Taliban press conference sparks Griselda album cover memes on Twitter

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The very serious situation in Afghanistan continues to unfold and with the Taliban takeover all eyes are on the region. The Islamist group and the military organization have held a press conference since taking office this week. Griselda album cover.

Griselda fans are well aware that Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Benny The Butcher are all provocative album cover images that end up being a part of their successful vinyl and merchandise sales. Comedian Karlous Miller took note of such an image posted by a fan, noted that “[t]it looks like a hard ass mixtape ‘and off you go to the races from there.

Sure enough, the gathering of Taliban officials seemed like one of the album covers meant to spark emotion and conversation. Among Griselda’s core members, Westside Gunn has taken the highest artistic risks which play well with his unwavering confidence and attention to detail that keeps the machine rolling so hard. Conway The Machine also used this touching covers method on his projects, which Benny The Butcher used a tamer but no less effective style on his project covers.


The meme has gained traction and there have been claims that Westside Gunn will soon be flipping some of the Taliban images in album covers, while others are going back into the archives to illustrate this point. It goes without saying that what is happening in Afghanistan is no laughing matter and we are sharing this for archival purposes only.

We have a handful of reactions below.

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Someone called him early.

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