The iconic T. Rex album cover that was shot by a Beatle

The iconic 1972 T. Rex album cover The cursor came with famous photo credit: Ringo Starr.

The black-and-white image, which featured T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan in his Mad Hatter top hat, was taken at John Lennon’s country home in Tittenhurst Park, an estate in Berkshire that spanned approximately 72 acres of land and a Georgian style mansion. Starr and Boylan were friends, and the Beatles drummer led Born in Boogiea documentary film and concert on T. Rex.

The photos that honored The cursorThe front and back covers were reportedly taken by Starr while he was filming the documentary. However, Tony Visconti, who produced the album – as well as notable releases from David Bowie, Thin Lizzy and more – disputed that claim.

“The cover credits Ringo Starr the photographer on the front and back covers, when in fact Marc handed me his motorized Nikon and asked me to shoot two rolls of black and white film while we were on set of born to boogie» Visconti insisted. “Ringo, the director of the film, was busy all day lining up shots. But Marc apparently saw a photo “credit” opportunity and gave Ringo credit for the photos.

Starr, for his part, never disputed the credit, reminder Bolan as “a dear friend” and insisting the cover art was his.

Released July 21, 1972, The cursor was critically acclaimed and remains a historic glam rock album.

Bolan would die prematurely in 1977 in a car accident two weeks before turning 30. Starr remained a lifelong fan and later inducted T. Rex into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. “He was a great performer, just amazing. And that’s why I called the movie we made together Born in Boogie, because he really was,” Starr said in his speech. “I told Marc, I’ll bring the camera and everything, you just bring yourself.”

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