It’s been a great year for YouTube Music. The platform gained many new features and became Google’s only music streaming service when Google Play Music started shutting down a few months ago. Now, a few more changes were detected in testing, including one that changes an artist’s album display section from a playlist to a grid layout.

The updated album view appears to apply to the album section of artist pages. Previously, a long list of text would appear with tiny album art thumbnails. With this new setting, an artist’s albums display side-by-side in rows of 7 on the web, or a 2×2 grid on the mobile app.

Left: Viewing the current list Law: Layout of the grid in the tests

While moving from a list view to a grid layout might not seem like the most exciting development, it does make a significant difference in everyday use. Not only does it maximize space by showing more albums at a time, but it also makes them more visible and easier to find thanks to the large, recognizable thumbnails of album art. Of course, the list view also has some advantages, like making longer titles easier to read – it would be great if we could choose the display mode for ourselves.

Additionally, YouTube Music now offers related playlists under custom mixes, giving users a way to browse similar collections put together by the YTM team and other users. It seems to be limited to the iOS app at the moment, however.

The updated grid layout appears to be currently in testing, meaning it has yet to be rolled out on a large scale. I still see the list view on my side, but if / when the grid format starts to have wide availability, you will be able to try it out for yourself in the YouTube Music app (which can be downloaded from Mirror APK or the Play Store) and on the web.

Youtube music
Youtube music