Yola recovers her identity on a new album, “Stand For Myself” [Listen]

Singer-songwriter sensation Yola returned on Friday with her highly anticipated second album, Stand up. The second album by the British born artist Yolanda Quartey comes two years after its revolutionary debut, Cross the fire.

During her two brief years in the limelight, Yola has already found favor among Americana / folk / country revivalist circles and is set to go on tour to support Chris Stapleton this summer. Yet it is on her latest studio offer that Yola faces this new and immediate praise and boldly states that she intends to Stand up.

The new album still hosts the intimately personal songwriting that made Yola an overnight sensation two years ago, while staying true to herself and incorporating more pop influences into her music.

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With the album’s title track, Yola immediately proclaims her own majesty by making it clear that she is making music for herself, not for a “scene” that seeks to embrace her in the name of diversity. On “Diamond Studded Shoes,” she shamelessly mixes tributes to 90s female-centric R&B alongside her biting lyricism. Ironically, it is with this astonishing reprimand of conformity that she will become even more in love with the ruling singer-songwriter class.

Stand up isn’t all Scorched Earth, however, as Yola shows with the disco-tinged anthem “Dancing Away My Tears” which further underscores the vulnerability that has captured the hearts of audiences on Cross the fire. Even as she explores the pop elements of dance and R&B, Yola stays close to her acoustic roots with songs like “Be My Friend” which show – even as the artist makes her unique path – she still clings to. its roots.

“There are times when you just need to cut and run, but sometimes you just need to slowly walk away waving a sorry goodbye wishing it otherwise was.” Either way, you’re out, ”Yola said of the song“ Dancing Away My Tears ”.

Stream Yola’s New Album Stand up via the player below or on your favorite streaming platform.

Yola – Stand up

In celebration of Stand up‘s, Yola will release a performance of the full album recorded during this year Newport Folk-On Event. The stream will air in multiple time zones on August 4 and 5. For tickets and more information, click here.

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