Many people know 28-year-old singer-songwriter Rosalía from hits like “Con Altura,” “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi” and “LA NOCHE DE ANOCHE,” and now she’s giving her followers serious cause for celebration as she announces new music is on the way in the near future.

On Tuesday, February 1, the Sant Cugat del Vallès-born singer shared a super sultry photo to her Instagram feed, revealing that the cover art for her upcoming album only sees her wearing a chunky black helmet on her head.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“Madre miiiiia aquí tenéis la portada de MOTOMAMI y este viernes adivina k nuevo tema se vieneee”, she wrote in her native language, also translating it as “Omg here you have the cover of MOTOMAMI and guess what new song is coming this Fridayyyy.”

Against a white background, Rosalía’s body stands out in striking contrast. Spray paint was strategically used to cover her midsection, and each of her hands were placed over her breasts and crotch, with additional squiggles added for additional coverage.

Like Uproxx reports, we’ve already received a single from the upcoming album – “LA FAMA”, which features Canadian hitmaker The Weeknd. Translated into English, the “Die For You” hitmaker sings”Fame is a bad lover and she won’t really love you / It’s too treacherous, and as she comes, she leaves / She knows she’ll be jealous, I’ll never trust her / If you want , sleep with her, but dare not marry her,” on the chorus.

Discover the cover of MOTOMAMI below, and watch for Rosalía’s new single hitting streamers this Friday.