bar owner named Smokey Greenwald once threw me off a stage on Decatur Street in New Orleans and said, ‘Get the fk out of here and don’t come back until you’ve learned how to lead. a group with an fk. –ing blues song! ‘ I felt hurt that night, ”Crockett says with a laugh. “I was as pissed off as a mother,” but I haven’t forgotten it.

“Eventually,” he adds, “you learn blues, soul, country – hell, any style, because you want to get paid.”

He then lists his genre inspirations, from R&B artists like Ray Charles, Otis Redding and Bill Withers to “traditional favorites” like George Jones, Hank Williams and Willie Nelson.

“Waylon Jennings once said that R&B and country are on a beat to each other, it’s true,” says Crockett. by R&B techniques and influences because it is an offshoot of traditional country. “

All of these influences inform her new album, including the current single “Round This World, which is based on mythological roots that originated in the High Chiso region of the Chihuahua Desert near Crockett’s birthplace in West Texas. “I focused on putting my energy into the story that was already there,” Crockett says. “Then I started adding my perspective from things I already knew while living my life. Then I added a touch of fiction, which sometimes helps me to make my point better understood.

He digs just as deep into his favorite tones as he discusses the album’s most poignant anthem, “The World Just Broke My Heart.” He says the title “comes from a line that I think I heard in a classic movie or something, and I got hooked on it. It’s easy to write a topical song and draw very generic conclusions about the company; however, I have listened to a few Roger Miller songs, like [1965’s] “The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me,” then I got to work. I had this incredible, grandiose title, and as it often did, I wanted to tie that title to an unexpected prospect. That’s what I love to do – take something huge, make it simple, and then add something personal to it for a twist.

Contemplating City of Music United States as his potential success, Crockett once again recalls the greats that came before him, citing how George Jones released six records in 1966 alone, when it took Willie Nelson 17 solo albums before signing with Columbia Records. and cross with 1975 Red-headed alien.

“I’m a role model like George or Willie,” Crockett explains, “where with every album that I release, I learn as I live – and I make records throughout that process. Ultimately, my level of creativity and my productivity will match my talent. Sure, I’ll be 60 by then, but I know I would have told all the stories I know by then. “

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