Trending album cover images are going viral; what is the trend, find out everything

The trend for album covers is all over the internet. It started in February 2021 and has since exploded on the social media platform. Now he is making his mark in India. To make the cover album People are required to share a photo of themselves that they think looks like a music album cover. It’s simple, straightforward and a lot of fun.

Yesterday a Twitter user named Prernaa shared a photo of herself, writing: “Stop and drop a photo of you that looks like an album cover.” As soon as people saw the tweet, they started sharing their photos which they thought might look like an album cover.

In another tweet, actor Michael McKeen asked people to share the cover image they say looks like a classic rock reissue and it has also gone viral.

Users edit photos with photo editing apps before sharing them

Before posting the final output to social media, users edit photos and videos on VSCO, PicsArt, Instagram, or any other photo editing app. Professional content creators have also been drawn to this challenge because of its aesthetic appeal. On February 6, Demas Rusli, a photographer from Sydney, launched his first album cover competition. Rusli’s contribution to the challenge is the most popular, with almost 8 million views. To stand out in this trend, he used pictures from vacations in Japan.

The original design

The original concept for the trend came from TikTok which involved sharing a screenshot of a video. However, it has evolved to simply share pictures. The sole purpose is to demonstrate that anything can be converted into a cool album art. This is a great trend for those who like to spend hours scrolling through their camera roll for fun videos of their friends to use, and it’s not that difficult. Here’s how to be part of the original concept of the trend.

  • First, browse through your Camera Roll and find a video that would make great album artwork.
  • Watch the chosen videos and take a screenshot of the exact moment that would make the perfect album cover.
  • Go to Google and type in “parental notice sticker template” and save the best picture.
  • Get PicsArt and open it. Apply filters to the screenshot and add parental notice to it.
  • Download the screenshot.

Image: Twitter / @ iKunaal, Twitter / @ lorenanneoldham

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