This is how BTS’s Suga inspired Psy to write the music for his album

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PSY’s epic track “That That,” which the legendary actor collaborated on with BTS’ Suga, has just been released. The song instantly went viral and netizens can’t get enough of the catchy and funny duet between two legendary musicians. Suga has been releasing songs regularly for several years, either with BTS or other artists, while PSY hasn’t released an album for over five years.

PSY, on the other hand, was pretty busy. PSY shifted its focus elsewhere after the release of 4X2=8 in 2017, when it formed its label P NATION. PSY has dedicated its efforts to helping its artists, including Jessi, HyunA, DAWN, and others, since the beginning of 2019.

After years of helping others, it seems like he’s finally been inspired to make new music, and it’s all thanks to Suga! PSY sat down with Billboard recently and talked about everything from creating the song to connecting with the members of BTS, among other topics. PSY revealed that he had been satisfied for two years as the manager of his P NATION musicians, but that all changed when Suga approached him and told him he had a track he wanted to produce.

Working with Suga seems to rekindle PSY’s desire to play his own music if that wasn’t enough. He went on to say that the creative process had such an impact on him that he was encouraged to write even more tracks the following month. Suga’s youth and attitude, according to PSY, were crucial to the writing process and had the biggest impact on him. Despite the fact that PSY is older than Suga, the writing process seemed to solidify their connection. Along with working on the song, they seemed to build a bond based on their mutual love of music, which made things much easier.

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