Will Rihanna release an album in 2022? – Music news

Rihanna is expected to release a new album this year.

The 33-year-old star recently revealed that she and A$AP Rocky are expecting their first child together, and she looks set to release a surprise album dedicated to her fans in the coming months.

A source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “It’s happening. Rihanna will be releasing an album this year. She’s gearing up to release this year.

“It’s always something she planned to do for her fans. She’s heard their calls for her new tracks and knows they’ve been waiting so patiently.

“She’s excited to bring them something new.”

Earlier this month, Rihanna reassured fans that new music was coming, insisting that becoming a parent wouldn’t stop her from releasing her long-awaited sequel to 2016’s “Anti.”

She said at the time, “Well, yeah…You’re always gonna get music from me.”

When jokingly asked if she would drop lullabies, she quipped, “Oh my God, not a lullaby. My fans would kill me for waiting so long for a lullaby!

In December, the “Talk That Talk” singer promised that new music would be coming “soon, soon, soon.”

In an exchange with a paparazzi, who asked: “New music? Something?” she replied, “Soon, soon, soon.”

Rihanna previously promised her new album would be “well worth the wait”, while she teased that fans can expect a “completely different sound”.

The ‘Rude Boy’ singer insisted she’s “still” working on her music and despite fan calls for her to share her latest track, she wants to wait until she’s completely satisfied.

She said: “I’m always working on new music. Just because I haven’t released an album in a few years doesn’t mean I haven’t worked on it.

“I’m not just going to release music because people feel like it. I’m going to make it worth the wait – and it will be worth the wait.”

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