Zolas Fans Are Horrified To Learn ‘Ancient Mars’ Album Cover Is A Dead Nail

The uncropped photo is now being sold as an eco-friendly NFT

Posted on December 02, 2021

Vancouver pop rockers, the Zolas, released ancient march in 2012, but fans who’ve enjoyed the album for nearly a decade are suddenly seeing it in a whole new light thanks to a startling revelation from singer Zach Gray. He revealed that the sci-fi color blur on the album cover is actually an enlarged photo of his dead fingernail.

He made the reveal on Instagram, instantly sparking a massive (and horrified) reaction from fans. Exclaim! reached out to Gray, who shared this story in the toe photo:

I took this photo with my iPhone 3GS in 2011 after competing in a 3 day ultimate tournament with brand new cleats. My fingernail was dying, and the crazy colors must have been her way of saying “good luck with your endeavors.” A month later, I met our album art designer Andrew Huculiak at a cafe to go over ideas for the cover. I wanted something that looks like a Martian landscape. Beautiful and hostile, maybe a little hopeful? All we could find was a little too much on the nose, so we were rummaging through my laptop and I showed him this photo of a laughing toe. We zoomed in and let the colors invade us. We had our landscape. Some time was spent cropping it so there was just enough cuticle that once you see it, you can’t see it.

I had already mentioned this fact, but I don’t think anyone believed me until last night when it spread on Instagram. People are shaken. Some people are weird about feet — on both sides of the love/ick spectrum — and suddenly their favorite album isn’t what they thought. That shouldn’t make them less loved. For me, it adds a very human dimension. It’s a bruise, and metaphorically it’s a lot of what the old Mars is about. Things change, love ends and leaves a bruise and it’s only when the bruise fades that you realize you miss the bruise too because it was the last trace of that beautiful time in which you can never come back.

Raw! Gray also sent us the photo and we can confirm that it’s really something. But if you want to see it for yourself, you’ll need to purchase the image as a newly created NFT (an NFToe, if you will). It may currently be purchased from OpenSea for the equivalent of $116.54, to date. The Zolas use an eco-friendly coin called Polygon in order to reduce the carbon footprint of their NFT.

Below, see screenshots of some of the many toe-inspired memes created by horrified Zolas fans.

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